At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Master.

Mode 1. N/M (For the celestial.)

Wholly drowned in a sea of sins and held fast in an abyss of offences, I cry to you, Master supremely good, ''Ransom me from troubles and from trials of many different kinds, and from the unquenchable fire''.

Sunk deep in despair and full of hostile thoughts, in my wretchedness I have put all my hopes in you, O Word of God: ransom me from invisible and visible foes.

You took pity, O Creator, on every creature through your love for humankind, and your ineffable poverty, O Word of God, who take away the sin of the world as you as compassionate. Take away my burden also and lighten my most heavy yoke.

Additional Stichera. For the Forerunner.

N/M (O Martyrs, extolled.)

Wondrous Prophet, Baptist and Forerunner of Christ, through your prayers make my heart, which is dried up through offences, flow with ever-flowing rivers of tears I beg you, so that I, who am much-pained, may be saved and magnify him who magnified you.

Blest Prophet, I place all my hopes and the life of my expectation in you. You baptized Christ Jesus, the abyss, who takes away the offences of the world; implore him, John, I beg you, to cleanse my heart and save me.

Herald of the grace of Christ, godly Forerunner, who proclaimed repentance beforehand to all the nations, guide my wretched and fevered soul to cleave to repentance and ever to do the wishes of the Lord, that with faith and love I may glorify you.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Pure Virgin, you alone were declared the dwelling of the Light which shone out from the Father; therefore I cry to you: Make bright my soul, darkened by the passions, with the light of the virtues, and make her dwell in tents of light on the day of judgement, O Immaculate.

Prokeimenon. Mode 4.

The Lord will hear me when I cry to Him.

Verse: You heard me when I called, O God of my righteousness. You strengthened my heart when I was in distress. [SAAS]

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode 1. For compunction.

Because I have sunk in the deep ocean of my transgressions, Saviour, and have been dreadfully overwhelmed by my offences, give me your hand, O God, as to Peter, and save me.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

Because I have been condemned, O Saviour, by my evil thoughts and deeds, grant me the idea of turning back, O God, that I may cry, ''Save me, good Benefactor, and have mercy on me''.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Your confession in the stadium, O Saints, routed the power of the demons and freed humankind from error. And so, as your heads were cut off, you cried, ''May the sacrifice of our lives be acceptable to you, O Lord, because longing for you we despised this temporary life, O Lover of humankind''.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Accepting the supplications of sinners and not despising the groaning of the afflicted, intercede with the One who came from your pure womb, All-holy Virgin, that we may be saved.




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For compunction.

Mode 1.

Conceived in iniquities, I, the wastrel, dare not raise my gaze to the height of heaven, but confident in your love for humankind I cry: O God be merciful to me and save me.

If the just can scarcely be saved, how shall I the sinner appear? I have not borne the burden and heat of the day; number me with those of the eleventh hour, O God, and save me.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Come, believers, having gained Mary the Mother of God as an unbreachable wall, let us fall down before her, for she has freedom to speak with the One who was born from her, to intercede and to save our souls from wrath and death.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For compunction.

N/M (The soldiers.)

Make haste and open to me your fatherly embrace. Like the Profligate I have squandered my whole livelihood. As I look to the inexhaustible wealth of your mercy, do not now despise my beggared heart, for to you, Lord, with compunction I cry, ''I have sinned against you. Save me!''

The judgement seat is fearful and the judgement just; my deeds are dreadful, but, O Merciful, speedily save me and rescue me from punishment; deliver me, Master, from the portion of the goats, to stand me on your right hand, Judge most just.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Put away, my soul, the sleep of sloth and light the bright lamp of repentance, and now go out, bidding farewell to the confusion of life, to meet the immortal Bridegroom, saying, ''Accept and do not reject me, O Word, at the supplications of the one who gave you birth''.

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Forerunner. N/M (The soldiers.)

John, who of old baptized in Jordan''s streams the Purification of all the world, draw me out, who am drowned by many offences, and wash me clean of every kind of stain, as you ever entreat the Lover of humankind as an acceptable intercessor.

For the Martyrs. N/M (The stone.)

As good soldiers, believing with one accord, not trembling before the threats of tyrants, you fervently drew near to Christ, O Saints, having taken up the precious Cross, and having finished your course, you received victory from heaven. Glory to him who gave you strength; glory to him who crowned you; glory to him who through you grants healings to all.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. N/M (The soldiers.)

John, leaping in his mother''s womb, by grace recognised God being carried in your womb, pure Virgin, and faithfully worshipped. But I implore you, O Virgin, with the Forerunner, entreat the Word, to whom you gave a body, that your servant may be saved.

Canon of Compunction.

Mode 1. Ode i. Heirmos.

Let us all sing a song of victory to God, who has done amazing wonders with uplifted arm, and saved Israel, for he has been glorified. [EL]


Enslaved to the passions of sin, I fall before you, Lord, that you may declare me free of them, as I glorify your goodness.

Wretch that I am, I have been wounded by the sword of sin and died. And seeing me lying there the enemy rejoices. O Lord, who raise the dead, give me life and save me.

For the Martyrs.

The choirs of Champions have been glorified, for with their limbs they glorified Christ, who put on flesh and through suffering made corruption vanish.

Towers and champions of the Church, the glorious Martyrs endured unshaken by the assaults of the foe. At their intercessions, O God, give life to us all.


As a throne formed of fire you bear the Creator; as a living bridal chamber and palace of delight, you hold the King, who became what we are, without change and confusion.

Canon for the Forerunner.

Same Heirmos.

You were called ''Voice of the Word'', blest Saint. Therefore, O Forerunner, receive our voices that we bring to you, freeing us from evils by your mediation.

Shining out like the dawn, like the sun, you enlighten the ends of the earth and darken the wicked spirits. Therefore dispel the gloom darkness of my soul.

To the dead, blest Forerunner, you preached the coming of our life. Therefore put to death the passions that slay me, and show me to be a partaker of divine radiance.


All-holy Lady, who alone gave birth in time to the immaculate incarnate Son, heal all the chronic passions of my wretched soul.

Ode iii. Heirmos.

''A stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner''; it is the rock on which Christ made firm the Church which he had ransomed from among the nations. [EL]


See my weakness, Lord, who wore it. See the dread deformity of my soul, and listen to my voice, most merciful Christ, and change its ugliness to beauty of form.

O Jesus, save the wastrel; save me, who have alone transgressed your saving laws, and irrationally committed every sin and been made subject to thoughts that alienate from you, good Lord.

For the Martyrs.

The host of Bodiless Powers was truly amazed at your courage, Holy Ones, how you wondrously competed in the stadium and falling in body you threw down in one godly moment all your bodiless opponents.

Still decked out with the blood from your wounds; still drenched in gore, O Champions, you stand beside the Lord, the immortal King, all garlanded with victors'' crowns.


You give birth the One whom the Father begot before all ages; you nourish the nourisher without knowing man. Wondrous the marvel! New the mystery, O Full of grace! Therefore the souls of all believers magnify you.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

In holiness, O Forerunner, you sprouted from a barren mother without fruit, and by divine husbandry you appeared bearing fruit. Therefore make my heart, barren of everything, a source of fair offspring, that I may ever faithfully glorify you.

With heavenly bread, blest Saint, make firm my heart, weakened by evil thoughts, and make me eagerly fulfil the wishes of God, the all-compassionate, that I may ever faithfully glorify you.

You preached the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world, blessed Prophet, lighten, I beg, the heavy burden of my sins, giving me compunction that wipes away the stain of passions.


The Word, coming forth from you, Mother of God, bearing flesh in its entirety, put on Adam in his entirety. Implore him, Mother of God, to deliver us from trials and temptations of every kind and from the everlasting fire.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

Foreseeing in Spirit, you proclaimed the incarnation of the Word, prophet Avvakoum, as you cried, ''When the years draw near you will be recognised; when the moment comes you will be revealed''; glory to your power, O Lord! [EL]


The wealth you gave me I have squandered wickedly, committing monstrous deeds and now am naked, clothed in the works of dishonour. And so I cry to you, ''Make me radiant with robes, goading me to repentance by divine grace''.

I became unconscious, and have fallen terribly, and I lie upon the ground, incurably sick. Raise me, O Christ who raise the fallen, and establish my heart on the rock of repentance.

For the Martyrs.

Imitating Christ, who was raised upon a Cross, they were acquainted with blows, yet the Champions rejoiced, and having dispelled torrents of atheism with the showers of their blood, they are a source of streams of healing.

The godly Athletes sailed undrenched through the fierce and bitter storm of torments. Steered by saving hope, hearts filled with gladness, they were brought to anchor at the harbours on high.


The hosts of Angels were amazed when they saw how the One who cannot be seen was seen in our form from you, Virgin Mother of God. Implore him to count worthy of salvation all those who faithfully glorify you.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

With bodily nakedness you wove yourself a cloak of salvation, Baptist of the Lord. Clothe me, stripped bare of every good work, I beg, with a garment of justice and gladness.

Forerunner, who plunged in the streams of Jordan a torrent of delight, Jesus the giver of life, rain on me too, who am wasted away by the drought of pleasures, one drop of salvation, that as is fitting I may glorify you.

It is not an Angel, not an envoy that saved us, but the Lord himself, when he came on earth and whose straight ways you had prepared, blest Saint. Implore him now to show me the path that leads to the Kingdom.


You were revealed as sanctified Temple of the God who dwelt in you beyond understanding, O Virgin. Implore him to cleanse us from the stain of sins, that we may become known as house and dwelling place of the Spirit.

Ode v. Heirmos.

Give us your peace, O Son of God, for we know no other God but you; we name you by name, for you are God of the living and the dead. [EL]


I have been filled with many and grievous offences, longsuffering, compassionate Master. Have compassion on me, who am condemned, and do not cast me away from your presence.

You justified the Tax-collector, O Christ, when he sighed and groaned; therefore I too, imitating him, beat my breast and cry to you, ''Have mercy on me, O only compassionate and pitying''.

For the Martyrs.

Your Saints, Lord, appeared like unerring beacons, dispelling the deep night of error and making the whole inhabited world bright with the torchlight of their wonders.

Like priceless stones, Master, the Martyrs, yearning for you, the Rock of life, crushed through torments, destroyed the whole dispensation of error.


You gave birth, All-immaculate, to one of the honoured Trinity with two wills but one hypostasis. Fervently implore him that we may all be saved.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

Like Elias of old you dwelt in the desert, All-blest Forerunner of Christ; and so with divine care make better my heart turned by offences into a desert waste.

You have become an immoveable pillar and greatest foundation of the faithful, Forerunner of Christ, make my thought, shaken by the wiles of the deceiver, immoveable.

The dead were brought the good news that the Light from Light had shone on earth by your light, blest Saint, and we, who were in darkness, were enlightened. Therefore on me who have been terribly blackened.


David proclaims you Virgin Queen, Immaculate Pure Lady. And so I pray you, make me an heir of the heavenly Kingdom, that I may call you blessed.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

I imitate the Prophet Jonas as I cry, ''Free my life from corruption, good Lord, and save me, Saviour of the world, as I cry, ''Glory to you!'' [EL]


The bones of my wretched soul have been crushed, and I am bowed down by the weight of many pleasures. Help me, O Christ, the only hope of all.

Fallen into an ocean of dread deeds and the tempest of the passions, I cry out, ''All-powerful Christ, bring me up with your mighty hand, and save me''.

For the Martyrs.

A myriad multitude of holy Athletes trampled underfoot myriads of spiritual foes and were united with the myriads of heavenly Minds.

Having dried up the deep of godlessness, O Athletes, you were filled with the torrent of delight, and so dry up the out-pourings of my sins.


Revealed as a tabernacle of sanctification, Mary, sanctify my wretched soul, befouled by pleasures, and make a partaker in divine glory.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

Baptist, who on earth proclaimed repentance, show me ways of repentance that guide me to the light, and deliver me from the chasms of error.

As you plunged the abyss in the river''s streams, dry up the abysses of my passions by granting me showers of tears, Forerunner, herald of Christ.

Forerunner of the Lord, save me from diseases of the soul, passions of the flesh, the difficulties of life, and trials and afflictions of every kind.


I earnestly entreat you, the Mother of God and fair among women, do not despise me, Pure Lady, but take pity and keep me safe from every harm.

Ode vii. Heirmos.

The fire did not touch or trouble your youths in the furnace, O Saviour. Then the three, as from one mouth, hymned and blessed you, saying, ''Blessed is the God of our fathers''. [EL]


Job practised patience and in all the assaults of the evil one remained unshaken, like a noble tower. Always match him, my soul, and never tire in troubles.

I have been worsted by bodily pleasures, and though a rational being, have become irrational. O Word of God, who saved the harlot by a word, save me, coward that I am, that I may hymn and bless your goodness.

For the Martyrs.

Wise Martyrs, redeemed by the blood of the One who suffered in the flesh for us, with eagerness you chose to shed your own blood for him; and so you reign with him for ever.

By the construction of sacred struggles, you appeared as a joyful palace, wise Martyrs, in which Christ, the only King and Lord, who translated you to heavenly abodes, has taken his rest.


From all eternity Christ chose you for his abode, as holy and pure for his dwelling, and rising from you like the sun, he gave light to the whole earth.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

Glorious, noble Baptist, who became mediator of the old and new covenants, mediate for me who have become old in sins by entreating Jesus, the one who makes all things new, to make me wholly new.

On earth you appeared, Forerunner of Christ and Baptist, prescribing repentance. By your prayers give us strength to accomplish this, that we may be rescued from the innumerable evils, with by we are always offending.

You travelled the narrow way, pursuing complete self-mastery, wise Saint, and have been wholly glorified with the broad place of the brightest visions. By interceding with Christ grant that we too may enjoy them.

For the Trinity.

We the faithful glorify a consubstantial Trinity, Father without beginning, Son and right Spirit, Essence of equal kingship, single lordship, single rule and life that gives us life.


Ode viii. Heirmos.

The One before whom Angels and all the Hosts of heaven tremble as Creator and Lord, now praise you Priests, glorify him Young Men, bless him you peoples and highly exalt him to all the ages. [EL]


The cunning serpent with his wicked counsel rendered me naked of every kind of virtue. But now, my Saviour, who stripped bare all his wickedness, make me radiant with robes of virtue.

Judge most just, who come to judge the race of mortals in that fearsome hour, do not banish me, who have been condemned, to the fire of Gehenna, but have compassion and save me.

For the Martyrs.

All-honoured Athletes of the Lord, affliction, danger, sword nor fire parted you in any way from the love of Christ, who because of his compassion has loved us.

Locked in bodily combat body with a bodiless opponent, you threw him down, noble Athletes, and you dance with the Bodiless powers, healing the passions of our souls and bodies.


Having found you as a lily in the valleys of life, the Planter of all things dwelt in you, and now with sweet perfumes of virtue and honour he makes us fragrant, O Mother of God.

Canon for the Forerunner. Praise in hymns. (NM)

Alone above all those born on earth have I offended, alone have I become a transgressor of your laws, O Lord. Therefore through the Forerunner take pity on me and save me.

By your way of life, Baptist John, you were revealed to be an Angel, preaching the Angel of great counsel to the ends of the earth. Therefore we sing your praise to all the ages.

Your head was unjustly cut off, blest Saint, who plunged Christ''s head in the waters. By your prayers empower us all to trample under foot the destructive head of the deceiver.

Show us all, blest Saint, the paths that lead to the divine entrances, that as we tread them we may become heirs of the divine bridal chamber by your prayers.


Deliver me from foul sin, sin''s flame, punishing darkness, and the gnashing of teeth and the worm, O Virgin, only protection of the human race.

Ode ix. Heirmos.

The light-bearing cloud, in which the Master of all things came down from heaven as rain upon a fleece and became incarnate for our sake, the One without beginning becoming man, let us all magnify as the pure Mother of God. [EL]


See, now is the moment of repentance and pure work! See, now is the day of light! Work its works; flee the darkness of the passions; banish the sleep of wicked sloth, my soul, that you may become a partaker in divine light.

Like the Tax-collector I groan, like the Harlot I weep, like the Thief I cry out, ''Remember me, O Compassionate'', and like the Wastrel son I cry, ''I have sinned!''. Like the Woman of Canaan I fall before you, ''O merciful, do not despise me!''

For the Martyrs.

You have been revealed as truly healers of sufferings of the body and afflictions of the soul, for you courageously gave your bodies up to torments and to violent death, all-praised Martyrs of the Lord; and therefore you are blessed for ever.

The courage of the Christ''s wise Champions, blazing out more brightly than the rays of the sun, by grace abolished the prince of darkness, dispelled the night of godlessness and enlightened the hearts of believers.


Virgin Mother of God, with the bright rays of light of the Word who dawned from your holy womb and flooded the ends of the earth enlighten my soul, darkened with the blackness of pleasures, that with faith I may sing your praise.

Canon for the Forerunner. Same Heirmos.

See the lamp shining for those in the darkness of life, see the sweet voiced swallow, that announces Christ, the spring, the great Forerunner, mediator of the old and new covenants; by whose prayers we are always guarded.

As the Bridegroom''s friend I now put you forward as ambassador, O Baptist, and I, who have a multitude of sins, cry out to you, ''Obtain the cancellation of my debts, All-blessed, and light the lamp of my soul, completely extinguished by indifference''.

With bodiless Angels, with revered Apostles, with holy Champions, and with Prophets, O Prophet, ever implore God who is supremely good, that we, who are enriched with you as good protector, may obtain eternal good things.

Fair swallow, precious nightingale, all-beauteous dove, desert-loving turtle-dove, Baptist of the Lord, offshoot of the desert, make my soul, that has become a desert through unfruitfulness, fertile and productive of good.


Like the Cherubim throne you carry the one who carries all things, you nourish the one who nourishes us. Implore him without ceasing, pure Virgin, graced by God, that your flock may be rescued from earthquake, collapse, capture and every constraint.


Mode 3. N/M (Having embellished.)

Let us all praise John the Forerunner and Baptist of the Saviour, the Prophet from a Prophet, the nurseling of the desert, the offspring of Elisabeth.

Theotokion. Same Melody.

For you I have as advocate * before the God who loves mankind, * do not expose what I have done * before the sight of the Angels, * and I entreat you, O Virgin, * pray, come to my aid, come swiftly.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode 1. For compunction.

Another world awaits you, my soul, and a Judge who is to publish all your hidden and dread deeds. So do not stay with things here, but in anticipation cry out to the Judge: O God, be merciful to me and save me!

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

Do not reject me, held fast by sloth, my Saviour. Rouse my thought to repentance and show me to be a tried worker of your vineyard, granting the payment of the eleventh hour and your great mercy.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

These soldiers of the great King opposed the decrees of tyrants, nobly despised their torments, and having trampled on every error, and been fittingly crowned, they ask of the Saviour peace and for our souls his great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. N/M (O Martyrs, extolled.)

Virgin all-praised, Moses with prophetic eyes saw the mystery that is in you, the bush that though in flames was unburned. For the fire of the Godhead did not burn up your womb, pure Maiden. And so we ask you, as Mother of our God, to grant peace to the world.



The Beatitudes. Mode 1.

Through food the foe led Adam out of Paradise; but through the Cross Christ led back in the Thief as he cried: Remember me when you come in your Kingdom.

Sinning daily as I do, O God, * and violating Your commandments, I pray * that through repentance You convert * me and rescue me from punishment, * so that I may glorify * Your ineffable compassion, O Lover of man.

O divine Forerunner, you appeared * as a lamp preceding the unsetting Light * Who from the cloud of light on us * inexpressibly has risen and shone. * Supplicate Him earnestly * to illumine the souls of those who honor you.

For the Martyrs.

You attained the heavenly awards * in the heights, O Martyrs extolled by all, * after you suffered and endured * many complicated tortures for Christ. * Therefore everywhere each day * do believers extol you and call you blest.


Let us all worship the Father and glorify the Son, and with them praise the all-holy Spirit, as we cry and say: All-holy Trinity, save us all.

Both now. Theotokion.

After childbirth did you remain * virgin as you were before childbirth, * when you gave birth to God in flesh, * O Immaculate, Whom entreat, * Pure one, that we be redeemed * from the passions of the flesh and the soul, we pray.