At, Lord, I have cried, we use 4 verses, and we sing the 3 Resurrectional Stichera of the Octoechos, the first one twice.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion, so-called the Dogmatic.

Mode pl. 1.

Let us honour the Maiden, revered and worthy of God, in honour higher than the Cherubim, for the Creator of all things, when he wished to become man, made his dwelling ineffably in her. O strange deeds and wondrous mysteries! Who would not be amazed on hearing this, that God becomes man? There was no change in him. He passed through the gates of virginity and no diminution was left in her, as the Prophet says; No man will ever pass through it, except the Lord, the God of Israel, who has great mercy.

After, "O Lord, keep us this evening…" we sing the Resurrectional Sticheron, With sounds of song we… and then the following Prosomoia:

Stichera for the Theotokos.

Mode pl. 1. N/M (Rejoice.)

Verse: I will remember your name from generation to generation. [SAAS]

My hands I stretch out towards you, my sordid lips I open in supplication, I bend the knee of my heart and in spirit I now touch your most pure feet, pure Virgin, and I fall before you; Heal my pains and, in your loving-kindness, treat my many and incurable wounds. Deliver me from seen and unseen foes. Lighten the burden of my sloth, that I may praise and glorify you through whom the world has found God''s great mercy.

Verse: Listen, O daughter, behold and incline your ear, and forget your people and your father''s house. For the King desired your beauty. [SAAS]

Hail, All-blameless Virgin, beyond explanation who conceived and gave birth in the flesh to the Son of God, who from your blood truly took that which was ours, with a soul that was rational and possessed free will; for, having put on Adam without defect, he refashioned and saved mankind. Therefore Christ is proclaimed to us as being in two natures, showing in himself the activity of them both. Implore him that his great mercy be given to our souls.

Verse: The rich among the people shall entreat your favor. [SAAS]

Hail, beauty of Jacob, whom God chose and loved; door of the saved, flame-bearing tongs, abolition of the curse, all-blessed Maiden, womb that contained God, righting of the fallen, holier than the Cherubim, higher than creation, sight hard to look upon, strangest report, saying that cannot be expressed, chariot of the Word, cloud from which dawned the Sun that sheds his light even on me and grants to those in darkness his great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

The prophecies concerning you have been fulfilled, pure Virgin; for one of the Prophets foretold you as the Gate in Eden facing towards the east through which none had passed, except your Creator and that of all the world. Another saw you as a Bush aflame with fire, because in you there dwelt the fire of the Godhead and you remained unburned. Another as a holy Mountain from which was hewn without human hand a cornerstone and it crushed the image of the spiritual Nabuchodonosor. Truly great and wondrous is the mystery that is in you, Mother of God! Therefore we glorify you, for through you has come the salvation of our souls.



After the introductory Psalm and the first Kathisma of the Psalter, at Lord, I have cried, we use 10 verses, and we sing 7 or 6 or 4 Resurrectional Stichera, and for the Saint of the day 3 or 4 or 6 if the it is a celebrated Saint.

Resurrectional Stichera from the Octoechos. Mode pl. 1.

By your precious Cross, O Christ, you have shamed the devil, and by your Resurrection you have blunted the goad of sin, and you have saved us from the gates of death: we glorify you, O Only-begotten.

He who gives the Resurrection to the human race, was led as a sheep to the slaughter; all the princes of Hell trembled before him and the gates of pain were lifted up; for Christ the King of glory had come in, saying to those in bondage: Come forth! and to those in darkness: Reveal yourselves!

O great marvel! Having suffered in the flesh through love for mankind, the Creator of things invisible, the immortal has risen. Come families of nations, let us worship him; for delivered from error by his compassion, we have learned to hymn one God in three Persons.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

We offer you our evening worship, O Light that knows no evening, who at the end of the ages, as in a glass, shone through the flesh on the world, and descended as far as Hell, abolished the darkness there and showed the nations the light of the Resurrection; O Lord, Giver of light, glory to you!

Let us glorify Christ the author of our salvation; for by his rising from the dead, the world has been saved from error; the choir of Angels rejoices, the error of demons flees, fallen Adam arises, the devil has been overthrown.

The members of the guard were instructed by the lawless: Conceal Christ''s Resurrection and take money and say that while we asleep the corpse was stolen from the grave. Who ever saw, who ever heard of a stolen corpse? Especially one anointed and naked, and even leaving its grave-clothes in the tomb? Do not be deceived, O Jews, learn the sayings of the Prophets, and know that he is truly the Redeemer of the world and All-powerful.

O Lord, our Saviour, who despoiled Hell and trampled on death; who enlightened the world by the precious Cross, have mercy upon us.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

In the Red Sea was once depicted an image of the Bride who knew not wedlock. There Moses the parter of the water, here Gabriel the servant of the marvel; then Israel marched dry shod through the deep, but now the Virgin has given birth to Christ without seed; the sea after Israel''s passage remained untrodden; the Blameless one after bearing Emmanuel remained incorrupt. O God, who exists and pre-exists, and appeared as man, have mercy on us.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 1.


With sounds of song we magnify you, O Christ, the Saviour incarnate, yet not parted from heaven, for you accepted cross and death for the sake of our race, for you are the Lord who loves mankind. When you had despoiled the gates of Hades, you rose on the third day and saved our souls.

The Aposticha, which in Greek have the Alphabet as acrostic. By St. John of Damascus.

Verse: The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself with majesty; the Lord clothed and girded Himself with power. [SAAS]

When your side was pierced, O Giver of life, you poured out streams of forgiveness, of life and salvation for all; you accepted death in the flesh, so giving us immortality; by dwelling in a grave you freed us, raising us with yourself as God in glory; and so we cry out to you: O Lord, Lover of mankind, glory to you!

Verse: And He established the world, which shall not be moved. [SAAS]

Strange your crucifixion and your descent into Hades, O Lover of mankind; for having despoiled it and raised with yourself as God in glory those who were prisoners, you opened Paradise and bade it welcome them; so give us too, who glorify your Rising on the third day, forgiveness of sins, granting us to be inhabitants of Paradise, as you alone are compassionate.

Verse: Holiness is proper to Your house, O Lord, unto length of days. [SAAS]

O Lover of mankind, who for ours sakes accepted the passion in the flesh, and rose from the dead on the third day, heal the passions of our flesh, raise us from grievous offences, and save us.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

You are temple and gate, palace and throne of the King, All-honoured Virgin; through you Christ the Lord, my redeemer, appeared to those who sat in darkness, for he is the Sun of justice, who wishes to enlighten those whom he fashioned in his own image with his own hand. Therefore All-praised one, as you have a mother''s boldness towards him, intercede unceasingly that our souls be saved.

Resurrectional Apolytikion.

Let us believers praise and worship the Word who like the Father and the Spirit is without beginning, born from a Virgin for our salvation; for he was well-pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh and undergo death, and to raise those who had died, by his glorious Resurrection.


Hail gate of the Lord, though which none may pass; hail wall and protection of those who flee to you; hail haven without storms, and who did not know wedlock, who bore in the flesh your Maker and God, do not cease to intercede for those who praise and worship your Offspring.



Canon to the Trinity, of which the acrostic is:

A fifth canon to the triple Light.

Mode pl. 1. Ode i. Christ, who brings wars. (NM)

As we hymn the might of the single and three-sunned form, we cry: All-powerful God irradiate our mind and raise it, Master, to your ineffable glory.

Far above, the spiritual orders of the Angels ceaselessly hymn you with thrice-holy songs, Unity triple in number of like form and Trinity of like form, beyond being and all-powerful.

Impart to my soul, O Trinity, Unity source of light, the sweet light-giving nectar of your love and godly, cleansing compunction, most merciful Master of all creation.


From heaven, immaculate Virgin, as upon the fleece, the rain came down noiselessly into your womb, and saved all human nature, parched and dry.

Ode iii. You fixed the earth. (NM)

The spiritual beings you conceived and caused them to subsist to hymn your Godhead unceasingly, O God, triple light and maker of all; but accept too the supplication of creatures of clay and earth, and their entreaty, as you are compassionate.

By nature you admit no alteration; grant to us who are changeable and who sing the unsearchable fount of your goodness pardon of offences and salvation as you are compassionate.

We glorify you, Father, Son and Spirit in the unchangeable form of the Godhead, the single and triple-shining Lord, as the Prophets and Apostles were clearly taught by you.


As the Angel of Great Counsel of the Almighty you appeared to Moses in the bush, O Word of God; foreshowing your incarnation from a Virgin through which you have transformed us and made us mount to heaven.

Kathisma. Mode pl. 1. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

You are merciful, O undivided Trinity; for you have mercy on all as all-powerful; you are all-pitying, compassionate and full of mercy. Therefore we flee to you, sinners weighed down by many sins who cry: Have mercy on your servants and deliver us all from every punishment.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

All-holy Virgin, have mercy on us, who with faith flee to you in your compassion, and ask for your fervent assistance; for as you are good you have power to save us all, as you are Mother of God most high and ever employ your motherly intercessions, O full of God''s grace.

Ode iv. Habakkuk as a prophet.

Mystic initiate of the triple light of the one Lordship, Daniel saw Christ as judge going towards the Father and the Spirit who revealed the vision. [EL] (twice).

Make worthy of the Angels'' glory those who with mouths of clay sing the praise of the God above being, triple in persons, single in nature.


Wooded and shaded mountain, which Avvakoum saw of old, from which the Holy One came forth, you revealed the offspring, hard to contemplate, O Virgin, of your conceiving.

Ode v. To you, clothed with light. (NM)

O threefold light, my God, who through goodness created humankind and made it according to your image, come, dwell in me, as you are good and love humankind.

O three-sunned Unity, guide me to the paths of your divine salvation and fill me with your radiance, as by nature God of infinite power.

The one nature''s undivided light, separated in persons, triple brightness, knowing no evening, irradiate my heart with your beams.


As the Interpreter of old saw you, O pure and all-immaculate, as a gate looking towards the unsetting light, he at once knew you to be the dwelling place of God.

Ode vi. Calm the raging sea. (NM)

Triple radiance, divine Sovereignty, you are one as like in form and equal in operation according to both being and to will. [EL] (twice).

The Prophet, singing to the Father: By your light, the Spirit, we shall see light, the Son, fully revealed one God, the triple sun.


Redemption from faults and dangers send down upon those who hymn you, Master, God, single and triple light, at the intercessions God''s Mother.

Kathisma. Mode pl. 1. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

Let us now glorify the three-sunned radiance and let us worship the simple Trinity, for it has enlightened us and delivered from corruption the whole race of mortals, delivered the whole world from the error of idols and granted us the Kingdom.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Wholly at a loss, I have fled to you, the hope of all, and the refuge of sinners and the humble, as I cry: I have sinned. But I, insensitive wretch, continue in my badness; have mercy on me before the end, turn me back and deliver me, the unworthy, from every punishment.

Ode vii. The highly exalted Lord. (NM)

In possessing an abyss and an infinite sea of mercy, pitying Lord, have mercy on those who hymn you, one God all things and yet threefold light. [EL] (twice).

Praising you the incomprehensible, single yet triple light, God and Lord, we cry to you: Grant to your servants pardon of offences.


Like the Father without beginning is the branch you have put forth, O Virgin, flower of the Godhead, co-eternal shoot, who gives life to all humankind.

Ode viii. The Youths in the furnace. (NM)

Even that of old you might clearly reveal the triple hypostasis of the one Lordship, you appeared, my God, in human form to Abraham as he praised your single might. [EL] (twice).

Let me be worthy to descry your divinely working rays, O unapproachable light, compassionate Father, Word and Spirit, that I may ever be pleasing to you, Lord of all.


You made one of the three-sunned glory blaze forth for us, All-praised Virgin, Christ the Lord, who initiates all to sing the praise of the one divine Sovereignty to all the ages.

Ode ix. O Isaias, dance! (NM)

Mortal speech has no strength to hymn you worthily, O Unity without beginning; unless, daring as far as is attainable from faith, O Trinity of equal throne, we offer divine glory and praise to your might. [EL] (twice).

With mouths unsullied, Cherubim and Seraphim glorify you, the one God of threefold light, with equal-matching glory; with them, Lord, also accept us sinners, who magnify your might.


As pure, blameless and virgin you bore a Son, who delivers us from temptations, God without change; but now implore him too to give us forgiveness of faults.



After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

Mode pl. 1. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

Let us celebrate the Cross of the Lord, let us honour in hymns his holy Burial and highly glorify his Resurrection; for with himself he raised the dead from the graves, as God having despoiled the might of death and the devil''s strength, and he made light dawn for those in Hell.

Glory. Same Melody.

O Lord, who put death to death, you were called dead; you that emptied the tombs were placed in a tomb; above, soldiers were guarding the grave, below, you raised the dead from every age. O Lord, All-powerful and beyond all understanding, glory to you!

Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Hail holy mountain on which God has walked; hail living bush and unconsumed by fire; hail the world''s only bridge to God, who lead mortals over to eternal life; hail Maiden undefiled, who bore without wedlock the salvation of our souls.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

O Lord, after your Resurrection on the third day, and the worship of the Apostles, Peter cried to you: Women had courage, and I was a coward; a Thief confessed you as God, and I denied you: will you call me disciple in future, or will you declare me once again a fisher of the deep? But accept me repenting, O God, and save me!

Glory. Same Melody.

O Lord, the lawless nailed you between malefactors and pierced your side with a lance, O Merciful; but you, who destroyed the gates of Hell, accepted burial and rose on the third day; Women ran to see you and they announced the Resurrection to the Apostles. O Saviour highly exalted, whom the Angels hymn, O blessed Lord, glory to you.

Both now. Theotokion. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

Bride without wedlock, Mother of God, who turned Eve''s grief to joy, we the faithful hymn and worship you, for you have brought us back from the ancient curse. And now, All-hymned All-holy one, ceaselessly intercede, for the salvation of our souls.

After Psalm 118 and the Evlogetaria:


The Myrrhbearers, astounded in mind by the vision of the Angel yet enlightened in soul by the divine Resurrection, announced the good tidings to the Apostles: Tell among the nations the Lord''s Resurrection, who works with us through wonders, and grants us his great mercy.

Anavathmoi. Antiphon I.

When I am troubled I sing to you like David, my Saviour: Deliver my soul from a deceitful tongue.

Blessed is the life of those who dwell in the desert places, the love of God gives them wings.

Glory. Both now.

By the Holy Spirit all things are held firm, both visible and invisible; for he has sovereign power, being undeniably one of the Trinity.

Antiphon II.

Let us lift ourselves to the mountains, my soul; come thither whence comes our help.

Let your right hand hovering over me, O Christ, guard me from every mischief.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit, as we contemplate God, let us say: you are God, life, love, light, mind, you are goodness, you reign to the ages.

Antiphon III.

For those who said to me: Let us go to the courts of the Lord, filled with great joy, I offer my prayers.

Fearful things will be accomplished upon the house of David; for a fire will be there, burning every shameful thought.

Glory. Both now.

To the Holy Spirit belongs the lordship of life, for from him every living being takes its breath, as to the Father together with the Word.


Arise, O Lord my God, for You reign unto the ages.

Verse: I will give thanks to You, O Lord, with my whole heart.

"Let everything that breathes…" The appointed Sunday Matins Gospel. Then, "Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ…" Psalm 50, and the rest (as laid out before). Then we sing the Canons.

Canon for the Resurrection.

Mode pl. 1. Ode i. The Heirmos.

Christ, who brings wars to nothing with uplifted arm, shook horse and rider into the Red Sea; but Israel he saved as they sang a song of victory. [EL]


The assembly of the Hebrews preserved no mother''s love for you, O Benefactor Christ, but bearing thorns crowned you, the Author of our race, who abolished the penalty of the thorns.

Giver of life, you bent down to the pit without falling and raised me up who had fallen; you bore my foul-smelling corruption untouched, and made me sweet-smelling with the myrrh of your divine nature.


The curse is abolished, grief has ceased, for the Blessed One, the Full of Grace, has made joy dawn for the faithful, for she bears a flower, Christ, a blessing for all the ends of the earth.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Ode i. To God the Saviour. (NM)

To him who was nailed of his own will to the Cross and through the Cross freed the fallen from the ancient sentence, to him alone let us sing, for he has been glorified.

To Christ, the dead man who rose from the tomb and raised the fallen and adorned him by seating him with the Father, to him alone let us sing, for he has been glorified.


Immaculate Mother of God, without ceasing implore the God who was incarnate from you, yet never absent from his Father''s bosom, to save those he fashioned from every trouble.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Christ, who brings wars. (NM)

O all-immaculate, implore Christ, the light who dwelt in you and enlightened the world with the rays of his godhead, to enlighten all those who hymn you as Mother of God.

Full of grace, as one made fair by the beauty of the virtues, you received by the beam of the Spirit, O all-pure, the comeliness that creates beauty and makes the universe beautiful.

The bush on Sinai foreshadowing you of old, O Virgin, was not consumed though joined with fire; for beyond understanding as a Virgin you bore a child and remained a Virgin, O Virgin Mother.

Ode iii. The Heirmos.

You fixed the earth on nothing by your command, and raised it though ungovernably dragged down; establish your Church on the unshakeable rock of your commandments, O Christ, alone good and lover of mankind. [EL]


The ungrateful children of Israel, who sucked the honey from the rock offered you gall, O Christ, who worked the wonder in the wilderness; in exchange for your deeds of goodness gave you vinegar instead of manna.

They who of old were protected by a cloud of light laid Christ, who is life, in a tomb; but by your own power you arose and granted all the faithful the radiance of the Spirit, which mystically overshadows them from above.


Without wedlock and without a mother''s pains you became Mother of the God, who shone from a father who is uncompounded; therefore, since you bore the Word made flesh, with right belief we proclaim you Mother of God.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

By the power of your Cross. (NM)

You rose from the tomb, O Christ, giver of life, delivering from the corruption of death those who hymn your voluntary crucifixion.

The Myrrhbearers were hastening to anoint your body, O Christ, and when they did not find it they returned hymning your Rising.


O pure one, implore without ceasing the one who was incarnate from your loins that those who hymn you, pure Virgin, may be delivered from the deception of the devil.

Canon for the Theotokos.

You fixed the earth. (NM)

You have now been most clearly revealed to all, honoured Virgin, to be the ladder by which the Most High came down to right corrupted nature. For through you the supremely good was well-pleased to be joined to the world.

The mystery preordained of old and known before the ages to God who knows all things, now in the last times has been revealed in your womb, All-blameless, having reached its term.

Ode iv. The Heirmos.

Avvakoum, prophetically apprehending your divine self-emptying, O Christ, cried out to you in awe: You have come for the salvation of your people; to save your anointed. [EL]


Prefiguring, O Good One, as in an icon your immaculate Cross, which slays the taste of sin, through wood you sweetened the bitter waters of Mara.

You accepted a Cross, my Saviour, against the tree of knowledge, gall against sweet provender; while against the corruption of death you poured out your divine blood.


Without union you conceived in your womb without corruption; you gave birth before you felt the pains of labour, and after child-birth, for you had born God in the flesh, you were kept a Virgin.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

I have heard, Lord. (NM)

When the Cross was fixed in the earth on Calvary, the bars were smashed and the eternal gate-keepers, and they cried: Glory to your power, O Lord!

When the Saviour went down as mortal to the prisoners, the dead from every age arose with him and cried: Glory to your power, O Lord!


The Virgin gave birth and did not know a mother''s pangs, but mother she is and virgin has remained; whom we hymn as we cry: Hail, Mother of God!

Canon for the Theotokos.

Habakkuk as a prophet.

As with heart, mind, soul and voice I devoutly confess you as truly Mother of God, pure Virgin, I gather the fruit of salvation and am saved by your intercessions.

He that created the universe from nothing, as benefactor was well-pleased to be created from you, O pure one, for the salvation of those who with faith and love hymn you, O all-blameless.

The choirs beyond the world hymn your offspring, O all-blameless, rejoicing at the salvation of those who believe you to be true Mother of God, O Virgin undefiled.

Isaias named you the rod from which sprung for us a fair flower, Christ God, for the salvation of those who with faith and love have recourse to your protection.

Ode v. The Heirmos.

To you, clothed with light as a garment, I rise early and cry out: Enlighten my darkened soul, O Christ, for you alone are compassionate. [EL]


The Lord of glory in a form without glory, of his own will is hung dishonoured on the tree and thus ineffably procured for me divine glory.

You have changed my clothing for incorruption, O Christ, for incorruptibly you tasted in the flesh the corruption of death, and dawned from the grave on the third day.


By giving birth without seed to Christ, who is justice and redemption for us, O Mother of God, you made our Forefather''s nature free of the curse.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Rising at dawn. (NM)

You stretched out your hands, our Saviour, on the tree, calling all to yourself as you love mankind.

You despoiled Hell, our Saviour, by your burial, and you filled all things with joy by your Resurrection.


We sing your praise as Virgin after child-birth, Mother of God; for you bore God the Word in the flesh for the world.

Canon for the Theotokos.

To you, clothed with light. (NM)

All the Prophets clearly foretold that you would be God''s Mother, all-honoured Mother of God; for you alone, O pure one, were found wholly blameless.

Honoured one, we acknowledge you to be the cloud of light which showered down on us in our despair Christ the shower of incorruption.

The God, who as alone compassionate dwelt in you, loved you as close to him, wholly good and blameless, sealed purely in virginity.

Ode vi. The Heirmos.

Calm the raging sea of the passions, O Master Christ, with its soul-destroying surge, and lead me up from corruption as you are compassionate. [EL]


The Ancestor of the race, O Master Christ, slid down into corruption through tasting the forbidden food, and was brought back to life through your Passion.

You, who are Life, came down to Hell, O Master Christ, and by becoming corruption to the corrupter, through corruption you became the source of resurrection.


The Virgin bore a child and after child-birth remained pure; as truly Virgin Mother cradling him who carries the universe in his hands.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The deep closed round me. (NM)

You stretched out your hands, gathering together the companies of the nations, separated far from you, Christ our God, by your life-bearing Cross, for you love mankind.

You despoiled death and smashed the gates of Hell; while Adam, the prisoner, was released and cried out to you: Your right hand has saved me, O Lord!


Glorious Mary, boast of the Orthodox, we fittingly glorify you as bush unburned, mountain and living ladder, and gate of heaven.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Calm the raging sea. (NM)

The cause of all, who gives being to all, when he took flesh like ours, had you as cause, all-blameless Mother of God.

We know you, all-blameless Lady, to be a source brimming with life-sustaining healings for those who with faith have recourse to your far-famed protection.

For us you bore the Giver of life, cause of salvation, who bestows eternal redemption on those who proclaim you as true Mother of God.


You descended into Hell, Christ my Saviour, smashed its gates as all-powerful, raised the dead with yourself as Creator, smashed the sting of death and delivered Adam from the curse, O lover of mankind: therefore we all cry to you: Save us, O Lord!


The women, when the heard the Angel''s words, cast away their lamentation and becoming joyful, trembling saw the Resurrection. And see, Christ drew near them and said: Rejoice! Take courage, I have overcome the world and freed the prisoners. Hurry then to the Disciples, take them this message: I am going before you to preach in the city of Galilee. Therefore we all cry to you: Save us, O Lord!

Ode vii. The Heirmos.

The highly exalted Lord of the fathers quenched the flame, rained dew on the Youths as they sang in unison: O God, blessed are you! [EL]


Wrapped in flesh, like bait for a hook, You drew down the serpent by your divine power and brought up those who cry: O God, blessed are you!

The Unbounded, who brought into being the immense structure of the earth, is hidden in the flesh in a tomb, and to him we all sing: O God, blessed are you!


All-blameless, you bore one person in two natures, God in bodily form, and to him we all sing: O God, blessed are you!

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

You saved the Youths. (NM)

You destroyed the error of idols through the tree of the Cross; blessed are you, the God of our Fathers.

You rose from the dead, and raised with you those in Hell; blessed are you, the God of our Fathers.


You were born of a Virgin, and revealed her to be Mother of God; blessed are you, the God of our Fathers.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The highly exalted Lord. (NM)

The infinite, who remains unchanged, was in his person united to flesh in you the All-holy, as he is compassionate; he alone is blessed.

Lady, Mother of God, with one voice we glorify you, all-blameless bride and throne of your Creator; to him we all sing: Blessed are you, O God.

Made pure by the Spirit, O Virgin, you have become the Mother of the King of all, who fashioned you; to him we all sing: Blessed are you, O God.

The Lord saved me, O Immaculate Mother of God, clothed in the garment of the flesh he took from you; to him we all sing: Blessed are you, O God.

Ode viii. The Heirmos.

The Youths in the furnace, weaving a dance of all creation, sang to you the Maker of all: All you works praise the Lord, and highly exalt him to all the ages. [EL]


As if it was not willed, you prayed that the wished for cup of your saving Passion might pass; for you bear two wills, O Christ, corresponding to your two natures to the ages.

At your descent, O Christ, the Maker of all, Hell became a laughing stock and disgorged all those who of old had been slain by the devil''s deception and who highly exalt you to all the ages.


O Virgin, who beyond thought by the word bore the Lord as God and man and remained virgin, all we his works highly exalt you to all the ages.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

The Son and God. (NM)

Christ God, who willingly stretched out his hands on the cross and broke open the bonds of death, praise him, you priests, highly exalt him you people, to all the ages.

Christ God, who dawned like a bridegroom from the tomb, appeared to the Myrrh-bearers and to them proclaimed joy, praise him, you priests, highly exalt him you people, to all the ages.


You have been revealed, pure Mother of God, as higher than the Cherubim, for in your womb you carried him who rides upon them; with the Bodiless Powers we mortals glorify him to all the ages.

Canon for the Theotokos.

The Youths in the furnace. (NM)

Now the grief of first parents has ceased, for you, God''s Mother, have given birth to joy; therefore unceasingly we hymn you, O Virgin, and highly exalt you to all the ages.

The host of the Bodiless Powers sings with us your incomprehensible child-bearing, O Virgin; making one choir with them in love, we highly exalt it to all the ages.

A translucent stream of immortality has come forth from you, O Maiden, the Lord of all, who washes away the filth of those who hymn you with faith and highly exalt you to all the ages.

We confess you, O Virgin, to be truly the divine and light-bearing throne, and tablet of grace, for you received the Word of the Father; whom we highly exalt to all the ages.

Ode ix. The Heirmos.

O Isaias, dance! The Virgin has conceived, and she has borne a Son, Emmanuel, who is both God and man; and Orient is his name; whom we magnify, as we call the Virgin blessed. [EL]


O Master Christ, you assumed fallen man, wholly joined to him from a virgin womb; but alone not sharing in sin, you freed him wholly from corruption by your immaculate sufferings.

O Master Christ, by the blood which flowed from God being emptied from your immaculate and life-giving side sacrifice to idols has ceased, while we of all the earth offer you the sacrifice of praise.


The pure and holy Maiden disclosed not God without a body, nor yet a mere man, but perfect man and in truth perfect God, whom we magnify with the Father and the Spirit.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

As Mother of God. (NM)

You accepted the sufferings on the Cross and by death smashed the power of Hell; with right belief we faithful magnify you.

You rose from the tomb on the third day, despoiled Hell and enlightened the world; with one mind we faithful magnify you.


Hail, God-bearer, Mother of Christ God; ask him whom your bore to grant forgiveness of offences to those who hymn you with faith.

Canon for the Theotokos.

O Isaias, dance! (NM)

From your pure blood flesh was curdled beyond nature for the creator and only-begotten Son of the Father, not from a man, but without seed, with mind and soul, O Mother of God, ever-virgin.

You halted the ungovernable assault of death when beyond understanding you truly gave birth in the flesh to eternal life; for Hell, attacking it with bitter mouth, was destroyed.

Seated on his royal throne your Son stood you at his right hand, radiantly shining in tasselled gold, in godly virtues, and assured you honours due to his Mother, O all-blameless.

The appointed Eothinon Exaposteilarion.

At Lauds.

Resurrectional Stichera. Mode pl. 1.

Lord, though the grave was sealed by lawless men, you came from the tomb as you had been born from the Mother of God; your bodiless Angels did not know how you had become incarnate, the soldiers guarding you did not know when you arose; for both are sealed for those who inquire, but the wonders have been revealed to those who with faith worship the mystery which we hymn; give us joy and great mercy.

Lord, having smashed the eternal bars and burst bonds asunder, you rose from the tomb, leaving your grave clothes behind as evidence of your true burial for three days; and you went ahead into Galilee, while being guarded in a cave. Great is your mercy, O Saviour beyond understanding; have mercy on us.

Lord, the women ran to your tomb to see you, the Christ who had suffered for our sakes, and approaching they found an Angel seated on the stone, rolled back with fear, and he cried out to them and said: The Lord has risen; tell his disciples that he has risen, he who saves our souls.

Lord, as you came out of the sealed grave, so you came in to your disciples when the doors were shut, and showed them your body''s sufferings, which you had accepted, O long-suffering Saviour; as sprung from David''s seed you endured stripes; as Son of God you have freed the world. Great is your mercy, O Saviour beyond understanding; have mercy on us.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

Lord, the King of the ages and Maker of all things, who for us accepted crucifixion and burial in the flesh, that you might free us all from Hell, you are our God and we know no other but you.

Lord, who will recount your dazzling wonders? Who will announce your dread mysteries? For, incarnate for us, as you willed, you manifested the might of your power: for on your Cross you opened Paradise to the Thief, and in your Burial you smashed the bars of Hell, and at your Resurrection you made all things rich. Compassionate One, glory to you!

The Myrrhbearing women coming to your tomb very early in the morning sought to anoint the Immortal Word and God; and informed by the words of the Angel they returned with joy to tell the Apostles openly that you the life of all, have risen and grant the world pardon and your great mercy.

The guards of the tomb which received God said to the Jews: O the folly of your plan! In vain did you labour when you thought to guard the uncircumscribed. Openly you appeared wishing to hide the Resurrection of the Crucified. O the folly of your assembly! Why do you again wish to hide what cannot be hidden? Listen rather to us, and be willing to believe the truth of the events. A dazzling Angel came down from heaven and rolled away the stone; from fear of him we became as dead men; and calling out to the brave Myrrhbearing women he said: Do you not see the death of the guards, the breaking of the seals and the emptying of Hell? Why do you seek as a mortal the one who has destroyed Hell'' victory and smashed death''s sting? Go quickly proclaim to the Apostles the good tidings of the Resurrection, crying fearlessly: He has risen indeed, the Lord who has great mercy!

Glory. The Eothinon of the Sunday.

Both now. Theotokion.

You are highly blessed, Virgin Mother of God, for through him who was incarnate from you Hell has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, Eve set free, death has been put to death and we have been given life; therefore with hymns we cry: Blessed are you Christ our God who have been thus well-pleased, glory to you!

The Great Doxology, followed by the Troparion:

Mode 4.

Today salvation has come to the world. * Let us sing to him who rose from the tomb, the Author of our life. * For destroying death by death, * he has given us the victory * and his great mercy.

instead of the one that used to be sung on Sunday''s of Modes pl. 1, pl. 2, Grave, and pl. 4, which goes like this:

Mode pl. 4.

By rising from the tomb * and bursting through the bonds of Hades, * you abolished the sentence of death, O Lord, * delivering all from the snares of the foe. * Having shown yourself to your Apostles, * you sent them out to preach, * and through them you gave peace * to the inhabited world, * you who alone are full of mercy.



The Typika and Beatitudes.

Mode pl. 1.

The Thief on the cross, believing you to be God, O Christ, confessed you sincerely from his heart, crying, ''Remember me, Lord, in your kingdom!''

Let us in harmony praise as Saviour and Master him who flowered with life for our race on the tree of the Cross, and withered up the curse that came from the tree.

By your death, O Christ, you destroyed the power of death, and raised up those who were dead from every age, who praise you as the true God and our Saviour.

The holy women, as they came to your grave, were seeking to anoint you, the Giver of life, and an Angel appeared to them crying, ''The Lord has risen!''

When you were crucified, O Christ, between two condemned thieves, the one blaspheming you was justly condemned, but the other, confessing you, dwelt in Paradise.

The holy women as they came to the choir of Apostles cried out, ''Christ has risen! Let us worship him as Master and Creator''.


O Trinity, undivided Unity, creator of all and all-powerful, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we hymn you as the true God and our Saviour.

Both now. Theotokion.

Hail, living Temple of God, Gate through which none may pass! Hail, Throne unburned and formed of fire! Hail Mother of Emmanuel, Christ our God!