At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Master.

Mode pl. 1. N/M (Rejoice.)

Abolish the hardness of my heart, O Saviour, that has come to me from the demons, and give me showers of tears of repentance, that I may lament my many grave offences, be delivered from the filth of my thoughts, rescued from the forgetfulness of darkness and be raised to the knowledge of good things. Attend to me and hear me, be merciful, Lord, and banish from my wretched soul the passions that tyrannise over it, that I may find pardon in you and do what you will.

The lips I move to you, O Lord supremely good, are fouled, hands filthy, heart heaped high with evil thoughts. With blinded eyes I carry round, poor wretch, a soul made dark by the passions; utterly profane I am smothered by unseemly pleasures and have no upward inclination. Stretch out your hands, O Lover of mankind. Save me, O Saviour, I cry out to you and cleanse me from the filth of many offences and from dread things that come upon me, for you are full of compassion.

Cool the muddy streams, good Jesus, hold back the torrents and grant my heart showers of many tears in compunction of soul. Like the Prodigal I have gone far from you and been stripped naked of every favour of your goodness, most merciful Lord. I have sinned, do not despise me, do not let the boastful and most wicked enemy take me as being wholly his subject, but, Master, speedily rescue me from his tyranny.

Additional Stichera. For the Forerunner. Same Melody.

A violent and most dreadful storm of the tempest of the passions of my heart has been poured out and overflows and forces me into a gloomy deep of harmful despair. With your invisible oversight appear and with the strength of your revered compassion dry it up and make it finally disappear, granting me copious streams, honoured Saint, to water my mind and intellect and all my understanding. Through which, O Forerunner, grant that pardon and salvation blossom for me.

I have entrusted my whole heart and mind to you, wise Forerunner. Become for me fervent protector and hope of salvation, helper and guard, rampart, safest guardian, best pilot, harbour and wall, delivering me from dangers, snatching me from terrible foes. For you have invincible intercession and power. You have immeasurable compassion and sympathy, All-blessed, through which protect, guard and defend me, granting me God''s great mercy.

Grant that I may enjoy your resplendent and radiant beauty, when, through my tears and repentance, I have cleansed all the filth of my way of living that is subject to the passions. For you know the love of my soul, its godly longing and measureless affection, which I have acquired in magnifying you, O Forerunner. Fulfil my desire, though my request is great, though it far exceeds the measure of my wretched deserving, and intercede with Christ who grants the world his great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Stem the rivers of the passions, dry up the ocean of my sin with the stream of your intercession and bring me to anchor in the harbour of God''s divine wishes. Drown in deeps of destruction the enemies that afflict my soul every day and trouble it with unseemly pleasures. Fill my heart with joy and gladness, dispel the cloud of despair, O All-pure, as you implore Christ who grants the world his great mercy.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 1. For compunction.

Lord, I do not cease from sinning; I do not know how to be found worthy of your love for humankind. You, who alone are good, conquer the stubbornness of my heart and have mercy on me.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

Lord, I tremble with fear of you, and I do not cease to do evil. Who does not tremble at the judge in the courtroom? Or who, when they want to be cured, enrages the physician as I do? Long-suffering lord, have compassion on my weakness and have mercy on me.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Wearing the shield of faith and having roused themselves with the sign of the Cross, your Saints, Lord, bravely submitted to tortures and destroyed the error and arrogance of the devil. At their intercessions, as all-powerful God, send down peace to the world and to our souls your great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

We faithful call you blessed, Virgin Mother of God, and we glorify you as is fitting, the unshakeable city, the unbreachable wall, the impregnable defence and refuge of our souls.




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For compunction.

Mode pl. 1.

When the judge takes his seat and the Angels stand round, the trumpet sounds and the flame burns, what will you do, my soul, as you are brought to judgement? For then your dread deeds are present, your hidden crimes examined; and so before the end cry out: O God have mercy on me and save me!

My soul, what is here is temporary, what is there eternal; I see the court and the Judge upon his throne, and I tremble at the sentence; then turn back with speed: the judgement is unrelenting.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

Root which budded with the divine flower, Ark and Lampstand and all-golden Jar, holy Table, which carries Christ the bread of life, with the holy Forerunner, implore him as your Son and God to take pity and to save those who confess you to be Mother of God.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For compunction.

Lament your sloth, my soul, will to turn back moreover before the end, withdraw from life''s hubbubs, stick fast to the good God; and he will save, for he loves mankind.

N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

We have all sinned, let us listen to the voice of the Lord, the chief shepherd; for our sake he appeared on earth in flesh, calling to repentance sinners of my kind: Take courage and do not flinch; for the toil is slight, but the reward is sweet.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

The amazing wonder of your conceiving and the inexpressible manner of the child-bearing were truly known in you, O Ever-Virgin; your glory, Mother of God, astounds my mind and amazes my thought as it is unfurled for all for the salvation of our souls.

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Forerunner. N/M (Let us worship the Word.)

Elizabeth has been freed from sterility, while the Virgin, remained once more a Virgin, when at Gabriel''s voice she conceived in the womb. But the Forerunner John leaps in the womb having recognised the one in the virgin womb to be God and Master, incarnate for our salvation.

For the Martyrs. Same Melody.

The Powers of heaven wondered greatly at the achievements of the holy Martyrs, because struggling nobly in a mortal body, by the power of the Cross they invisibly conquered the bodiless foe; and they intercede with the Lord to have mercy on our souls.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

All-holy Mother of God, the wall of Christians, hasten to deliver your people, who as always cry to you insistently: Be arrayed in battle against base and boastful thoughts, that we may cry to you: Hail Ever-Virgin!

Canon of Compunction.

Mode pl. 1. Ode i. Heirmos.

Land on which the sun had never shone, had never seen; deep which the vault of heaven had never seen laid bare, Israel passed through dry-shod, O Lord. And you led him to the mountain of your sanctification as he sang and chanted a hymn of victory. [EL]


Grant me pardon for the deeds I have done, O Saviour, and let me, before I go from here, be clean of much rottenness, O Lord who cleansed lepers. And count me also worthy to stand before you, who are going to come to judge the living and the dead.

The rheum with which I have covered the eyes of my soul prevents me from seeing your bright rays, which you have outspread manifestly, O Sun that never sets. Cleanse it, Saviour, and grant me, compassionate Lord, to reflect the light of your gifts of grace.

For the Martyrs.

You became unsleeping guardians of Christ''s commandments and put to sleep all the wickedness of the foe, blest Athletes. Therefore I beg you, rouse me also who am weighed down by the sleep of sins to the godly awakening of repentance.

Grappling in flesh with the warlike foe, O Martyrs, you wounded him with the weapon of the Cross and drowned him in streams of blood; and you have received the crowns of victory from God, as you sing and chant a hymn of victory.


Deliver me, pure Virgin, from my evil habits; on the rock of the commandments establish me who am surrounded by the wiles of the ancient supplanter, Sovereign Lady; and count me also worthy to be truly well-pleasing to Christ, as I sing and chant a hymn of victory.

Canon for the Forerunner.

Christ, who brings wars. (NM)

You displayed in a material body, O Prophet, a hallowed way of living and an immaterial life; and so we beseech you make those you with faith call you blessed you imitators.

You plunged Christ the deep of compassion in the river''s streams; implore him, Forerunner, I beg, to dry up the deep of my evils and to enlighten my understanding.

Forerunner of the Saviour, entreat the Lover of mankind, I implore you that I may be given compunction which is cause of the stirrings of repentance and which washes me of the filth of sins.


Without pangs you gave birth ineffably to the One whom the Father begot without change before the ages, all-praised Sovereign Lady. Entreat him to save from all harm those who have recourse to you.

Ode iii. Heirmos.

Establish my heart, Lord, which is tossed by the waves of life, as God guiding it to a fair haven. [EL]


I promise you to repent, O God, and as I sin again what will become of me? How will I be looked on by you when you judge the earth?

Because I have sinned in knowledge and in ignorance I come to you, Christ Lord who know all things, I fall down before you. Receive me as the Prodigal.

For the Martyrs.

With reasoning that had been put to death the lawless torture those who longed for life, the victorious Martyrs, as they confessed Christ.

Choirs of Martyrs have been numbered with the choirs of spiritual Angels, for by the grace of the divine Spirit they have become equal to the Angels.


Open to me now the gates of repentance, O Virgin gate of light, and lock up the entrances of the passions of my wretched soul.

Canon for the Forerunner. You fixed the earth. (NM)

Wondrous Prophet, you are ever a fount of healings for those who approach your house with faith; heal the passions of my heart, I beg you, which have so wretchedly grown one with me through my indifference, all blessed one.

I groan and am ever gripped by lamentations when I think on your implacable tribunal, O Judge alone most just. Keep me at that moment uncondemned, O Lord my God, at the intercessions of your Baptist.

Glorious Forerunner who became the mediator between old and new testaments by your godlike mediations, I who have become old by many sins cry out to you: Renew me by repentance, that I may honour you by praise.


Holy Virgin Mother, alone all-praised, deliver us from the reproach of offences, enlighten our thought, hallow our heart and deliver us all from eternal condemnation we beg.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

I heard your report, Lord, and was afraid; I knew of your dispensation and I glorified you, only Lover of mankind. [EL]


Despising your words, Lord, that lead to light I have done works of darkness, and I tremble therefore at your great assize.

With the sail of godly fear let us give the skiff of the soul wings and make for the harbour of repentance fleeing the waves of evils.

For the Martyrs.

You appeared, O Martyrs, like divine mountains dripping sweetness, and as a paradise planted by God you contain a tree of life: the Lord.

With arrows of endurance and courage, Holy Ones, you slaughtered hostile demons and received crowns of glory.


The all-pure Lady, the defence of those who sin, godlike righting of those who fall is glorified as she who gave birth to God.

Canon for the Forerunner. Habakkuk as a prophet.

Dwelling in the Palaces on high as a true soldier of Christ the King entreat him ceaselessly, O Baptist, to take pity on a people that honours you.

Foreseeing the nobility of your heart, revered Saint, the Lord sanctified you from the womb; implore we beg to sanctify us all.

You brought to the dead the good tidings of the coming of the One who was put to death for us; implore him, O Forerunner, to give life to me also, who have been put to death by sins, and save me.

You were familiar with bonds and guards for Christ, blest Saint, abolish the bonds of my evils, I beg, and give me power to guard the honoured commandments.


Have mercy on me, only All-praised, who gave birth beyond explanation to the merciful God by his surpassing goodness and deliver me from eternal punishment.

Ode v. Heirmos.

Come, take pity on my wretched soul, fighting a night battle with the darkness of the passions, and make beams bright as day shine in me, O spiritual Sun, to part the light and darkness. [EL]


There is no salvation in me from works, for many are the sins I have committed on earth, wretch that I am, and I tremble at your dread tribunal, O God, when you are going to condemn the transgressors of your commandments.

How I have I lost my senses? How become darkened through doing evil? How have I not understood the fear of you,? but have bent down to earth and become like many beasts? Turn me back, O God of all.

For the Martyrs.

The cloud of the Martyrs scattered the clouds of bitter tortures and made the day of true knowledge dawn; they dispelled the fog of polytheism and reached the unsetting light.

Hallow my mind at the prayers of your holy Martyrs, O Christ, I beg, and make it full of illumination and a partaker of eternal glory, that with hymns of glory I may sing your praise.


By an ineffable word, O Virgin Mother, you bore God who through your loving mediation gives repentance to us all, who have much offended, O refuge and haven of the faithful.

Canon for the Forerunner. To you, clothed with light. (NM)

A barren womb gave you birth, O Forerunner, who summon barren hearts, making them bear fair children by your fertile words; and so we call you blessed.

You flowered as a sweet-scented lily in the wilderness, honoured Saint; and so I cry out to you: Forerunner, chase from my soul the foul stench of evil.

You stand between law and grace; and so I cry: Forerunner, take pity on me, wounded by the law of sin and miserably endangered.


Gate of glory through which none may pass, open to me, O Immaculate, the gates of repentance which introduce me to divine entrances and rest within.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

As you delivered the Prophet from the beast, bring me, I beg, up too from the deep of ungovernable passions that I may look again upon your holy Temple. [EL]


See, the moment for turning back, and I lie ever prostrate, mastered by great insensibility, O Word. Banish the hardness of my heart and have mercy on me.

Take pity on me, O Christ full of pity, as once on the Publican, and make me worthy of warm tears, as once the Harlot, that I too may wash away the filth of my many offences.

For the Martyrs.

Great Martyrs of Christ, deliver me who have greatly offended from the great flame that endures there in Gehenna, that I too may greatly glorify your memory.

Having fought the good fight the Athletes have been radiantly crowned by your right hand, source of life, O God and Lord; and so at their honoured intercessions save your whole people.


Tabernacle of sanctification, graced by God, honoured Ark, lampstand of divine light, table of the bread of life, living palace of the Word, make me a dwelling of the Spirit.

Canon for the Forerunner. Calm the raging sea. (NM)

Shining with ineffable radiance, Forerunner of Christ, by your active intercession enlighten the hearts of those who devoutly sing your praise.

Rouse me, who am held fast by the sleep of sloth, Forerunner of Christ, enlightening me with grace, fervently to do God''s wishes.

From every hostile affliction rescue us, who have been enriched with you as godlike champion and intercessor before the Master, blest Saint.


A tempest of sin tosses me about, O pure and Immaculate; hasten to draw me out by bringing me to the roads of repentance, O all-blameless.

Ode vii. Heirmos.

The prayer of the Youths extinguished the fire, the furnace turned to dew was herald of the wonder, not burning, not consuming those who sang the praise of the God of our Fathers. [EL]


O Christ Saviour pardon my iniquities, my injustices, my numberless offences and through the multitude of your acts of pity deliver me from the punishment to come.

Like the Prodigal I have now squandered the wealth I received and I am perishing from hunger, deprived of the divine food. Accept me repentant, O Saviour, and save me.

For the Martyrs.

You put the warring enemy to death when your limbs were put to death by many torments, noble Martyrs of the Lord; and so we believers devoutly praise you.

Regiments of demons and a whole multitude of tyrants you wounded, O Martyrs, with the arrows of courage and brave endurance, and now you have been taken over to true life.


You have been revealed to all, pure Virgin, as a haven of salvation, calming the tempest of the passions and leading all the humble on earth to the calm of repentance, O holy one.

Canon for the Forerunner. The highly exalted Lord. (NM)

With words we beseech you, Forerunner of the Word, as you unloosed your father''s voice when you were born, so the halters of our sins.

O sun of many lights, illumine me with the radiance of salvation and free me from the darkness of the passions which trouble my sombre heart.

I have acquired a barren soul, a childless heart. Godlike offshoot of a barren womb, Baptist of Christ entreat without ceasing that I may sprout fruits of repentance.

For the Trinity.

We glorify the Son, equal to the Father, and the holy Spirit, Trinity undivided, as inspired by God we sing: O God, blessed are you.


You bore a new born child, O All-blameless, Christ, who effects the refashioning of us who had been made old by the ancient transgression.

Ode viii. Heirmos.

O company of Angels, assembly of mankind, the King and Creator of the universe you priests praise, Levites bless, people highly exalt to all the ages. [EL]


See, the bruises of my soul have become rotten and corrupt, O Christ, and I have become wretched and utterly bowed down; cure me, O Saviour, with the medicines of repentance.

Cunningly the most wicked serpent tricked me and filled me with evils, and groaning I cry: O Word, do not reject me who am condemned and brought low.

For the Martyrs.

All-praised Martyrs of the Lord, not fire, nor sword, nor wild beasts, nor hunger, nor rending wheel, nor any other torment had strength to part you from the God who loves mankind.


Boast of Angels, salvation of mortals, become my helper, Mother of God, that I may turn back and acquire release from my sins in knowledge and in ignorance.

Canon for the Forerunner. The Youths in the furnace. (NM)

You wash a people in the streams of Jordan, as you proclaim repentance, mighty Forerunner; therefore I cry out to you: Dry up the streams of my passions, sending me wellsprings of tears.

My whole soul tremble as you consider the tribunal of the Almighty and cry: Through your Baptist, O Pitying, take pity on me, save and deliver me from the torments.

For the Trinity.

Shower on us forgiveness of sins, Father, Son and Spirit, consubstantial Trinity; that having gained complete salvation we may highly exalt you to all the ages.


By your lofty child-bearing you have raised us from our fall into pits of destruction, O Maiden graced by God; therefore with thankful voices we exalt you to all the ages.

Ode ix. Heirmos.

For he that is mighty has done great things for you, declaring you a pure Virgin after childbirth, for you gave birth without seed to your own Maker; and so, Mother of God, we magnify you. [EL]


That I may magnify your forbearance, O Mighty One, be forbearing to me still and do not cut me off like the barren fig tree, O Word, I cry to you, that I may offer you fruits of repentance.

How fearful are you, alone Powerful and Mighty! And who will withstand your fearful threat, when you are about to take your seat for judgement? At which keep me uncondemned.

For the Martyrs.

By your godlike sufferings, Athletes of the Lord, you take away sufferings of bodies; and so heal the dreadful passions of my soul, as you are most skilled physicians.

The casket of your relics blazes with beams of divine grace more than the rays of the sun; it makes radiant the hearts and resplendent the souls of those who with faith sing your praise, O Champions.


A cloud formed of light going before a new people to the land of promise you have truly been declared, O grace by God, and a gateway leading to life; and so, Mother of God, we magnify you.

Canon for the Forerunner. O Isaias, dance! (NM)

See, the beauty of your house is known as heaven on earth, Forerunner of Christ; coming to it you shine with godlike rays on those who in it each day now call you blessed.

As a true friend of the Master, all-blessed Baptist, hearten me to love him with upright and unwavering intent, and utterly to abhor the devastating passions that impel men to destruction.

Wise Saint, you were not born as a reed shaken by hostile winds, but as our divine support and unshakeable buttress of the Church. By your prayers keep her unmoved, making an end of every stumbling block.

The coming of the Creator is at the doors. Why then, wretched soul, do you not grieve for yourself, but live neglectfully? Wake up! Cry to the Lord: Spare me, O Saviour, at the prayers of the Forerunner, as you love humankind.


Immaculate and pure, you appeared as a light-bearing chariot of the Sun, who shone from your womb and banished the dread darkness of deception. Therefore, as is fitting, with faith we magnify you.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 1. For compunction.

Alas, why have I been likened to the barren fig tree, and quail at the curse with the felling? But Christ God, heavenly husbandman, make my parched soul fruitful, and like the Prodigal Son accept me and have mercy on me.

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

Overlook the multitudes of my offences, Lord, born of a Virgin, and wiping away all my iniquities, grant me the thought of returning, I beg, as you alone love mankind, and have mercy on me.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

The holy Martyrs struggled upon earth, they remained steadfast in the open air, they were given up to fire, water received them; this was their cry: We have passed through fire and water, and you have brought us to repose. At their prayers, O God, have mercy on us.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Hope of the hopeless, life of the despairing, assistance of those who have recourse to you, holy Lady, Virgin, Mother of God, send down to us your help.



The Beatitudes. Mode pl. 1.

The Thief on the cross, believing you to be God, O Christ, confessed you sincerely from his heart, crying, ''Remember me, Lord, in your kingdom!''

O Christ, that harlot of old * wholeheartedly repented and she wept, * and You justified her. O good Master, now likewise * rescue me, dejected as I am, * from punishment and hell, I pray.

Let us together now extol * St. John the Baptist and Forerunner of Christ, * who prepared favorable ways for the Master, * so that from our sins we might be freed * through his holy prayers for us.

For the Martyrs.

O holy Martyr Saints of Christ * you drank His cup of death with eagerness of soul. * Now we pray you to deliver us from diseases * and from foul sins, by your divine * entreaties on our behalf.


Incomprehensible God, * almighty Trinity and Unity, * at the intercessions of Your Forerunner, save me, * and rescue me from darkness and the flame * that has been prepared for me.

Both now. Theotokion.

The sinful deeds that I commit * continually leave a stain on me, * O Virgin, the unstained Mother of the Master. * Lady, I earnestly entreat: * wash away all filth from me.