At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Cross.

Mode 2. N/M (Joseph took You.)

Saviour, when you were nailed to the Cross, the sun, seeing it, was darkened from fear of you and the veil of the Temple was rent, the earth was shaken and the rocks likewise were split apart in terror, not having strength to see their Creator on the Tree, suffering unjustly by his own counsel and mocked by lawless men.

The all-evil serpent was utterly cast down to earth, utterly routed and lay a lifeless corpse, when you were lifted up on the Tree, O Lover of mankind. Adam is freed from the curse, and he, before condemned, is saved. Therefore, we beg, save us too, take pity on all and make us worthy of your Kingdom.

You accept judgement, only King, who are going to judge the universe at your coming; while you wore a crown of thorns, Saviour, Lover of humankind, by your power plucking out the thorn of deception by the roots, implanting the knowledge of your compassion in all those who sing the praise of your crucifixion.

Additional Stichera. For the Theotokos. Same Melody.

Wealth of the beggared, delight and refuge of the poor and hope of orphans are you, Sovereign Lady, and we glorify you, crying out in affliction, ''Holy of Holies, come now and rescue your servants from all assaults of demons, dread punishment and eternal condemnation''.

Truly the multitudes of my offences engulf my head, Pure Maiden, my iniquities are greatly multiplied and I, wretch and uncorrected, have acquired insupportable and numberless burdens. Therefore, only correction of sinners, by your fervent intercession, come now and save me.

As to a harbour I hasten under your holy protection, pure Virgin Mother, and I beg: have compassion, do not reject me, your servant, but deliver me from my present tribulation, for you are by nature compassionate. Mother of God most high, as you ever intercede, save your servants from troubles.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Same Melody.

Pure Virgin, when you saw the ripe grape Cluster that you had bore unhusbanded in your womb hanging upon the Tree, lamenting you bewailed him and cried out, ''My Child, who drop down sweetness; Benefactor, through whom may all the drunkenness of the passions be abolished by divine consolations, through me who gave you birth, for you are compassionate''.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode 2. For the Cross.

Save me, Christ Saviour, by the power of the Cross, who saved Peter in the sea, and have mercy on me, O God.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

You have revealed the Tree of your Cross as a tree of life, Christ our God, to us who believe in you; and through it you destroyed the one who held the might of death and made us, who had been slain by sin, alive. And so we cry to you: Benefactor of all, Lord, glory to you.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Choirs of Martyrs stood before the tyrants saying, ''We are soldiers for the King of powers. Even if you destroy us by fire and torments, we will not deny the power of the Trinity''.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (Joseph took You.)

Having endured many pains by the crucifixion of your Son and God, with tears and lamentations you groaned, O Immaculate, ''Alas, my sweetest Child, how do you suffer, wishing to redeem those born of earth from Adam?'' Therefore, all-holy Virgin, we entreat you in faith, make him merciful to us.




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

Mode 2.

You worked salvation in the midst of the earth, O Christ our God. You stretched out your immaculate hands on the Cross, and gathered all the nations, who cry to You: "Lord, glory to You!"

We bring you in intercession the life-giving Cross of your goodness, O Lord, which you have given to the unworthy. Save the Kings and your city, giving them peace through the Mother of God, O only lover of mankind.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

O Christ, Your virgin Mother saw You stretched out on the Cross, and she cried bitterly and said, "O my Son, what is this awful mystery? You who give life eternal to all, how is it that You voluntarily die a painful death on a cross?"

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

Model Melody.

We venerate your most pure icon, loving Lord, as we ask pardon of our offences, Christ God. For by your own choice you were well-pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh, to deliver from the slavery of the enemy those whom you had fashioned; therefore with thanksgiving we cry to you: You have filled all things with joy, our Saviour, by coming to save the world.

O Savior, you illumined the earth by Your Cross, and You called all sinners to repentance. I pray You do not separate me from Your flock, O Good Shepherd. But rather look for me, the lost sheep, and include me in Your holy flock, O only good Master who loves humanity.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

When Your Mother, who gave birth to You without seed, was standing near Your Cross, she could not bear to watch You suffer unjustly. She lamented and wept and cried out to You, "O sweetest Son of mine, how do You suffer, since You are by nature impassible? I extol Your extreme goodness."

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Cross.

Like the Robber, I confess, and I cry to You who are good: "Remember me, O Lord, in Your kingdom." Number me with him, O Savior who voluntarily accepted to suffer on our behalf.

For the Martyrs.

O victorious Athletes of the Lord, blessed is the ground that was watered with your blood, and holy are the dwellings that received your spirits. You prevailed over the enemy in the stadium, and you openly proclaimed Christ. We pray you will earnestly entreat Him for us, that He save our souls, since He is good.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (In seeking the heights.)

The all-blameless Maid * cried out when she beheld her Son * be nailed to the Cross, * "How new is this miracle! * He who holds the universe * in His hand is undergoing suffering, * and He who grants forgiveness to all * is judged and condemned like a criminal."

Canon for the Cross.

Mode 2. Ode i. Heirmos.

His overwhelming might once laid low in the deep all Pharaoh''s host; but the incarnate Word, the glorious Lord, has wiped out malignant sin: for he has been greatly glorified. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos.

Same Heirmos.

From all women, God selected you, * blameless, holy Virgin pure, * for you were lovely and fair and most beautiful. * As a babe He dwelt within your all-blameless womb. * We implore you, all-blameless one, * pray to Him to free from blame of their transgressions all who sing your praise.

As the Psalmist said it long ago, * you stood at the right hand of the divine King, who came forth from your holy womb, * as a Queen, O Virgin pure. * Pray to Him for me, to permit me place to stand * near Him on His right hand, * on that day of just rewards, all-blameless one.

Dry was human nature to the core, * due to all its deviance. * But you gave birth to rain from heaven, namely Christ, * who through you renewed it all. * I implore you now, make the soil of my sorry soul * once again be fruitful, * for my sins have dried it up, O Bride of God.

Ode iii. Heirmos.

The desert, the barren Church from the nations, flowered like a lily, O Lord, at your coming, by which my heart has been established. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

When He put on my human form, * O all-spotless one, your Son, * the Maker, from your womb came forth; * and to those who because of many sins * had been stripped, He gave robes of immortality.

All-spotless one, as Mother of the most honored Word of God, * intently pray to Him for me * to take pity on my dejected soul * that submitted to pleasures that dishonor it.

O Virgin all-immaculate, * heal the bruises on my soul. * With your effective medicine * treat my heart, which is in a sorry state, * for venom of the serpent has infected it.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

From a Virgin you came, not an ambassador, not an Angel, but the Lord himself incarnate, and you saved me, humanity, entirely; therefore I cry to you: Glory to your power, O Lord! [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

O Lady, please, let a drop of compunction rain down on me, * which will make the scorching heat subside inside of my aching heart, * and suppress iniquitous * recollections afflicting my intellect.

Immaculate, holy Virgin, I pray, do not pass me by, * as you see my lying here. The knife of pleasure has wounded me. * Heal me by the spear and blood * of Christ your Son, who is our God who was crucified.

Enriched are you, with the mastery over creation all. * O Lady, my sins has made me poor in grace divine. Pity me, * so that I may magnify * you my benevolent patroness, all-blameless one.

Ode v. Heirmos.

O Christ, you have become the Mediator between God and mortals, for through you, O Master, from the night of ignorance we have access to your Father, the source of light. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

Immaculate Maid, * who gave birth to Him who is way and the life, * I pray you to guide me straight on the narrow way, for I have senselessly * hurled myself to perdition and trackless lands of tragedy.

I foolishly lived * a licentious life, estranging myself from God, * and I have been wandering far away in passions like a foreign land. * Bring be back, holy Virgin, and save me, by your prayers for me.

I pray, let me drink * from refreshing streams of life that flow from you, * O Mother and Virgin pure; for the flames of sinful deeds are burning me. * I your servant am threatened, for demons are assaulting me.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

The Prophet Jonah cried to the Lord from the sea creature, * "I pray You, Lord my God, from the depth of Hades raise me up, * that with a voice of praise, I may sacrifice to You * in a spirit of truth, O Deliverer." [GOASD]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Surrounded by a depth of offences. (NM)

Let me not be the object of ridicule * by the wicked demons, O Lady, on Judgment Day, * but pray for me to Christ, the Judge * and your Son, to regard me with charity.

I have moved You to wrath with my shameful thoughts * and my wicked deeds and transgressions and sins, O Lord. * Forgive me, by your Mother''s prayers, * in Your mercy, and save me, O Christ my God.

You gave birth to the Lord of the universe, * who as God will Judge all. Alas, I am self-condemned * in many sins. O Lady, please, * from His just condemnation deliver me.

Ode vii. Heirmos.

The godless order of a lawless tyrant fanned the soaring flame; but Christ let fall the dew of the Spirit upon the God-fearing children. He is blessed and highly exalted. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

O Lady, my praise are you and my salvation, * my surest assistance and my fortress unassailable. * I earnestly pray that you will fight for me against * demons who unceasingly attack me and are always seeking to murder me.

When God with your blood assumed a human body, * O Virgin, through you thereby humanity was deified. * Now I, who succumbing to the passions, lie here defiled * with wounds, pray you save me by your intercessions from the plots of the enemy.

The furnace in Babylon of old prefigured * your childbirth, O Virgin pure; for the Servants were not consumed; * neither was your womb consumed by the unbearable fire. * Therefore we implore you to deliver us, your servants, from the eternal fire.

Ode viii. Heirmos.

A fiery furnace once in Babylon, by divine decree, divided its action, burning up the Chaldeans but refreshing the faithful who sang: All you works of the Lord, bless the Lord. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

Zealously pursue the virtues, through divine acts, * and keep your distance from all wickedness, my soul, for you have as your * intercessor the immaculate and sympathetic Mother of Christ our God, * the benevolent, kind protectress who never fails.

Mother of our God, you freed our human nature * from the ancestral bond and curse. And now, O immaculate * Virgin, I implore you, free my heart from everything that binds it to wickedness, * and bind me to the love of God who created me.

Dismal is my heart, inglorious from sinning. * O Theotokos, who gave birth to Him who is the reflection of * the Father''s glory, please make it shine. Let me partake of glory that never ends, * O all-blameless and blessed Virgin immaculate.

Ode ix. Heirmos.

The Son of the Father without beginning, God and Word, incarnate of a Virgin, has appeared to us, to give light to what is darkened, to gather what is scattered; therefore we magnify the all-hymned Mother of God. [EL]


For the Martyrs.


Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

When Adam succumbed and ate forbidden fruit, he bitterly * garnered death and mortality from the tree of old. * When your Son was willingly nailed to the holy tree, He poured out the sweetness * of true immortality. Hence we honor you, O Virgin pure.

O Lady, the Queen are you, for you gave birth ineffably * to the King and the Lord, who dissolved the realm of hell. * O all-holy Virgin, implore Him, that He account worthy of the kingdom * of heaven your servants all, who with faith and longing sing your praise.

O Lady, I pray you to do good to my pathetic heart, * for indulgence in pleasure has harmed and wounded it. * You have given birth to the Good God, and you yourself are good, blessed Virgin. * To the good and open gates of repentance please direct my steps.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode 2. For the Cross.

"Let Him be crucified!" cried they who had always enjoyed Your gifts of grace; and they asked to receive a malefactor instead of You, the Benefactor, those slayers of the righteous. But You, O Christ, were silent, enduring their impudence, for You willed to suffer and to save us, in Your love for humanity.

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

Willingly You assumed the poverty of Adam, O Christ our God, and You came to earth and became incarnate of the Virgin. Then You accepted to be crucified, to free us from our bondage to the foe. Glory to You, O Lord.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Your many Saints implore You, O Christ. Have mercy on us, as the One who loves humanity.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (Joseph took You.)

Savior, when those men unlawfully * hung You on a cross as a convict, being the life of all, * Your all-blameless, pure, and holy Mother stood nearby. * As she looked at You, she cried out, * lamenting and weeping, * "Woe is me, O sweetest Child of mine, the light of my eyes! * You who hung the earth in the waters, * how can You endure crucifixion, * nailed onto a cross between two criminals?"



The Beatitudes. Mode 2.

We bring you the prayer of the Thief, and we cry to you: Remember us, O Saviour, in your Kingdom.

You were lifted upon the Cross, and You lifted up with yourself * all of human nature, O Savior, which now extols You ceaselessly.

By the spear that was thrust in You, You tore up Adam''s bond of sin, * and You have enrolled Him in the book of the living, O Friend of man.

For the Martyrs.

Imitating the One who was voluntarily crucified, * now you are participants with Him in glory, O martyr saints.


In one honor and glory is the unoriginate Father praised * with the Holy Spirit and the Son, also truly unoriginate.

Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

As you witnessed the One you bore without seed being crucified, * you, His virgin Mother, extolled His mercy ineffable.