At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Cross.

Mode 3. N/M (The power of Your holy Cross.)

Creation was changed at your Crucifixion, O Word; the sun withdrew its rays in fear, the veil of the temple was rent and every believer was saved; therefore we glorify your measureless riches.

He who is both God and Master assumed our flesh through pity, was nailed to the Tree and lifted us up by being lifted up himself in body, as he was well pleased, through the compassion of his mercy.

Drops of blood and water, which flowed from God, refashioned the world as they poured from your side. With the water, as you are compassionate, you wash away the sins of all, while with the blood, Lord, you write out their pardon.

Additional Stichera. For the Theotokos. Same Melody.

In lying on the bed of my indifference, I have passed the length of my life in sloth, and I tremble at the hour of my departure, but rouse me to repentance by your intercession, O Maiden, and save m

Heal the pain of my heart, O Pure one, stop the wandering of my mind and grant that I may sing your praise with a pure heart, ask for grace and find mercy on the day of judgement.

Cast away, my humble soul, the burdens of wickedness that are hard to bear, and draw near, weeping and crying out, ''Grant, pure Virgin, that I may bear the light yoke of your Son and God''.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Same Melody.

A sword passed through your heart, O All-pure, when you looked towards your Son on the Cross, and you cried out, ''Do not leave me childless, my Son and my God, who kept me virgin after childbirth!''

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode 3. For the Cross.

I worship your precious Cross, O Christ, the guardian of the world, the salvation of us sinners, the great expiation, the victory of the King, the boast of the whole inhabited world.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

A tree of disobedience sprouted death for the world; the tree of the Cross life and incorruption; and so we worship you, the crucified Lord. May the light of your face be marked upon us.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs of Christ taught that a consubstantial Trinity should be praised and they enlightened the nations that had gone astray and made the children of men fellows of the Angels.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (The power of Your holy Cross.)

When she saw you nailed to the Cross, my Christ, the Lamb who gave you birth, without blemish and your Mother, with weeping lamented and cried out, ''Do not make me childless, whom you kept pure after childbirth!''




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

Mode 3.

A Cross was fixed on earth and touched the heavens, not that the tree reached the heights, but you, who were on it, filled the universe. Lord, glory to you!

You were lifted up, Lamb of God, on cypress, pine and cedar, that you might save those who worship in faith your voluntary Cruci-fixion. Christ our God, glory to you!

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

Having gained the Cross of your Son, O Mother of God, as a rod of power, with it we shall cast down the ramparts of the foes as with love we ceaselessly magnify you.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

Model Melody.

You were struck with blows for the sake of the human race and were not enraged; free our life from corruption, Lord, and save us.

N/M (Seeing how beautiful.)

The armies of the Angels are amazed as they contemplate your measureless authority and your voluntary Crucifixion: How is He who cannot be looked at scourged in the flesh? He wishes to de-liver human nature from corruption, and so we cry out to you, Giver of life: Glory, O Christ, to your compassion!

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Same Melody.

Your pure Mother who knew not wedlock, seeing you hanging dead upon the Tree, mourned as a mother and said, ''Is this how the lawless and ungrateful people of the Hebrews, who had the benefit of your many and great gifts, have repaid you, my Son? I hymn your divine condescension.''

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Cross. N/M (Seeing how beautiful.)

Dishonoured you endured the Cross, O Master beyond all creation, that you might honour me, of old dreadfully dishonoured; with a lance you were pierced in your side, O Longsuffering, as you wished to ransom me, your fashioning, from corruption. I hymn your great compassion and your goodness, O Lover of humankind.

For the Martyrs. Same Melody.

Armoured with the panoply of Christ and clothed with the weapons of the Faith you stoutly cast down the battle lines of the foe; for eagerly, in hope of life, you endured all the threats and scourges of the tyrants; and so you have received the crowns, valiant Martyrs of Christ.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Same Melody.

As your Mother, the pure and all blameless Virgin who knew not wedlock, saw you nailed to the Tree, O Master, she cried aloud to you, ''Alas, my sweetest Son, how has a lawless people condemned you, the Maker and Master of all, to the tree? I hymn your supreme goodness.

Canon for the Cross.

Mode 3. Ode i. Heirmos.

He who of old assembled the waters into one gathering by his divine decree, and divided the sea for the people of Israel. He is our God and he is glorified. To him alone let us sing, for he has been glorified. [EL]


You ended painful passions, O Word, by the passion of your precious flesh, and saved mortals, whom the opponent had wounded of old, mortals who venerate your incomprehensible dispensation.

He who by deception bound mankind in Paradise by transgression of the commandment, has been bound, Lord, with the indissoluble bonds with which you were willingly bound in body, loosing our offence, O Lover of humankind.

For the Martyrs.

The famed Champions, seeing creation being shipwrecked by the deceptions of the demons, appeared as fair havens, drowning all the power of the avenger in the red sea of their blood.

The choir of the Martyrs, clearly united with the choirs above, is ever surrounded by the rays of the uncreated Godhead, and shines on those on earth who with faith glorify their wonders.


You appeared higher than the Hosts on high, O Immaculate, who bore God the Word on earth, who through his goodness by his Passion and Cross has made us mount to heaven.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Same Heirmos.

With the sprinkling of the divine stream which was emptied from the divine side of your Son, Pure Lady, wash the bruises of my heart, that I may magnify you and, as is fitting, glorify you as ever blest and all blameless.

You bore the Word, equal in power to his Begetter and who makes the being of mortals divine; but ask him, O Pure One, to grant me, in despair and made weak by the wiles of the foe, divine consolation.

Ode iii. Heirmos.

Almighty and Most High, who out of nothing bring all things, created by the Word, perfected by the Spirit, establish me in your love. [EL]


The people of the Hebrews put you to death, who by the impassible nature of the Godhead became passible in the flesh through your goodness and make us immortal.

O Word, who hung the earth upon the waters, by your will you were hung upon a tree, leading me up to heavenly things who had fallen into the deeps of wickedness.

For the Martyrs.

Embellished with the marks of Christ, all praised Martyrs, you stand before the Lord, receiving from his rich hand your rewards.

With joyful soul the Saints ran towards torments, causing extreme grief to the dragon and joining the choirs of Angels.


Bride who knew not wedlock, seeing Christ suspended on the Cross, grieving you said, ''You have set, O Sun of glory, from my sight, enlightening those in darkness.''

Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

All-holy, you are merciful, ask him who is rich in ineffable mercy and pity to take on us who are afflicted.

You, the dwelling of the Maker of all, implore that the Advocate may dwell in me who have become a den of soul destroying thieves, pure Virgin.

Mother of God, as you bear in your embrace him who bears all things by his divine inclination, incline to me and deliver me from my foul inclination to the passions.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

You displayed mighty love for us, O Lord; for you gave your Only-begotten Son to death for our sake. Therefore with thanksgiving we cry to you, ''Glory to your power, O Lord!'' [EL]


O Master Christ, who are above all honour, truly you endured outrage, being struck on the head with a reed, that you might honour me who had become dishonoured through transgression, O Lover of humankind.

Willingly you were bound with a crown of thorns, O Longsuffering, as true King, and you put an end to thorn-bearing sin by the roots; I confess your sufferings, O Saviour.

For the Martyrs.

You remained unbroken by the pains of torments, O Martyrs, breaking the deception of the foe and placing him beneath your feet as he boasted wildly and expired completely from lack of breath.

Incorruptible bodies you gained divine incorruption, stoutly imitating by your sufferings the Passion of the Impassible, all praised Martyrs, numbered with all the Bodiless Powers.


The Prophet once saw you, O Maiden, as a book in which the Word incarnate was inscribed by the finger of the Father, and with a lance he tears up the record of the Forefather, O Immaculate.

Canon for the Theotokos. Same Heirmos.

As you willingly endured bruises and slaughter, O Christ, heal my soul bruised by the thieving malice of demons, at the intercessions of her who bore you, O Most Merciful.

I am the work and creation of your hands, O Creator, but by the wickedness of the serpent I have been smashed by the pleasures of life, O Christ; and so refashion me at the entreaties of her who bore you.

Beyond reason you gave birth to the Word of the Father who loosed mortals from all unreason; earnestly entreat him to free me, who am enslaved to irrational passions, O only Ever-Virgin.

At every moment you pour healing from your hand, who are wholly the tabernacle of sanctification, wholly filled with light, wholly letting fall drops of the myrrh of sweet fragrance, All-pure Bride of God.

Ode v. Heirmos.

You, the Invisible, appeared on earth and willingly you the Incomprehensible dwelt among mortals; and so rising to you at dawn we hymn you, Lover of humankind. [EL]


Like a lamb you were suspended on a tree and were offered as a sacrifice to the Father for our sake, O Good One, and you brought to an end the sacrifices of idols, O All-powerful.

Pierced in the side by the lance, O Giver of Life, you poured out two streams of salvation for those who proclaim you as one of the Trinity, who bear two modes of action.

For the Martyrs.

The doughty Champions found you by faith, O Jesus, as a firm foundation and unshakeable rock and on which they built themselves as precious stones.

Empowered by faith with the strength of God, O Martyrs, like champions you overthrew all the power of the deceiver and were radiantly crowned.


Our nature which before had changed through transgression you, All-holy Lady, protection of our souls, as she who without change bore Christ, have refashioned.

Canon for the Theotokos. When Isaias in a figure. (NM)

Transform the pains of my flesh and the toil of my soul, and dispel the clouds of sloth, O Virgin, cloud of light, and give health in exchange for troubles to me who ask and glorify you with love.

I who am full of every sin put you forward as mediator and advocate with him who was born of you; O Virgin be at my side and be the righter of my life, leading me by the hand to the paths of knowledge of God.

Sanctify my mind and lead my soul to light, O Virgin, and make me a partaker of divine glory; for see, I am filled with evils and have become enslaved to every kind of pleasure, and I bring forward a sullied conscience.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

The final abyss of sins has surrounded me and my spirit fails; but, Master, stretch out your upraised arm and like Peter save me, O my Pilot. [EL]


The trickster serpent led me out of Eden, tricking me with a trick of eating; but Christ, suspended on a tree by his own will, gives me back the ancient entry.

The one who wounded us has been wounded by your wounded side, and remains incurable, O Lord our Benefactor; but we the faithful have been cured by the bruises with which you were willingly wounded.

For the Martyrs.

You appeared as wise in the midst of fire, Foot Soldiers of Christ, roasted like lambs and served on the table of God the universal sovereign, and inheriting ineffable gladness.

Drawing from inexhaustible treasuries, distribute rivers of healings and dry up the experience of the passions and water the gatherings of the faithful.


Seeing the death of the Word who became incarnate of your blood, All-Blameless, you bewailed him as a mother and magnified him as the cause of life, O Lady, Virgin-Mother.

Canon for the Theotokos. Do not despise. (NM)

I have exceeded the puffed up mind of the Pharisee, ever giving myself airs and plunging into the deeps of unnumbered falls; O only pure one, take pity on me who have been terribly humbled.

Your conceiving and your giving birth were beyond wonder. Now show me in my wretchedness the wonder of your mercies; for in lawlessness conceived and born, I have become enslaved to pleasures.

I lament and weep and mourn whenever I consider that dread judgement seat; for I have acquired evil deeds; Virgin Mother of God, who knew not man, stand up for me in that fearful hour.

Ode vii. Heirmos.

The three Youths of old did not worship the golden image, object of Persian reverence as they sang in the midst of the furnace: God of our Fathers, blessed are you! [EL]


By your toils you ended our toils, Lover of humankind; so now take over to a life without toil those who devoutly worship your holy sufferings, O God of all.

When creation saw you crucified it was altered and trembled: earth was shaken, rocks were rent and the sun''s course drew away the light.

For the Martyrs.

Obedient to the laws of Christ the Martyrs laid low the flatteries of the lawless and lawfully in the midst of the stadium they struggled and were gloriously crowned.

You were not burnt up by the flame of fire but obtained a more fervent purpose, champions of Christ, and bearing crowns you cried: O God, blessed are you!


You stood watching Christ, whom you had borne, lifted up on the Cross, O Immaculate, and you cried: Do not make me childless, whom you preserved pure‚ even after childbirth.

Canon for the Theotokos. Three Youths in a furnace. (NM)

There is no salvation for me from my works, Sovereign Lady, for I have added sins to sins and wickedness to wickedness; by your prayer then, pure Virgin, take pity and save me.

The judgement is at the doors, the judgement seat is ready; get ready, my lowly soul, and cry: When you judge me, O Word, at the prayer of her who bore you, do not condemn me.

I devoured the fruits of sin and I have met my death; and as I bring a fruitless soul I cry to you: Make me fruitful, for you wiped out corruption by your fruit.

Ode viii. Heirmos.

Babylonian furnace did not burn the Youths, nor the fire of the Godhead destroy the Virgin; and so with the Youths let us believers cry: Bless the Lord, works of the Lord! [EL]


When you were crucified Paradise was opened again, and the sword that was turned against us withdrew, fearing the lance which had pierced your holy side, O Christ, most merciful.

The enemy was wounded by your lance and fell, while fallen Adam was brought back crying out to you, O Christ, who were willingly slain: Blessing, I glorify you, God most merciful!

For the Martyrs.

The world is made radiant by your struggles and your deeds of valour, O Athletes, and by your infinite wonders, and is delivered from the darkness of diseases as it cries: Bless the Lord works of the Lord.

He who of old boasted of obliterating land and sea appears a laughing stock, lying at your feet, O Saints; while Christ with his life bearing right hand adorns you, All revered, with unfading crowns.


The One who is above time you bore in time, who looses the timeless bonds of Adam the first formed by his bonds, O Immaculate, and bound him to himself with the bonds of his sweet love.

Canon for the Theotokos. In the unbearable fire. (NM)

As wholly fair and neighbour to the Universal King, O Mother of God, fill me with good works, for I have lived in wickedness and passed through my whole life in sloth, that I may glorify you to all the ages.

As you snatched the Prophet marvellously from the belly of the whale of old, O Word of God, so deliver my soul, which has slipped down into a deep of destruction, O Saviour, for you have to implore you the Virgin who gave you birth without wedlock.

The workers of wickedness, finding that I had been clothed with a fair robe by the birth of God, stripped me naked of it; but do you, O Virgin, by your prayers make me radiant with godlike robes through repentance.

Ode ix. Heirmos.

The one who was prefigured in the bush and fire on Sinai to the law giver Moses and who conceived in her womb the divine fire unburned, the lamp all light and unquenchable, who is truly the Mother of God, in hymns let us honour and magnify. [EL]


That you might find the drachma you had lost, O Christ, you fixed your flesh to the Cross and you make us partakers with your Powers above, O Giver of life, with whom, as we hymn you as benefactor, in songs we magnify you.

As you lifted up your hands on the Cross, O Christ, you pulled up by your power my hands enfeebled of old by many passions, and you gave strength to my weakened knees for the godly course; and so we magnify you.

For the Martyrs.

Burned by the flame of limitless torments, the brave and wondrous Athletes found you, O Christ, as a refreshing dew; therefore rejoicing they completed their course with their desire for prizes, as in hymns they unceasingly magnify you.

The multitude of the Athletes and the choir of the Saints implore you, O Christ, on behalf of a people and nation who have much embittered you, to wipe away in the multitude of your mercy, O Pitying One, the multitudes of our offences, as you love mankind.


O Virgin, you bore the Brightness of the Father, bearing a mortal form; the sun not able to bear seeing him raised on the Cross, grew black and the fog of the folly of idols was worsted; therefore with him we magnify you.

Canon for the Theotokos. In the shadow. (NM)

My mind is corrupted, my soul is corrupted, with wickedness I have been fouled in my conscience and I have been exposed as naked of any sort of goodness; but Virgin, blameless and incorrupt, do not despise me, but adorn me with works of true religion.

I am filed with wickedness, I am filled with thoughts that alienate me from you, Lover of mankind; and so I groan and cry: At the prayers of her who gave you birth receive me as I repent and do not reject me, Benefactor great in mercy.

May I be delivered by your prayers, all blameless Maiden, from all wrath, from death bringing passions, harsh Hades and fire, from unjust men, from evil foes; I who run to your protection and call on you for help.

As Mother of God implore the Lord, God and King, who was born of you, that you suppliant may be delivered from every threat and evil habit, for from my mother''s womb I have trusted in you, pure Lady.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode 3. For the Cross.

Through jealousy I was cast out from delight and fell in a harsh fall; you did not disdain, Master, to assume for me that which was mine and to crucify it, and you save me, you lead me into glory. My Redeemer, glory to you!

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

On the mountain Moses by stretching out his hands on high in the form of a Cross routed Amalek, while you, O Saviour, opening your palms on the Cross, took me in your embrace and saved me from the slavery of the foe; and you gave me the mark of life to flee from the bow of my enemies; therefore, O Word, I worship your precious Cross.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Having fought the good fight, holy Martyrs, after death also you shine out like beacons in the world; and so, as you have boldness, implore Christ to have mercy on our souls.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

Seeing you hanging on the tree, my Christ, supremely good, the All-blameless lamented and cried out as a mother: my Son so greatly loved, how has the lawless nation condemned you to the tree?



The Beatitudes. Mode 3.

When our primal father Adam disobeyed Your divine command, O Christ, You expelled him from Paradise. But when the faithful Robber while on the cross confessed You to be Lord, You restored him there, as he cried to You: "O Savior, when You come in Your kingdom, remember me."

When they crucified You, Jesus, and they pierced You * in the side with a spear, * You poured out fountains of water and blood *for my salvation; therefore, * now being saved by Your Passion, O Christ, * I extol Your great compassion, O Lord, * and I sing to You: In Your kingdom, remember me.

O Lord Jesus, You were numbered with the lawless * and You thereby took away * the lawlessness of everyone. * As King of all, O Savior, * You wore a crown of thorns and thus, O Christ, * You uprooted our Ancestor''s sin like a thorn. * So we now glorify the Passion You endured for us.

For the Martyrs.

O courageous Martyr Athletes, you imitated * what was suffered by Christ, * and you are worthily extolled by all. * And by His divine power, * you trampled all the enemy''s deceit. * Now you intercede on behalf of us all, * as you have obtained heavenly glory, O Saints.


Undivided Holy Trinity and Unity * in three hypostases, * one essence and power that created all, * we who extol You pray You: * Guard us from being injured by the foe; * and account us worthy of Your heavenly Rule, * which has been attained by those who lived virtuously.

Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

On the Cross you saw Your Son who was incarnate * of your blood within your womb, * and you lamented and cried aloud, * O Lady, Theotokos, * "What have these wicked people done to you? * O my Son, they repay You by killing You! * But for all who believe, You are the resurrection and life."