At, Lord, I have cried, we use 4 verses, and we sing the 3 Resurrectional Stichera of the Octoechos, the first one twice.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion, so-called the Dogmatic.

Mode 1.

A virgin festival today, my brethren! Let creation leap for joy, let humanity dance, for the holy Mother of God has called us together, the unsullied treasure of virginity, the rational Paradise of the second Adam, the workshop of the union of the two natures, the festival of the saving transaction, the bridal chamber in which the Word wedded the flesh, the truly light cloud which carried with a body the One who rides upon the Cherubim. At her intercessions, Christ God, save our souls.

After, "O Lord, keep us this evening…" we sing the Resurrectional Sticheron, By your Passion, O Christ… and then the following Prosomoia:

Stichera for the Theotokos.

Mode 1. N/M (For the celestial.)

Verse: I will remember your name from generation to generation. [SAAS]

You have been glorified in generations of generations, Maiden, virgin mother, Mary, Mother of God, protection of the world, who gave birth in the flesh to the Son of the Father who has no beginning; the Son who is truly co-eternal with the Spirit. Implore him that we may be saved.

Verse: Listen, O daughter, behold and incline your ear, and forget your people and your father''s house. For the King desired your beauty. [SAAS]

We who are held fast by unlooked for afflictions and have gained you as our only protection, pure Virgin, cry aloud to you with thanksgiving: Save us, all-holy Bride of God; for you are the refuge of the world and the assistance of our race.

Verse: The rich among the people shall entreat your favor. [SAAS]

The world has been renewed by your childbearing, most pure Maiden who bore God, salvation of the faithful and unsleeping protector of those who devoutly ask you: Do not cease to intercede insistently for all those who sing your praise.

Glory. Both now. Dogmatic Theotokion.

O Virgin, the Prophet named you Cloud of eternal light, for the Word of the Father, Christ our God, descending from you like rain upon a fleece and dawning from you, has enlightened the world and destroyed error. Do not cease to intercede insistently we pray, all-holy Lady, for us who acknowledge you to be true Mother of God.



After the introductory Psalm and the first Kathisma of the Psalter, at Lord, I have cried, we use 10 verses, and we sing 7 or 6 or 4 Resurrectional Stichera, and for the Saint of the day 3 or 4 or 6 if the it is a celebrated Saint.

Resurrectional Stichera from the Octoechos. Mode 1.

Receive our evening prayers, O Holy Lord, and grant us forgiveness of sins; because you alone made known the Resurrection in the world.

Go around Sion, you peoples, and encompass her, and give glory in her to him who rose from the dead; for he is our God, who has redeemed us from our iniquities.

Come you peoples, let us hymn and worship Christ as we glorify his Resurrection from the dead: because he is our God, who has redeemed us from the error of the foe.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

Rejoice, you heavens! Sound the trumpet foundations of the earth! Shout aloud your joy, you mountains! For see, Emmanuel has nailed our sins to the Cross, and he who gives life, has slain death and raised up Adam, as he loves mankind.

Let us sing the praise of him who was willingly crucified in the flesh for our sakes, suffered and was buried and rose from the dead, as we say: Establish your Church in right belief, O Christ, and give peace to our life, as you are good and love mankind.

As we the unworthy stand at your tomb which received life, we offer a hymn of glory to your ineffable compassion, Christ our God; because you accepted Cross and death, O sinless one, that you might give resurrection to the world, as you love mankind.

Let us sing the praise of the Word, without beginning and co-eternal, with the Father, who came forth ineffably from a virgin womb, willingly accepted Cross and Death for us and rose in glory, as we say: Giver of life, Lord, glory to you, the Saviour of our souls.

Glory, for the Saint, if celebrated. Both now, the following Theotokion. Otherwise,

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Let us hymn the whole world''s glory, engendered from mankind and who gave birth to the Master, the Gate of heaven, Mary the Virgin, the song of the Bodiless Powers and adornment of the faithful; for she has been proclaimed Heaven and Temple of the Godhead. She by destroying the middle wall of enmity has brought peace instead and thrown open the King''s palace. Therefore, holding fast to her as anchor of the faith, we have as champion the Lord born from her. Take courage therefore, take courage, people of God; for he will make war on the foe as All-powerful.

After the Entrance and "Gladsome Light," the appointed Monk make the usual bow to the Superior, and he announced the day''s

Prokeimenon. Mode pl. 2.

The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself with majesty.

Verse: The Lord clothed and girded Himself with power. [SAAS]

Verse: And He established the world, which shall not be moved. [SAAS]

Then the usual Ektenia, the prayer, "O Lord, keep us this evening…" and after the Exclamation, we sing the Idiomelon of the Saint of the Monastery and process to the Narthex. After the usual prayers of the Lity, we return to the Nave and sing the Resurrectional Aposticha.

Mode 1.

By your Passion, O Christ, we have been freed from passions, and by your Resurrection we have been delivered from corruption. Lord, glory to you.

Additional Aposticha by St. John of Damascus. These hymns and the Resurrectional Aposticha of the other modes have as an acrostic the Greek alphabet. The eight Theotokia have a separate acrostic in Greek, "By John. Amen."

Verse: The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself with majesty; the Lord clothed and girded Himself with power. [SAAS]

All creation, let it rejoice, let the heavens be glad, let the nations clap their hands with gladness; for Christ our Saviour has nailed our sins to the Cross and by slaying death has granted us life, raising all Adam''s fallen race, as he loves mankind.

Verse: And He established the world, which shall not be moved. [SAAS]

Being King of heaven and earth, O Incomprehensible, you were crucified willingly through love for mankind; when Hades met you he was embittered, and the souls of righteous receiving you rejoiced, while Adam, seeing you his Creator in the infernal regions, arose. O the marvel! How did the life of all taste death? Except that he wished to enlighten the world, which cries out and says: You who rose from the dead, Lord glory to you!

Verse: Holiness is proper to Your house, O Lord, unto length of days. [SAAS]

Carrying sweet spices the myrrhbearing women reached your tomb with haste and with lamentation; and not finding your most pure Body, but learning from the Angel the new and marvellous wonder, they said to the Apostles: The Lord has risen, granting the world his great mercy.

Glory, for the Saint, if there is one. Otherwise,

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

See, Isaias'' prophecy has been fulfilled; for as a Virgin you gave birth and after bearing child remained as before bearing child. For it was God who was born, therefore nature also is made new. But, Mother of God, do not despise the supplications of your servants, offered to you in your temple; but since you carry the Compassionate in your embrace, take pity on your servants, and intercede that our souls be saved.

Resurrectional Apolytikion.

When the stone had been sealed by the Jews, and while soldiers were guarding your spotless Body, you rose, O Saviour, on the third day, giving life to the world; and therefore the heavenly Powers cried out to you, Giver of life: Glory to your Resurrection, O Christ, glory to your Kingdom, glory to your Dispensation, only lover of mankind.


When Gabriel addressed you, O Virgin, with his ''Hail'', as he spoke the Master of all things became incarnate in you the holy Ark, as righteous David sang. You were proclaimed wider than the heavens, for you carried your Creator. Glory to him who dwelt in you, glory to him who came forth from you, glory to him who has set us free through your bearing child.

And the rest of the vigil.



Canon to the Trinity, of which the acrostic is:

I sing the one Nature, triple-sunned.

A composition by Metrophanes.

Mode 1. Ode i. Your triumphant. (NM)

One source three-personned the Seraphim glorify, without beginning, eternal, maker of all things, incomprehensible, whom every tongue faithfully honours in songs.

That you might show humanity your single Godhead with triple splendour, of old you fashioned it and formed it according to your image, giving it mind and reason and spirit, for you love mankind.

Showing from on high the single might in three divine persons, Father, you spoke to your co-equal Son and to the Spirit: Come let us go down and confound their tongues.


As Mind, the Father who is unbegotten, was prophesied in image by the wise, as Word the consubstantial Son, and the Holy Spirit who in the Virgin caused the incarnation of the Word.

Ode iii. You alone know the weakness. (NM)

Of old as you appeared clearly to Abraham, triple in person and single by the nature of the Godhead, you revealed in figure the pure doctrine of the Godhead, and faithfully we sing your praise, God the sole ruler of triple sun.

Born from you, Father, as befitted God, without change, the Son shone forth, light from light, in no way different, and the divine Spirit as light proceeded. And we faithfully worship and glorify the three-personned radiance of one Godhead.

The Trinity, Unity beyond nature, ineffably beyond understanding, is glorified by the spiritual Beings, that shout out their never silent praise in thrice holy songs. With them in concord the three-personned Lord is praised by us.


He who is beyond time came forth from you in time, made like us he who is without visible form, and he taught one nature and lordship of the Father, the Son and the Spirit, O Mother of God. Therefore we glorify you.

Kathisma. Mode 1. N/M (The soldiers.)

Let us all worship Father, Son and the right Spirit, and the uncreated Trinity, equal in honour and glory, Power beyond godhead, which the ranks of Bodiless Ones glorify. Today let us born of earth faithfully celebrate its praise with fear.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Guide us in the way of repentance, who ever turn aside to the ways of evils that are no ways, and who enrage the Lord, blessed Mary, who did not know wedlock, refuge of humans in despair, dwelling of God.

Ode iv. Avvakoum… eyes. (NM)

Divinity of triple sun, shine for me with the splendour of your divine radiance to reveal to the eyes of my heart the beauty of your divine splendour that passes understanding and of your light-creating and sweet participation.

At the first you established the heavens, Lord, and all their power by your almighty Word and by the consubstantial Spirit of your mouth. With them you are Master of the universe in the threefold radiant single might of the Godhead.

As you fashioned me according to your image and your likeness, divine, almighty Trinity, unconfused Unity, give me understanding, enlighten me to do your holy will that is good in strength and perfect.


You gave birth to one of the Trinity, O All-immaculate, the Son wholly divine, embodied for our sake from you, shining on those born of earth with the light that knows no evening and the splendours of the three-sunned Godhead.

Ode v. O Christ, who enlightened. (NM)

Trinity of wholly single might who shone directly with unapproachable beams upon the first ordered harmony of the Angels, enlighten with your rays the Orthodox who sing your praise.

Now nature, to which you gave being through your loving-kindness, O single Godhead with triple sun, sings your praise as it begs redemption from faults and temptations, dangers and afflictions.

With faith we glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one nature and Godhead, separate yet inseparable, one God of the invisible and visible creation.


All the sayings of the Prophets depicted beforehand your Offspring ineffable and beyond explanation, O Immaculate. We know him as the one who leads us into the mystery of the single Godhead with triple sun.

Ode vi. The deepest abyss. (NM)

Trinity beyond being, possessing equal power, Unity in identity of will, you single and undivided. Watch over us therefore by your power. [EL] (twice).

As you are good, O incomprehensible Trinity, from non-being you gave existence to all the ages by your will, and then you fashioned mankind. But now too deliver me from every calamity.


You became the house of the unsetting Sun who with infinite strength created and set in order the great lights, immaculate Virgin, Bride of God. But now too deliver me from the gloom of the passions.

Kathisma. Mode 1. N/M (The soldiers.)

The holy Trinity and indivisible nature in three persons, divided indivisibly and remaining indivisible in accordance with the essence of the Godhead, let us born of earth worship and glorify as Maker and Master, God supremely good.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Pilot my wretched soul, pure Virgin, and have compassion on it, as it slides under a multitude of offences into the deep of destruction; and at the fearful hour of death snatch me from the accusing demons and from every punishment.

Ode vii. We the faithful. (NM)

O Word of God, consubstantial radiance of almighty God, as you promised, make me your divine dwelling, as you are compassionate, with your Father and the Spirit, and show me to be terrifying to the demons and the passions. [EL] (twice).

That you might reveal to us the ocean of your compassion, Master, you sent your Son to our lowliness and reformed it once again to its ancient splendour. But now too give me understanding by your divine Spirit.


He who rides upon the throne of the Cherubim and is King of all things dwelt in your womb, O Most Pure, rescuing us from corruption as he loves mankind. But now too protect me by your prayers.

Ode viii. The furnace. (NM)

By your divine decree, O Lord of all, three-personned and almighty, you stretched out the heavens like a curtain, and then with your all-powerful hand you suspended the depth of the earth. Therefore also strengthen your servants with your love and faith, O lover of mankind, that with longing we may glorify you to the ages. [EL] (twice).

Enlighten, O divine Light, those who sing the praise of the light, three-sunned in persons, yet single in essence, to gaze ever towards your light-giving beams, through which I shall be filled with your sweet, light-creating and all-blessed glory, and with faith highly exalt you to all the ages.


Your Son, all pure Mother of God, has exalted to heaven the human nature which without change he took on in his surpassing goodness, having delivered it from its ancient corruption. To him we raise our grateful song: Let all creation bless the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

Ode ix. The burning bush. (NM)

Saviour of the perceptible and conceivable creation, save your servants from the assault and oppression of the hostile, O all-holy and consubstantial Trinity, and preserve your flock for ever unassailed. [EL] (twice).

That you might reveal the infinite depth of your innate goodness, you have given to your servants, O three-sunned God of single rule and all-powerful promises. Grant them fulfilment.


Bend to our supplications, only true God believed in in three divine persons, and grant their entreaty to your servants at the prayers of the all pure and all praised Mother of God.

The Megalynaria to the Trinity, and the rest of the Midnight Office and Dismissal.



After the Six Psalms and the Great Litany, we sing "God is the Lord" four times in Mode 1, the Resurrectional Apolytikion twice, and the Theotokion once.

After the first Psalter reading. Resurrectional Kathismata.

Mode 1. Model Melody.

The soldiers watching your grave became as dead men at the lightning flash of the Angel who appeared and proclaimed to the Women the Resurrection. We glorify you, the destroyer of corruption; we fall down before you, risen from the grave and alone our God.

Glory. Same Melody.

You were willingly nailed to the Cross, O Merciful one, and laid in a tomb as a mortal, O Giver of life. By your death, O Powerful one, you smashed its might; for Hell'' gatekeepers trembled before you; you raised with you the dead from every age, for you alone love mankind.

Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

All we who with longing flee for refuge to your goodness know you to be Mother of God and after childbirth still truly Virgin; for we sinners have you as protection; in temptations we have you as salvation, the only All-blameless one.

After the second Psalter reading. Additional Resurrectional Kathismata.

N/M (The stone.)

The women came to your tomb at dawn and when they saw a vision of an Angel they trembled; the tomb blazed forth life; the marvel amazed them; and so going back to the disciples they proclaimed the Resurrection: Christ has despoiled Hell, as alone mighty and powerful, and has raised up all those in corruption, dispelling the fear of condemnation by the power of the Cross.

Glory. Same Melody.

O Life of all, you were nailed to the Cross; O immortal Lord, you were numbered among the dead. you arose, O Saviour, on the third day, and raised Adam from corruption; therefore the heavenly Powers cried out to you, O Giver of life: Glory to your sufferings, O Christ; glory to your Resurrection; glory to your condescension, only lover of mankind.

Both now. Theotokion. N/M (The soldiers.)

Mary, holy vessel of the Master, raise us up who have fallen into the pit of dread despair, of offences and afflictions; for you are the salvation, the help and the mighty protection of sinners, and you save your servants.

After Psalm 118 and the Evlogetaria:


The Thief''s repentance plundered Paradise, but the Myrrh-bearers'' lament disclosed the joy that you had risen, Christ God, granting the world great mercy.

Anavathmoi. Antiphon I.

When I am afflicted, I cry to you, O Lord, hearken to my pains.

For those who dwell in the desert the longing for God never ceases, for they are far from the world''s vanity.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit, as to the Father and the Son, are due honour and glory; and so let us sing to the Trinity, a single might.

Antiphon II.

Having lifted me up to the mountains of your laws, make me shine, O God, with virtues, that I may sing your praise.

Take me with your right hand, O Word, guard me and keep me, lest the fire of sin scorch me.

Glory. Both now.

In the Holy Spirit all creation is made new and hastens back to its first condition; for he is equal in strength to the Father and the Word.

Antiphon III.

With those who said to me: Let us journey to the courts of the Lord, my Spirit was glad and my heart rejoices.

Over the house of David is great fear; for there when thrones are placed, all the tribes and tongues of the earth will be judged.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit must be offered honour, worship, glory and might, as befit also the Father and the Son; for the Trinity is a Unity, in nature, but not in persons.


"Now I will arise," says the Lord; "I will establish them in salvation; I will declare it boldly."

Verse: The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver fired in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

"Let everything that breathes…" The appointed Sunday Matins Gospel. Then, "Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ…" After Psalm 50, we sing the following in Mode 2:


At the intercession of the Apostles, O Lord of mercy, blot out my many offences.

Both now.

At the prayers of the Mother of God O Merciful One, wipe away the multitude of my offences.

Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your great mercy; and according to the abundance of Your compassion, blot out my transgression.

Mode 2.

Jesus, having risen from the grave as He foretold, has granted us eternal life and great mercy.

After "O God, save your people…" and the Exclamation, we begin the Canons. We do the Canon for the Resurrection in 4, the Canon for the Cross and Resurrection in 3, the Canon for the Theotokos in 3, and the Canon for the Saint of the day in 4. If the Saint is celebrated with 6 troparia, then we omit the Canon for the Cross and Resurrection and do the Canon for the Theotokos in 4. If the Saint is celebrated with 8 troparia, then we do the Canon for the Theotokos in 2.

Canon for the Resurrection.

A composition by John of Damascus.

Mode 1. Ode i. The Heirmos.

Your triumphant right hand, in a manner fitting God, has been glorified in strength, O Immortal; for in its infinite strength it broke in pieces the enemy, and made a strange new way for the Israelites in the deep. [EL]


With immaculate hands working as God, you fashioned me in the beginning from dust, stretched out those hands on the Cross, calling back from the earth my corruptible body, which you had taken from the Virgin.

He, who by divinely breathing placed a soul in me, submitted to being slain for me and delivered his soul to death; and having freed it from eternal bonds and raised it with himself, he glorified it with incorruption.


Hail source of grace, hail ladder and gate of heaven, hail lampstand and golden jar, and unhewn mountain, who bore for the world Christ the Giver of life.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

By Cosmas.

Ode i. Christ is born. (NM)

Christ incarnate makes me divine. Christ being humbled exalts me. Christ the Giver of life by suffering the passion in the flesh makes me dispassionate. Therefore I raise a song of thanksgiving, for he has been glorified.

Christ being crucified lifts me up. Christ put to death raises me with himself. Christ grants me life. Therefore as I clap my hands in gladness I sing to the Saviour a song of victory, for he has been glorified.


All-pure Virgin, you conceived God; in virginity you gave birth to Christ who was incarnate from you, in person one only-begotten Son, known in two natures, for he has been glorified.

Canon for the Theotokos.

A composition by John of Damascus.

Your triumphant. (NM)

What hymn worthy of you can our weakness offer? Unless the joyful one which Gabriel revealed to us: Hail Mother of God, Virgin Mother without bridegroom!

To the Ever-virgin and Mother of the King of the Powers above let us the faithful cry in spirit from hearts most pure: Hail Mother of God, Virgin Mother without bridegroom!

Infinite the abyss of your incomprehensible child-bearing, All-pure one; therefore with unhesitating faith we offer you our song, as we say sincerely: Hail Mother of God, Virgin Mother without bridegroom!

Ode iii. The Heirmos.

You alone know the weakness of mortals and in compassion took its form; gird me with power from on high, to cry to you: Holy the living temple of your ineffable glory, O lover of mankind! [EL]


As you are my God, O Good one, you pitied me, fallen as I was, and were well pleased to come down to me. you have raised me up through your crucifixion to cry to you: Holy the Lord of glory, in goodness beyond compare!

O Christ as Life empersonned and as compassionate God, having clothed yourself with me, corrupted one, you came down, Master, to the dust of death, tearing apart mortality, and rising on the third day you clothed the dead with incorruption.


Having conceived God in the womb through the All-holy Spirit, O Virgin, you remained unconsumed by the flame; for to Moses the lawgiver the bush burning yet unconsumed clearly foretold you who received the unendurable fire.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

To the Son. (NM)

To Christ God, who took the wandering sheep upon his shoulders and through a tree destroyed his sin, let us cry aloud, you that exalt our horn, Holy are you, O Lord!

To the One who brought from Hell Christ the great shepherd and by his priestly power, through the Apostles, shepherded in wisdom all the nations, let us in truth by the divine Spirit give adoration.


To the Son who without seed was incarnate by his will from a Virgin, and who by his divine power kept her a pure Virgin after bearing child, to the God of all, let us cry aloud, Holy are you, O Lord!

Canon for the Theotokos.

You alone know the weakness. (NM)

Truthfully, O Virgin, following the words of the Prophet, we name you the light cloud; for on you the Lord came to destroy the Egypt''s idols of error and to enlighten those who served them.

The choir of Prophets truly named you the sealed fountain and the shut gate, clearly depicting for us the symbols of your virginity, O All-praised, which you preserved even after childbirth.

All-blameless Virgin, Gabriel, enabled as far as is lawful to know the mind of God, brought you a message of great gladness, plainly disclosing the conception of the Word, and proclaiming your ineffable child-bearing.

Ode iv. The Heirmos.

Avvakoum with foreseeing eyes perceived you as a mountain overshadowed by the grace of God, from which, he foretold, the Holy One of Israel would come, for our salvation and refashioning. [EL]


Who is this Saviour who comes from Edom, crowned with thorns, his garments reddened, hanging on a tree? This is the Holy one of Israel, for our salvation and refashioning.

See, disobedient people, and be ashamed! The One whom you insanely begged Pilate to hang upon a cross as a malefactor has abolished the power of death, and in a manner fitting God has risen from the tomb.


We know you to be the tree of life, O Virgin; for from you there did not bud the fruit which bore death when eaten, but the enjoyment of eternal life for the salvation of us who sing your praise.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Rod out of Jesse''s root. (NM)

Who is this fair one from Edom, and the scarlet of his garments from the vine of Bosor? He is fair as God and as a mortal he has reddened his robe with the blood of his flesh. To him we faithful sing, Glory to your power, O Lord!

Christ, appearing as high priest of the blessings to come, scattered our sin, and, showing a strange way by his blood, he hastened into a greater and more perfect tabernacle, our forerunner into the Holy Place.


You paid the ancient debt of Eve, O All-praised, by the new Adam who was made manifest for our sake. For uniting to himself from a pure conception rational and animate flesh Christ came forth from you, Lord over both natures.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Avvakoum… eyes. (NM)

Hear wonders, O heaven, take note, O earth, for a daughter of the earthly, fallen Adam has been declared God''s daughter, and mother of her own Creator, for our salvation and refashioning.

We praise your great and awe-inspiring mystery; for unknown to the Captains of the armies beyond the world, the One Who Is came down upon you, like dew upon a fleece, O All-praised, for our salvation and refashioning.

All-praised Mother of God, Holy of Holies, expectation of the nations, salvation of the faithful, from you has dawned the redeemer and Giver of life and Lord. Entreat him that your servants may be saved.

Ode v. The Heirmos.

O Christ, who enlightened the ends of the world by the brightness of your coming, and made them radiant by your Cross, enlighten with the light of your divine knowledge the hearts of those who hymn you with right belief. [EL]


The Jews put to death through the wood of the cross the great shepherd and Lord; but from death''s might he rescued like sheep the dead buried in Hell.

When you announced the glad tidings of peace by your cross and proclaimed deliverance for captives, my Saviour, then, O Christ, you put to shame him who held them in thrall and showed him naked and destitute by your Divine Rising.


All-praised, do not despise the prayers of those who faithfully entreat you, but receive and present them. O Pure one, to your Son, our God and only benefactor; for in you we have gained a protector.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

As you are God. (NM)

O the riches and depth of the wisdom of God! The Lord who catches the wise has ransomed us from their trickery; for having suffered willingly through the weakness of the flesh, through his own strength he has been raised, a life-giving corpse.

Being God Christ is united to flesh for our sake, and is crucified and dies and is buried and rises up again, and goes up in splendour to the Father with his own flesh, with which he will come and save those who devoutly adore him.


Pure Virgin, Holy of Holies, you gave birth to the Holy of Holies, who hallows all, Christ the Redeemer. And so w proclaim you as Queen and Sovereign Lady of all things, as Mother of the Creator of all that has been made.

Canon for the Theotokos.

O Christ, who enlightened. (NM)

Seeing you the Powers of heaven are glad, and the ranks of mortals rejoice with them; for they have been united, Virgin Mother of God, by your offspring; whom we fittingly glorify.

Let every mortal tongue and mind be roused to the praise of mortal man''s true ornament; the Virgin clearly stands by the Lord, glorifying those who with faith sing the praise of her marvels.

Every song and every praise of the wise offered to the Virgin and Mother of God is glorified. For the temple of God''s glory she has become; whom we fittingly glorify.

Ode vi. The Heirmos.

The deepest abyss has surrounded us, there is none to deliver. We have been counted as sheep for the slaughter. Save your people, O God, for you are the strength and restoration of the weak. [EL]


By the fault of the first-formed man, O Lord, we were grievously wounded; but by your stripes, by which you were wounded for our sakes, O Christ, we have been healed; for you are the strength and restoration of the weak.

You have brought us up from Hell, Lord, by worsting the all-devouring monster of the deep, O All-powerful, and destroying his power by your might; for you are life and light and resurrection.


The Forefathers of the race rejoice in you, immaculate Virgin, for through you they regain Eden, which they lost through transgression; for you are pure both before child-bearing and after giving birth.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The monster. (NM)

Christ God, being Mind dispassionate and immaterial, mingles with the human mind that stands midway between the divine nature and the solidity of flesh; and was wholly united to the whole of me without change, that by being crucified he might hand salvation to the whole of me, who had fallen.

Tripped, Adam falls and is crushed, cheated of his hope of being made divine, but he arises, deified by the union of the Word, by the Passion gains dispassion, and, as the Son, enthroned with the Father and the Spirit, is glorified.


Not leaving the bosom of his Begetter, who is without beginning, he lodges and comes to rest in the bosom of a pure Maiden, he that is without mother incarnate without father, the God of righteousness who reigns as king. His fearful and ineffable generation is without genealogy.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The deepest abyss. (NM)

The heavenly Ranks stand beside your Offspring like servants, fittingly struck with amazement at your child-bearing without seed, O Ever-virgin; for you are pure both before bearing child and after giving birth.

The Word, who before was without flesh, who made the universe by his will, who brought the armies of the Bodiless ones into being out of nothing, as All-powerful, became incarnate from you, O All-pure.

The foe has been slain by your life-bearing Fruit, O Full of God''s grace, and Hell has been manifestly trampled down, and we who were in chains have been freed; and so I cry out: Do away with the passions of my heart!


You rose from the grave in glory as God and raised the world up with you; mortal nature sang your praise as God, and death disappeared; Adam dances, Master, and now Eve, freed from her chains, rejoices as she cries: It is you, O Christ, who grant Resurrection to all.


Let us praise as God of all power the One who rose on the third day, smashed the gates of Hell and roused the age-long dead from the grave, who appeared to the Myrrhbearers, as it was his good pleasure to say to them first of all: Rejoice! and so revealing joy to the Apostles, as alone Giver of life. Therefore with faith the Women proclaim the tokens of victory to the Disciples; Hell groans, Death laments, the world exults and all rejoice together: For you, O Christ, have granted Resurrection to all.

Ode vii. The Heirmos.

We the faithful recognise you, O Mother of God, as a spiritual furnace; for as he, the highly exalted, saved the three Children, so he wholly refashioned me, humanity, in your womb, the God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all. [EL]


The earth shuddered, the sun was turned back and with it the light was darkened, the sacred veil of the Temple was rent in two and the rocks were split; for the Just One had been made away with through a cross; the God of our Fathers. praised and glorified above all.

When you, the highly exalted, had willingly for ours sakes become as one with no help and a slain corpse among the dead, you freed us all and raised us up with you with a mighty hand, the God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all.


Hail, spring of ever-living water! Hail, Paradise of pleasure! Hail, wall for the faithful! Hail, Bride without bridegroom! Hail, joy of all the world! through whom there has dawned for us: the God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The Youths. (NM)

Of old the earth was cursed, made crimson with the blood of Abel by a brother''s murdering hand; but watered by your blood that flowed from God it is blessed and leaping for joy cries out, God of our Fathers, blessed are you!

Let the people of the Jews, opposed to God, lament the reckless deed of putting Christ to death; but let the nations be glad and clap their hands and shout, God of our Fathers, blessed are you!

Lo, the dazzling Angel cried out to the Myrrhbearing Women, Come, see the tokens of Christ''s Resurrection, the graves clothes and the tomb, and cry out, God of our Fathers, blessed are you!

Canon for the Theotokos.

We the faithful. (NM)

Jacob in prophecy discerned you in the ladder, O Mother of God; for through you the Highly Exalted was well-pleased to appear and to live among men: the God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all.

Hail, most revered, Adam''s fleece! The Shepherd, the highly exalted, came forth from you, truly clothed in my whole humanity, through his ineffable compassion: the God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all.

The God before the ages truly bears the name new Adam, from your pure blood; pray to him now to make me, old and worn out, new, as I cry: O God of our fathers. praised and glorified above all.

Ode viii. The Heirmos.

In the furnace, as in a smelter, the Israelite Youths shone with the beauty of godliness brighter than gold as they said: All you his works bless the Lord, praise and highly exalt him to all the ages. [EL]


O Word of God, maker and transformer of all things by your will, changing the shadow of death into everlasting life by your Passion, unceasingly we, all your works, praise you as Lord, and highly exalt you throughout all the ages.

By rising on the third day, O Christ, you destroyed the misery and wretchedness within the gates and strongholds of Hell. Unceasingly all your works praise you as Lord, and highly exalt you throughout all the ages.


Let us praise her who without seed and beyond nature brought forth Christ the precious pearl from the divine lightning as we say: All you his works bless the Lord, praise and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The furnace. (NM)

Come, peoples, let us worship the place on which stood Christ''s immaculate feet, and where his divine, life-giving palms were stretched out on a tree for the salvation of all mortals; and we circle the tomb of life let us raise the song, Let all creation bless the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

The lawless slander of the Jews who slew God has been refuted; for the One they called a deceiver, has been raised as one with power, making a mockery of the seals of the lawless. And so with gladness let us raise the song, Let all creation bless the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

The most pure Seraphim, as they praise the glory of the one lordship in thrice-holy hymns, like slaves they glorify with fear the three-personned Godhead. With them we too devoutly raise the song, Let all creation bless the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

Canon for the Theotokos.

In the furnace. (NM)

Let us all sing the praise of the Bridal Chamber filled with light, from whom Christ, the Master of all, came forth as a bridegroom, as we cry: All you his works bless the Lord, praise and highly exalt him to all the ages.

Hail, glorious throne of God! Hail wall of the faithful, through whom Christ, the light, has dawned for those in darkness, who call you blest and cry: All you his works bless the Lord, praise and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Cause of our salvation, who bore the Lord, Virgin all-praised, intercede for all who devoutly cry: All you his works bless the Lord, praise and highly exalt him throughout all the ages.

Ode ix. The Heirmos.

The burning bush, that was not consumed, was a type of your child-bearing; quench for us now the raging furnace of temptations we pray, O Mother of God, that we may unceasingly magnify you. [EL]


O how the lawless and disobedient people, having plotted evil, justified the ungodly malefactor, but condemned the Just, the Lord of glory, to the tree! him we fittingly magnify.

O Saviour, the unblemished Lamb who takes away the sin of the world, we glorify you, risen on the third day, with the Father and the divine Spirit; and acknowledging you as God, as Lord of glory we magnify you.


Save your people, Lord, whom you purchased with your precious blood, strengthening our Sovereign against enemies, and bestowing peace on your Churches, O Lover of mankind, at the entreaties of the Mother of God.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

A strange… mystery. (NM)

Your Cross, O Lord, has been glorified with ineffable power; for your weakness was revealed to all as above power. Through it the powerful have been cast down to earth, while paupers have been brought safely to heaven.

Our unsmiling death has been slain, for when you appeared to those in Hell, O Christ, you granted resurrection from the dead. And so as life and resurrection and empersonned life in hymns we magnify you.

The nature that is without beginning and without limit is acknowledged in three single divine hypostases; one Godhead in Father, Son and Spirit, trusting in which the Sovereign wise in God is saved.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The burning bush. (NM)

O Virgin, fulfilling prophecy, you sprang from David''s root; yet David too you truly glorified in giving birth to him that was foretold, the Lord of glory whom fittingly we magnify.

All-pure one, every law of praise is defeated by the greatness of your glory; yet, Lady, graciously accept from unworthy suppliants, O Mother of God, the praise they offer you with love.

O what wonders are yours beyond the mind''s conceiving! For you, O Virgin, alone higher than the sun, have granted to all to contemplate the newest wonder of your incomprehensible birth-giving. Therefore we all magnify you.

We sing the appointed Eothinon Exaposteilarion and its Theotokion.

At Lauds.

We sing, "Let everything that breathes…" We use 8 verses, and we sing the 4 Resurrectional Stichera and the 4 by Anatolius. However, if it be a feast of the Theotokos or a Saint that would have a doxology, then after the 4 Resurrectional Stichera we omit the 4 by Anatolius and instead sing 4 for the feast or the Saint.

Resurrectional Stichera. Mode 1.

We sing the praise of your saving Passion, O Christ, and we glorify your Resurrection.

Having endured the Cross, destroyed death and risen from the dead, give peace to our life, O Lord, as you alone are All-powerful.

Having despoiled Hell and raised humanity by your Resurrection, O Christ, grant that with pure hearts we may praise and glorify you.

As we glorify your divine condescension, we praise you, O Christ: you were born of a Virgin, yet you were not separated from the Father; as man you suffered and willingly endured the Cross; you rose from the grave, as though coming out of your bridal chamber, that you might save the world. Lord, glory to you!

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

When you were nailed to the Tree of the Cross, then the might of the enemy was put to death; creation was shaken in fear of you, and Hell was despoiled by your might. You raised the dead from the tombs and opened Paradise to the Thief. Christ our God, glory to you!

Grieving the holy women came with haste to your grave; but finding the tomb opened and learning from the Angel the new and marvellous wonder, they announced to the Apostles, ''The Lord has risen, granting the world his great mercy''.

We bow down before the divine stripes of your sufferings, Christ God, and royal sacrifice that took place divinely revealed in Sion at the end of the ages; for you, the Sun of righteousness, enlightened those who slept in darkness, leading them by the hand to the radiance that knows no evening. Lord, glory to you!

Tumultuous race of the Jews, give ear. Where are those who approached Pilate? Let the soldiers who kept watch say, where are the seals of the grave? Where has the one who was buried been moved to? Where has the One who is not for sale been sold? How has the treasure been burgled? Lawless Jews, why do you slander the Rising of the Crucified? He has risen, the One free among the dead, and grants the world his great mercy.

Glory. The Eothinon of the Sunday.

Both now. Theotokion.

You are highly blessed, Virgin Mother of God, for through him who was incarnate from you Hell has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, Eve set free, death has been put to death and we have been given life; therefore with hymns we cry: Blessed are you Christ our God who have been thus well-pleased, glory to you!

Then, the Great Doxology; and after that, the following Troparion:

Mode 4.

Today salvation has come to the world. * Let us sing to him who rose from the tomb, the Author of our life. * For destroying death by death, * he has given us the victory * and his great mercy.



The Typika and Beatitudes.

Mode 1.

Through food the foe led Adam out of Paradise; but through the Cross Christ led back in the Thief as he cried: Remember me when you come in your Kingdom.

I venerate your sufferings and I glorify your Resurrection; with Adam and the Thief I cry aloud with radiant voice: Remember me, Lord, when you come in your Kingdom.

You were crucified, O sinless one, and willingly laid in a grave, but you arose as God; raised Adam with yourself as he cried: Remember me when you come in your Kingdom.

Raising the temple of your body by your burial for three days, Christ God, you raised with Adam those who came from Adam as they cried: Remember me when you come in your Kingdom.

Myrrhbearers came weeping to your grave, Christ God, very early in the morning, and found an Angel sitting clothed in white, who cried: What do you seek? Christ has risen, mourn no longer.

Your Apostles, Lord, coming to the mountain that you, O Saviour, had appointed for them, saw you and worshipped you. And you sent them out to teach the nations and baptise them.


Let us all worship the Father and glorify the Son, and with them praise the all-holy Spirit, as we cry and say: All-holy Trinity, save us all.

Both now. Theotokion.

Your people, O Christ, brings you your Mother to intercede; at her entreaties, O Good One, grant us your compassion, that we may glorify you, who dawned for us from the tomb.