At, Lord, I have cried, we use 4 verses, and we sing the 3 Resurrectional Stichera of the Octoechos, the first one twice.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion, so-called the Dogmatic.

Mode 2.

O the great mystery! As I contemplate the wonders I proclaim the Godhead, I do not deny the humanity. For Emmanuel opened the gates of nature as he loves mankind, yet did not break open the locks of virginity, but came forth from the womb as he had entered through hearing. He became incarnate as he had been conceived. Impassibly he entered, ineffably he came forth, in accordance with the saying of the Prophet, ''This gate will remain shut; none may enter through it, but only the Lord God of Israel, he who has great mercy''.

After, "O Lord, keep us this evening…" we sing the Resurrectional Sticheron, Your Resurrection, O Christ Saviour… and then the following Prosomoia:

Stichera for the Theotokos.

Mode 2. When from the Tree.

Verse: I will remember your name from generation to generation. [SAAS]

Joy of all who are afflicted, * champion of all dealt injustice, * the food for those who are in need, * you, the stranger''s advocate, support and staff of the blind, * loving care of the sick are you, to all who are crushed down * shield, defence and aid are you, the orphan''s succour and help, * Mother of our God the Most High, * hasten, All-Immaculate, hasten, * hear our prayer, deliver all your servants.

Verse: Listen, O daughter, behold and incline your ear, and forget your people and your father''s house. For the King desired your beauty. [SAAS]

Every iniquity without restraint, every sin without limit, wretch that I am, I have committed; of every condemnation I have become worthy. Grant me, O Virgin, means of repentance, that I may appear there uncondemned. For I appoint you as my intercessor, I call you in as my protector. Do not put me to shame, O Bride of God.

Verse: The rich among the people shall entreat your favor. [SAAS]

We have no other refuge to the Maker and Master but you, Pure Bride of God. With your fervent protection do not cast us away; do not put us to shame who with love hasten under your shelter.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Who will praise, who will call you blessed as is fitting, Maiden Bride of God, for the redemption which through you has come to the world? Therefore with thanksgiving we cry to you and say, ''Hail, who made Adam divine and brought together what was separated. Hail, who enlightened our race by the light-bearing Resurrection of your Son and our God; for we, the race of Christians, unceasingly magnify you.



After the introductory Psalm and the first Kathisma of the Psalter, at Lord, I have cried, we use 10 verses, and we sing 7 or 6 or 4 Resurrectional Stichera, and for the Saint of the day 3 or 4 or 6 if the it is a celebrated Saint.

Resurrectional Stichera from the Octoechos. Mode 2.

Come let us worship God the Word, begotten of the Father before the ages, incarnate of the Virgin Mary; for having endured the Cross, he was handed over for burial, as he himself wished, and having risen from the dead he saved me, mankind that had gone astray.

Christ our Saviour by nailing the record against us to the Cross annulled it, and destroyed the might of death. We worship his Rising on the third day.

With Archangels let us sing the praise of the Resurrection of Christ; for he is the Redeemer and the Saviour of our souls; and with dread glory and mighty power he is coming again to judge the world which he fashioned.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

An Angel proclaimed you, the crucified and buried Master, and said to the women; ''Come, see where the Lord was lying. For he has risen as he said, as all-powerful''. Therefore we worship you, the only immortal. O Christ, giver of life, have mercy on us.

By your Cross you destroyed the curse of the tree; by your burial you slew the might of death; by your Rising you enlightened the human race; therefore we cry out to you; ''Benefactor, Christ our God, glory to you!''

The gates of death opened to you Lord, in fear; Hades'' gate-keepers shuddered when they saw you; for you smashed the gates of brass, crushed to powder the iron bars, led us out of darkness and the shadow of death and tore our bonds asunder.

As we sing the hymn of salvation, let this song rise from our lips; ''Come all in the Lord''s house, let us fall down in worship as we say; ''You who were crucified on the Tree, rose from the dead and are in the bosom of the Father, have mercy on our sins!''''

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

The shadow of the law has passed now that grace has come, for as the Bush in flames was not consumed, so as a Virgin you bore a Child and remained a Virgin; instead of a pillar of fire the Sun of righteousness has dawned, instead of Moses Christ, the salvation of our souls.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode 2.


Your Resurrection, O Christ Saviour, has enlightened the whole inhabited world; and you have called back your own creation. All-powerful Lord, glory to you!

The Aposticha, which in Greek have the Alphabet as acrostic. By St. John of Damascus.

Verse: The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself with majesty; the Lord clothed and girded Himself with power. [SAAS]

Destroying the curse of the tree through a tree, O Saviour, you slew the might of death by your burial, while you enlightened our race by your Rising; therefore we cry out to you; ''Giver of life, Christ our God, glory to you!''

Verse: And He established the world, which shall not be moved. [SAAS]

Even as you appeared nailed to the Cross, O Christ, you altered the beauty of created things; and while the soldiers showed their inhumanity by piercing your side with a lance, the Hebrews asked that your tomb be sealed, not understanding your power; but in your pitying compassion you accepted burial and rose on the third day. Lord, glory to you!

Verse: Holiness is proper to Your house, O Lord, unto length of days. [SAAS]

For the sake of mortals, O Christ, Giver of life, willingly you underwent the Passion; as Powerful you descended into Hell, snatched as from the hand of a mighty one the souls of those who were waiting there for your coming and instead of Hades you granted them to dwell in Paradise. And so to us who glorify your Rising on the third day grant pardon of our sins and your great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

O new wonder, greater than all the wonders of old! For who has ever known of a Mother who without a man has borne a child and carried in her arms the One who holds fast all creation? The Child conceived is the Counsel of God, whom you, All-pure, carried in your embrace and towards whom you have gained a mother''s freedom to speak. Therefore do not cease to intercede with him on behalf of those who honour you, that he take pity and save our souls.

Resurrectional Apolytikion.

When you went down to death, O immortal Life, then you slew Hell with the lightning flash of your Godhead; but when from the depths below the earth you raised the dead, all the Powers in the heavens cried out, ''Giver of life, Christ our God, glory to you!''


All your mysteries are beyond understanding, all beyond glory, Mother of God; sealed in purity and guarded in virginity you were known without deception to be a Mother, in giving birth to the true God: implore him that our souls may be saved.



Canon to the Trinity,

A composition by Metrophanes.

Mode 2. Ode i. His overwhelming might. (NM)

Let us songfully extol the triune and authoritative nature of the Godhead, and let us say, "You have an essential ocean of inexhaustible mercy. We pray You guard those who worship You, and save them in Your love for humanity."

O Father, as source and root and cause of the Godhead, consubstantial in the Son and the Holy Spirit, be the source of tri-solar light in my heart, and make it bright, by participation in Your theurgic mystical illumination.

O thrice-radiant, divine, and sovereign Monad, dispel from me all darkness of sins and passions, through my sweetest participation in Your illuminating rays; and make of me a temple and immaculate tabernacle of Your unapproachable glory.


Of old, our nature suffered an unnatural fall, and it was heading towards destruction. Then the Logos of God stopped that, in His love for humanity, when He became incarnate in your womb, O immaculate Virgin. And He taught us the mystery of the triple-radiant Godhead.

Ode iii. On the rock of the faith. (NM)

I glorify You, O Godhead, Your persons same in nature and equal in honor. Life from life, You are ineffably the giver, our one God, and there is no one holy but You, O Lord.

You created the immaterial and heavenly orders as mirrors of Your beauty, to unceasingly extol You, O Trinity, undivided Monarchy. And now, please accept the praise from our mouths of clay.

Establish the hearts and minds of Your servants on the rock of faith, and open them wide to the ocean of Your love, O tri-solar Monad. For You are our God. May we not be put to shame for hoping in You.


He who once brought all creation into being, O Theotokos, in His infinite goodness taken substance in your womb; and He made the tri-solar light of the one Godhead and Lordship to rise on all.

Kathisma. Mode 2.

O compassionate Lord, in the beginning when You fashioned Adam, by You hypostatic Word You said, "Let us make him after our own likeness." And the Holy Spirit was present with You creating. We therefore sing to You, "Glory to You, our Maker and God!"

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

When God condescended to come to us, He dwelt in you most pure womb, and through you, He saved the nature of humanity, giving the kingdom of heaven to all. We therefore sing to You, "Rejoice, O pure Lady Theotokos!"

Ode iv. I sing your praise. (NM)

Not even the immaterial orders of angels are able to understand You, O Trinity and Monad without beginning. So we, with tongues of clay, with faith extol and glorify Your essential goodness.

O Ruler of all and Seer of all, as the Maker of human nature, You now see all my inability. I pray You take pity on me Your servant, and lead me back up to a better life.

We extol the unconfused three persons of the sovereign Monad, each having Their hypostases individually and separately, and still united and undivided in will, glory, and divinity.


O ever-virgin Theotokos, the Creator of all found you alone, from all time, to be a pure and immaculate temple, where He went to dwell; and there He refashioned human nature, in His love for humanity.

Ode v. The enlightenment of those in darkness. (NM)

O King of Peace, You fully shine the peace-giving and saving rays of Your providence on all beings. I pray You guard me in Your peace. For You are the life and peace of the universe.

You appeared to Moses in the form of fire in the bush, and You were called Angel, O Logos of the Father. Thus You foretold Your coming to us; and when You came, You clearly proclaimed to all the tri-hypostatic dominion of the one Godhead.

O monarchical Holy Trinity, You beam Your natural co-eternal glory. We pray You grant us, who extol You with Orthodox faith, to see Your glory''s one tri-solar light, that is without beginning.


O Virgin Mother, He who in essence is God the Logos, and who encompasses all the ages, was ineffably encompassed in your womb; and He called humanity back to the unity of the one Dominion.

Ode vi. Surrounded by a depth of offences. (NM)

O tri-solar God, who delight in mercy, have mercy on us who believe in You; and release Your servants from their offenses and passions and dangers. (twice).

In Your ineffable goodness, which is like an ocean, award me the incomprehensible and light-giving brightness of Your illumination and thrice-radiant Divinity.


O Virgin, the Most High secretly became man from you, putting on human nature entirely; and He illumined me with the thrice-radiant light.

Kathisma. Mode 2. N/M (Since you are the source.)

O merciful Lord, accept us, as You cover us with the ocean of Your compassion. Look upon the people who glorify You; receive the song of those praying to You, O Trinity and Monad without beginning. For we have put our hope in You, the God of all, to forgive us all our offenses.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

O good Theotokos, you are sympathetic, for in your womb you carried the Fount of compassion. For us believers, you are our only helper; you are the consolation of those in pain and sorrow. Since we have only you as our help, we all now pray to you with faith, that our troubles may be resolved.

Ode vii. When the golden image. (NM)

You, O tri-hypostatic Lord, who alone are immutable, have ordered the hosts of Angels so that they can no longer turn. Likewise make my heart never turn from ever ardently glorifying You and solemnly extolling You. (twice).

O monarchical and tri-solar God, You shine Your beams on the noetic choirs of the immaterial beings, and by participation they become secondary lights. Let me also be light, by participation in their illuminations, O thrice-radiant Source of light.


Never cease to direct us toward heaven and uplift us who love You, O Lord, who in Your ineffable love for humanity became man in the womb of the Virgin, and deified man, and seated him with the Father on the throne of glory.

Ode viii. N/M (Those thrice-blessed Young Men.)

O unapproachable Trinity, co-eternal Godhead without beginning, identical in all things, except the light-bearing distinctions of the Persons, I pray You neutralize evil counsel of the adversaries and every annoyance of the devils, and ever keep me unharmed, O Lord of all. (twice).

O uncircumscribable, tri-solar Monarchy, being wise and almighty, You brought the world into existence and You preserve it in perfect and unimpaired order. I pray You dwell in my heart, that I may never cease to extol and glorify You, with the choirs of Angels, unto all the ages.

O Wisdom of the Father, incomprehensible, inexpressible Logos of God, You did not alter Your unchangeable nature when You sympathetically assumed human nature. You have taught all to worship the unitary Trinity that has dominion over all the ages.

Ode ix. From your virgin womb. (NM)

The Son, co-eternal light, shone forth from light that has no beginning, from which also the connatural light, namely the Spirit, proceeds ineffably as befits divinity. We believe in the generation without change and in the inexpressible procession. (twice).

O tri-solar Godhead, shine Your thrice-radiant light in the hearts of those who extol You, and give us understanding, that at all times we may discern and perform Your will, which is good and perfect, and may magnify and glorify You.

O God, as You are infinite in nature, the ocean of Your tender mercies is also infinite. O Trinity, as You showed compassion of old, do also now have mercy on Your servants, and release them of offenses, temptations, and dire circumstances.


O my God, almighty, extolled in three persons, ineffably one, save me from all manner of abuse and evil, and guard Your flock, at the prayers of the Theotokos.



After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

Mode 2.

The noble Joseph taking down your spotless Body from the tree, wrapped it in a clean shroud with sweet spices and laid it for burial in a new grave; but on the third day you arose, O Lord, granting the world your great mercy.

Glory. Same Melody.

The Angel standing by the grave cried to the women bearing myrrh, ''Myrrh is fitting for the dead, but Christ has been shown to be a stranger to corruption. But cry aloud: The Lord has risen, granting the world his great mercy!''

Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

You are highly glorified, Virgin Mother of God, and we sing your praise, for through the Cross of your Son Hell has been overthrown, Death has died, we who were dead have risen and been granted life. We have received Paradise, our ancient delight, therefore with thanksgiving we glorify Christ our God as mighty and alone full of mercy.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

You did not prevent the grave stone from being sealed, and risen you granted to all the rock of the Faith. Lord, glory to you!

Glory. Same Melody.

The choir of your Disciples rejoices in harmony with the Myrrh-bearing women; for with them we celebrate a common feast to the glory and honour of your Resurrection. Through them, O Lord who love humankind, grant your people your great mercy.

Both now. Theotokion.

You are highly blessed, Virgin Mother of God, for through him who was incarnate from you Hell has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, Eve set free, death has been put to death and we have been given life; therefore with hymns we cry: Blessed are you Christ our God who have been thus well-pleased, glory to you!

After Psalm 118 and the Evlogetaria:


The women coming to your grave after the Passion to anoint your body, Christ God, saw Angels in the tomb and were amazed, for they heard a message from them message, ''The Lord has risen, granting the world his great mercy''.

Anavathmoi. Antiphon I.

I raise the eyes of my heart to you in heaven, O Saviour. Save me by your radiance.

Have mercy, O my Christ, on us who fail you hour by hour in many ways, and give us the means to turn back to you in repentance before the end.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit belong kingship, sanctification and the guidance of creation, for he is God, consubstantial with the Father and the Word.

Antiphon II.

If the Lord was not among us, who could be kept safe from the one who is both foe and murderer?

Do not hand your servant over to their teeth, my Saviour. Like a lion they come against me, for they too are my foes.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit belong the source of life and honour, for, being God, he gives all creatures power and watches over them in the Father through the Son.

Antiphon III.

Those who trust in the Lord are like the holy mountain: they are utterly unshaken by the assaults of Beliar.

Let not those who live for God stretch out their hands in lawlessness; for with his rod Christ forbids his lot.

Glory. Both now.

By the Holy Spirit all wisdom flows forth, from which grace comes to the Apostles, the Martyrs are crowned for their struggles, and the Prophets see.


Awaken, O Lord my God, in the ordinance You commanded, so the congregation of the peoples shall surround You.

Verse: O Lord my God in You I hope.

"Let everything that breathes…" The appointed Sunday Matins Gospel. Then, "Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ…" Psalm 50, and the rest (as laid out before). Then we sing the Canons.

Canon for the Resurrection.

By Monk John.

Mode 2. Ode i. The Heirmos.

His overwhelming might once laid low in the deep all Pharaoh''s host; but the incarnate Word, the glorious Lord, has wiped out malignant sin: for he has been greatly glorified. [EL]


The ruler of the world, O Good One, to whom we were enrolled by not obeying your commandment, has been judged by your Cross; for having attacked you as a mortal he has fallen by the might of your authority, and has been proved weak.

You came into the world as Redeemer of the race of mortals and prince of the life without corruption; for you tore apart death''s winding sheets by your Resurrection, which we all glorify; for it has been greatly glorified.


You have appeared higher than every creature, visible and invisible, O Pure and Ever-Virgin; for you gave birth to the Creator, as he was well pleased to become incarnate in your womb; with your freedom to speak implore him that our souls may be saved.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

By Monk John.

Ode i. Israel the chosen. (NM)

O Christ you have become strength for the weak, resurrection for the fallen and incorruption for the dead by the suffering of your flesh: for it has been glorified.

God the Fashioner and Restorer took pity on his fallen image and raised it up when it was crushed, having himself been put to death; for he has been glorified.

Canon for the Theotokos.

By Monk John.

Israel the chosen. (NM)

Of old an immaterial ladder and a path in the sea strangely made dry revealed your giving birth, O Pure One. We all sing its praise, for it has been glorified.

The Power of the Most High, the perfect Substance and Wisdom of God, took a body from you, O Immaculate, and conversed with mortals; for he has been glorified.

The Sun of righteousness came through the closed untrodden gateway of your womb, O Pure One, and shone upon the world: for he has been glorified.

Ode iii. The Heirmos.

The desert, the barren Church from the nations, flowered like a lily, O Lord, at your coming, by which my heart has been established. [EL]


At your passion creation was changed when it saw you, who had done all things by your divine bidding, mean in appearance and sneered at by lawless men.

You fashioned me from dust by your own hand according to your image, and when I was crushed back again to the dust of death through sin, you descended with me to hell, O Christ, and raised me up again with you.


The ranks of Angels were amazed, and the hearts of mortals trembled at your birth-giving, O All-Pure; therefore in faith we honour you as Mother of God.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The bow of mighty. (NM)

Christ, who is beyond all, has been made a little lower than the Angels by his suffering in the flesh.

Dead you were numbered with the lawless, O Christ, but you appeared to the Women shining with the crown of the glory of your Rising.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The bow of mighty. (NM)

The One beyond all time, as Maker of time, was fashioned of his own will as a babe from you, O Virgin.

Let us, the faithful, praise the womb that is wider than the heavens; for through it Adam, rejoicing, has become a citizen of heaven.

Ode iv. The Heirmos.

From a Virgin you came, not an ambassador, not an Angel, but the Lord himself incarnate, and you saved me, humanity, entirely; therefore I cry to you: Glory to your power, O Lord! [EL]


As one condemned, my God, you stood before the tribunal and did not cry out, O Master, pronouncing a judgement for the nations, the salvation which you wrought for the world through your passion, O Christ.

The swords of the foe failed at your passion; but by your descent into Hell the cities of your opponents were sacked and the arrogance of the tyrant was brought low.


All we believers know you to be a harbour of salvation and an unshakeable wall, Sovereign Lady, Mother of God, for by your prayers you deliver our souls from dangers.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

I have heard, Lord, of your glorious. (NM) (NM)

Seeing you nailed to the Cross, O Christ, the Virgin who had borne you without pains, endured a mother''s pains.

Death is conquered, a corpse despoils the gates of Hell; for now that the all-devouring has been rent open, all that is above nature has been given me.

Canon for the Theotokos.

I have heard, Lord, of your glorious. (NM) (NM)

See, the divine mountain for the house of the Lord, the Mother of God, is being most manifestly exalted above the Powers of heaven.

O Virgin, who alone bore the Master of creation beyond the laws of nature, you have been granted the epithet divine.

Ode v. The Heirmos.

O Christ, you have become the Mediator between God and mortals, for through you, O Master, from the night of ignorance we have access to your Father, the source of light. [EL]


Like a cedar, O Christ, you crushed the insolence of the foe, when of your own will as you were well-pleased, you were raised up with your flesh, O Master, on cypress, pine and cedar.

They laid you, O Christ, as a lifeless corpse in the lowest pit, but by your own stripes, O Saviour, you raised with yourself the slain who slept forgotten in the tombs.


Beseech your Son and Lord, pure Virgin, to grant deliverance to prisoners and peace from hostile circumstances to those who trust in you.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The Coal once seen by Isaias. (NM)

The former Adam, refusing to fast, tasted of the tree that brought death; but the Second, by being crucified, wipes out his sin.

O Christ, impassible in your immaterial godhead, you became passible and mortal in nature. Giving incorruption to the dead, you raised them from the vaults of Hell.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The Coal once seen by Isaias. (NM)

You clouds, rain down the sweetness of joy for those on earth, for a Child has been given, who is our God before the ages, incarnate from the Virgin.

When the Most High became incarnate from the Virgin without seed in the last times, the light shone on my life and flesh, and destroyed the gloom of sin.

Ode vi. The Heirmos.

Surrounded by a depth of offences, I call upon the unsearchable depth of your compassion: lead me up from corruption, O God. [EL]


The Just is judged as a malefactor and nailed with the lawless to the tree, by his own blood granting forgiveness to the guilty.

Through one man, the first Adam, death entered the world of old; and through one, the Son of God, Resurrection has been revealed.


Without knowing man you bore a child, O Virgin, and you remain ever virgin, showing the proofs of the godhead of your Son and God.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Having listened. (NM)

You placed the Cherubim as guards of the tree of life against fallen man; but on seeing you they opened the gates; for you appeared guiding the Thief to Paradise.

By the death of one man Hell was deserted and without resource, for the great wealth that one man had amassed, Christ emptied on behalf of us all.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Having listened. (NM)

Human nature enslaved through sin found freedom through you, pure Lady; for your Son was sacrificed like a lamb on behalf of all.

We all call on you the true Mother of God to deliver the servants who provoke to anger; for you alone have acquired boldness towards the Son.

Kontakion. N/M (In seeking the heights.)

You rose from the tomb, all-powerful Saviour, and seeing the marvel Hell was struck with fear, and the dead arose, and creation, seeing, rejoices with you, Adam shares in the joy; and the world ever praises you, my Saviour.


You are the light of those in darkness, you are the resurrection of all and the life of mortals and you have raised up all with yourself, despoiling the might of death, O Saviour, and smashing the gates of Hell, O Word; and mortals when they saw marvelled at the wonder, and all creation rejoices in your Resurrection, O Lover of humankind. Therefore we all glorify and hymn your condescension; and the world ever praises you, my Saviour.

Ode vii. The Heirmos.

The godless order of a lawless tyrant fanned the soaring flame; but Christ let fall the dew of the Spirit upon the God-fearing children. He is blessed and highly exalted. [EL]


O Master through your compassion you could not bear to see humankind tyrannised by death, but, becoming man, you came and saved it by your own blood. You are blessed and highly exalted.

O Christ, the gate-keepers of Hell, seeing you clothed in the robe of vengeance, trembled; for you had come, Master, to worst the foolish tyrant, your servant. You are blessed and highly exalted.


We acknowledge you as the Holy of Holies, O Virgin undefiled, Mother without bridegroom, as her who alone bore the unchangeable God; for you have become the source of incorruption for all the faithful by your divine child-bearing.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Youths were revealed. (NM)

Of old disobedience condemned the Forefather in Eden; but willing he was condemned, annulling the charge against the offender, the God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

You saved him who was wounded by the envenomed tongue in Eden; for your cured the bite willingly incurred by your willing passion, O God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

You called me back to light as I walked in the shadow of death when you struck shadowy darkness of Hell with the blaze of your Godhead, O God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Youths were revealed. (NM)

Jacob in the night, as in a riddle, saw God incarnate; but he appeared from you in the beacon-fire to those who sang: God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

He wrestles with Jacob, foreshadowing the signs of the ineffable weaving that took place in you, O pure one, through which was willingly united with humankind the God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

Profane the one who does not proclaim you, the Virgin''s Son, one of the Trinity, nor cries with unwavering mind and tongue: O God of our fathers, supremely divine and most glorious.

Ode viii. The Heirmos.

A fiery furnace once in Babylon, by divine decree, divided its action, burning up the Chaldeans but refreshing the faithful who sang: All you works of the Lord, bless the Lord. [EL]


When they saw the robe of your flesh, O Christ, made scarlet with your blood, the ranks of Angels were aghast with awe at your great long-suffering and they cried: All you works of the Lord, bless the Lord.

O merciful, by your Rising you have clothed my mortality in immortality; therefore rejoicing your chosen people sings to you, O Christ, and cries: Death is truly swallowed up in victory.


Without seed you conceived and bore ineffably him who though inseparable from the Father, dwelt in your womb as God and man, O all-pure Mother of God; therefore we all acknowledge you as the salvation of us all.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

O rich in mercy, you were seen nailed to a Cross; willingly you were buried and arose on the third day, and you delivered, O lover of humankind, all mortals who sing to you in faith: Let all creation hymn the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

O Word of God, you went down to the lowest parts of the earth to deliver the one you had fashioned by your power, O my Christ, from corruption, and when you had made him incorruptible you made him a partaker in your eternal glory, as he cries: Let all creation hymn the Lord and highly exalt Christ to all the ages.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Through you he who is incomparable in goodness and power, was seen on earth and lived among men, to whom all we faithful sing as we cry: Let all creation that has been given existence hymn the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

Rightly proclaiming you pure we glorify you, Mother of God, for you bore one of the Trinity incarnate, to whom with the Father and the Spirit we all sing: Let all creation hymn the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages.

Ode ix. The Heirmos.

The Son of the Father without beginning, God and Word, incarnate of a Virgin, has appeared to us, to give light to what is darkened, to gather what is scattered; therefore we magnify the all-hymned Mother of God. [EL]


O Saviour the thrice-blessed tree of your immaculate Cross was planted on Calvary as in Paradise, and watered by the divine blood and water from your divine side, O Christ, it has blossomed with life for us.

Crucified, O all-powerful, you laid low the mighty, and exalting human nature which lay below in Hell''s prison, you placed it on your Father''s throne: as you are coming with that nature we worship and magnify you.

For the Trinity.

As with right belief we the faithful hymn the triple Unity, the consubstantial Trinity, let us glorify the inseparable nature, supremely divine, triple light, radiance without evening, alone uncompounded which sheds light upon us.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The Son of the Father without beginning. (NM)

In the midst of the condemned you were hung up like a lamb, O Christ, on the Cross on Calvary, your side pierced by a lance; in your goodness you have granted to us who are made of dust but who honour you in faith your divine Resurrection.

Let us the faithful all worship God, who by his own death destroyed with might the power of death; for he raised with him the age-long dead, and to all he grants life and Resurrection.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The Son of the Father without beginning. (NM)

A rod of strength has been given to our rotten nature: the Word of God in your womb, O Pure One, and he raised it up when it had fallen into Hell; therefore, all-pure, as Mother of God we magnify you.

Master receive with compassion as ambassador on our behalf your Mother whom you chose, and all things will be filled with your goodness, that we may all magnify you as our benefactor.

The appointed Eothinon Exaposteilarion.

At Lauds.

Resurrectional Stichera. Mode 2.

Everything that has breath and every creature glorifies you, O Lord, for through your Cross you destroyed death to show the peoples your Resurrection from the dead, as you alone love humankind.

Let the Jews say how the soldiers lost the King they were guarding. Why did the stone not guard the rock of life? Either let them give up the one who was buried or praise him risen, saying with us: Glory to the multitude of your mercies: Saviour, glory to you!

Rejoice you peoples and be glad: An Angel sat upon the grave stone; he gave us good tidings saying: Christ has risen from the dead and filled the universe with sweet fragrance. Rejoice you peoples and be glad!

Before your conception, Lord, an Angel brought the greeting ''Hail'' to the one full of grace: at your Resurrection an Angel rolled the stone from your glorious grave. The one revealed the signs of joy instead of sorrow; the other instead of death proclaimed to us a Master, giver of life. Therefore we cry to you, ''Benefactor of all humankind, Lord, glory to you!''

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

The women sprinkled sweet spices with their tears upon your grave, and their mouths were filled with joy as they said, ''The Lord has risen!''

Let nations and peoples praise Christ our God, who willingly endured the Cross for us and spent three days in hell; and let them worship his Resurrection from the dead, through which all the ends of the world have been filled with light.

You were crucified, you were buried, O Christ, as you willed; you despoiled death as God and Master, granting the world eternal life and your great mercy.

In truth, lawless ones, by sealing the tomb you have granted us a greater marvel; the guards have the knowledge; today he came from the grave, and they said: You said that while we slept the Disciples came and stole him. And who steals a corpse, especially one that is naked? But he has risen by his own authority as God, leaving behind his grave-clothes in the tomb. Come, O Jews, see how he did not burst the seals the One who trampled on death and grants the human race life without end and his great mercy.

Glory. The Eothinon of the Sunday.

Both now. Theotokion.

You are highly blessed, Virgin Mother of God, for through him who was incarnate from you Hell has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, Eve set free, death has been put to death and we have been given life; therefore with hymns we cry: Blessed are you Christ our God who have been thus well-pleased, glory to you!

Then, the Great Doxology; and after that, the following Troparion:

Mode 4.

Today salvation has come to the world. * Let us sing to him who rose from the tomb, the Author of our life. * For destroying death by death, * he has given us the victory * and his great mercy.



The Typika and Beatitudes.

Mode 2.

We bring you the prayer of the Thief, and we cry to you: Remember us, O Saviour, in your Kingdom.

We bring you, for pardon of offences, the Cross, which you accepted for our sake, O lover of humankind.

We worship your burial and your Rising, Master, through which you have redeemed the world from corruption, O Lover of humankind.

By your death, Lord, death has been swallowed up, and by your Resurrection, O Saviour, you have saved the world.

Those who slept in darkness, O Christ, seeing you the Light in the lowest depths of Hell, rose up.

On rising from the grave you met the Myrrhbearers and ordered them to tell your Disciples of your Rising.


Let us all now glorify the Father, worship the Son and praise with faith the Holy Spirit.

Both now. Theotokion.

Hail throne formed of fire; hail Bride without bridegroom; hail Virgin who bore God for humankind!