At, Lord, I have cried, we use 4 verses, and we sing the 3 Resurrectional Stichera of the Octoechos, the first one twice.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion, so-called the Dogmatic.

Mode pl. 2.

After, "O Lord, keep us this evening…" we sing the Resurrectional Sticheron, Angels in the heavens, Christ… and then the following Prosomoia:

Stichera for the Theotokos.

Mode pl. 2. N/M (When the saints.)

Verse: I will remember your name from generation to generation. [SAAS]

Verse: Listen, O daughter, behold and incline your ear, and forget your people and your father''s house. For the King desired your beauty. [SAAS]

With purity of mind, O holy, all-pure Virgin, Isaias foretold that you would give birth to the Maker of all creation. For you appeared from eternity as alone all-blameless. Therefore I beg you, purify my defiled heart, and make me a partaker in the divine radiance of your Son, O Maiden, and of a place at his right hand, when, as it is written, he takes his throne to judge the whole world.

Verse: The rich among the people shall entreat your favor. [SAAS]

Glory. Both now. Dogmatic Theotokion.



After the introductory Psalm and the first Kathisma of the Psalter, at Lord, I have cried, we use 10 verses, and we sing 7 or 6 or 4 Resurrectional Stichera, and for the Saint of the day 3 or 4 or 6 if the it is a celebrated Saint.

Resurrectional Stichera from the Octoechos. Mode pl. 2.

Victorious over Hell, O Christ, you ascended the Cross that you might raise up with yourself those who sat in the darkness of death; free among the dead, you pour forth life from your own light. All-powerful Saviour, have mercy on us.

Today Christ, having trampled on death, has risen as he said, and granted joy to the world, that we may all shout aloud the hymn and say: O Source of life, O unapproachable light, All-powerful Saviour, have mercy on us.

Where shall we sinners escape you, O Lord, who are present in all creation? In heaven? You dwell there. In Hell? You trampled on death. In the depths of the sea? You hand is there, Master. To you we flee and falling down before you we implore: Lord risen from the dead, have mercy on us.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

We boast in your Cross, O Christ, and we hymn and glorify your Resurrection; for you are our God; we know no other but you.

Ever blessing the Lord we hymn his Resurrection; for having endured the Cross, by death he destroyed death.

Glory to your power, O Lord, for you destroyed the one that held the might of death; you have renewed us through your Cross, granting us life and incorruption.

Your burial, O Lord, smashed and tore apart the bonds of Hell; your Resurrection from the dead enlightened the world. Lord, glory to you!

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Who will not call you blessed, All-holy Virgin? Who will not hymn your child-birth without labour? For the only-begotten Son, who shone from the Father beyond time, came forth from you, pure Maiden, ineffably incarnate. By nature he is God, by nature he became man for our sakes, not divided in a duality of persons, but known without confusion in a duality of natures. O honoured and all-blessed, implore him to have mercy on our souls.

At the Aposticha.

Verse: The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself with majesty; the Lord clothed and girded Himself with power. [SAAS]

You smashed the gates of brass and shattered the bars of Hell, as God all-powerful, and you raised the fallen human race. Therefore with one accord we too cry out: Lord, risen from the dead, glory to you!

Verse: And He established the world, which shall not be moved. [SAAS]

Wishing to set us upright from our ancient fall, Christ was nailed to a cross and placed in a tomb. The Myrrhbearing Women, as they sought him with tears, said, lamenting: Alas, Saviour of all, how is it that you deigned to dwell in a tomb? How is it, since you dwelt there willingly, that you have been stolen? How is it that you have been moved? What place has hidden your life-bearing body? But Master, as you promised, appear to us, and bring to an end the grieving of our tears. But as they lamented an Angel cried out to them: End your lament! Say to the Apostles that: The Lord has risen, granting the world pardon and his great mercy.

Verse: Holiness is proper to Your house, O Lord, unto length of days. [SAAS]

You were crucified as you willed, O Christ, and by your burial you despoiled death. On the third day you rose as God in glory, granting the world unending life and your great mercy.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

My maker and redeemer, Christ the Lord, by coming from your womb, All-pure Lady, and clothing himself in me, freed Adam from the former curse. And so, All-pure, as to her who is truly the Mother of God and Virgin, we cry to you unceasingly the Angel''s ''Hail'': Hail, Sovereign Lady, defence, protection and salvation of our souls.

Resurrectional Apolytikion.

Angelic powers were by your tomb and the those who guarded it became as dead; and Mary stood at the grave seeking your most pure Body. You plundered Hades and were not tried by it. You met the Virgin and granted life. Lord risen from the dead, glory to you!


You who called your Mother blessed, came to the Passion by your own will; shining by the Cross, wishing to seek out Adam, saying to the Angels: Rejoice with me, for the drachma that was lost is found. You who disposed all things wisely: Glory to you!



Canon to the Trinity, of which the Acrostic is:

I offer the sixth hymn to you, O Godhead.

Mode pl. 2. Ode i. Crossing the sea. (NM)

We sing the praise of three divine persons of one single nature, an unchanging form, a God who is good and loves humankind and grants us atonement of faults.

O Lord, alone beyond being, in persons shining with triple light, existing in one Godhead, give us understanding and count us worthy of your divine radiance.

Paul, who espoused the Church from the nations, taught her to worship you, one God in three persons, from whom and through whom and in whom all things have come to be.


The spiritual Sun came forth from you, O Mother of God, and shone on us with the rays of the Godhead of triple light. As we devoutly sing his praise we call you blessed.

Ode iii. N/M (No one is holy.)

O God of triple light, who set in order the heavenly Ranks and fitted them to sing you with thrice-holy voices, accept us too with them as we sing the praise of your goodness.

As we sing the praise of the only unchanging, triple, consubstantial, single Godhead, we beseech you fervently to send down to us now pardon of our many sins.

O Father, Mind without beginning, O consubstantial Word of God and divine Spirit, good and upright, guard all who faithfully sing your praise, as you are compassionate.


My God who became man by nature in your womb, pure Virgin, did away with the occupancy of corruption and alone freed the Ancestors of the race from the former condemnation.

Kathisma. Mode pl. 2. N/M (When You had fulfilled.)

O God and Master, look from heaven. See our humiliation as you are full of pity, and have compassion, O Lover of humankind supremely good. For we hope to obtain pardon from no one else for the evils which we have committed. Therefore be with us, and no one against us.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

O pure Lady, look from heaven. See the pains of our wounds and have compassion, O all-immaculate, and heal the burning heat of our conscience with the dew of your mercy, crying out to your servants I am with you, and no one against you.

Ode iv. Christ is my power. (NM)

Raise the mind and swiftly make the heart of those who sing your praise mount up, O Unity with triple light, and count them worthy of your radiance and splendour.

Alter my form and transfigure me from every wickedness into virtue, O Trinity alone unalterable and unchanging; make me resplendent with the beams of your radiance.

Having first considered all with wisdom, you gave being to the ministering ranks of the Angels of your goodness, O three-personned Unity; with them accept my praise.


The eternal God, by nature uncreated, having assumed human createdness, refashioned nature in your womb, O Mother of God ever-virgin.

Ode v. With your divine radiance. (NM)

As we consider the divine nature, which cares for and saves all, is one and with triple light, Master, we rise to you at dawn asking pardon for our offences.

God and Father without beginning, co-eternal Son and holy Spirit, Trinity ruling as one, establish those who sing your praise and deliver them from every assault and affliction.

O Sun of glory who train me with your divinely working radiance and ever guide me to be well-pleasing to your three-personned Godhead, make me a partaker of your divine Kingdom.


Unchanging Word of God, who bear all things and watch over them with your all-powerful hand, guard and watch over those who glorify you, at the prayers of the Mother of God who gave you birth.

Ode vi. Watching life''s sea. (NM)

Godhead of triple light, grant wisdom and understanding to those who sing your praise, and grant that they may all be enlightened with the rays of the illuminating beauty of your loving kindness. [EL] (twice).

O undivided Light, by essence of triple light, almighty, unapproachable shine upon the hearts of those who faithfully praise your might and furnish them with wings towards your divine love.


The upholder and Lord of all things clearly dwelt in you, Ever-Virgin, and taught humankind to worship one form with three lights of the Godhead.

Kathisma. Mode pl. 2. N/M (When You had fulfilled.)

Father and Son with holy Spirit look upon us who worship you in faith and glorify your might, O compassionate, we creatures of clay with those of fire; for we know no other but you, and cry out to those who sing your praise: I am with you, and no one against you.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Look upon us, all-praised Mother of God, shine illumination on darkened hearts, and give light to your flock, O Immaculate; for whatever you wish you can do, as Mother of your Creator, and cry out to those who beseech you: I am with you, and no one against you.

Ode vii. An Angel made the furnace. (NM)

Unity with triple light by persons, bestow on me a vigorous mind to keep and to guard your divine commandments and always to chant to you with faith: Blessed are you, the God of our Fathers.

As praised with identity of nature, God ineffably single but by persons bearing the number of the Trinity, guard us all from temptations and calamities of many kinds.

We glorify you, one God by essence, consubstantial and co-eternal, unconfused in properties of persons, O Trinity, putting forward the difference simply, in form clearly unchanging.


The God who is beyond being clearly assumed our matter from your pure womb, O Immaculate, and taught all to cry out: Blessed are you who bore God in the flesh.

Ode viii. From flame you made a source. (NM)

Speedily grant me atonement of offences and redemption from passions of many kinds, O consubstantial Trinity and Unity of three persons, that I may glorify you to all the ages.

Proclaimed as the One who desires mercy, as merciful God have mercy, O Unity of triple light and consubstantial Trinity, on all who glorify your majesty.

We glorify with faith co-eternal light from eternal light, the Word begotten from the Father, with the Spirit, light proceeding forth, and highly exalt them to all the ages.


You gave birth, O Immaculate, to a physician for humankind, the all-powerful Word, Christ the Lord, who heals of the ancestral wound all those who highly exalt him to the ages.

Ode ix. It is impossible. (NM)

The ranks of Cherubim, Master, unable to look at the glory of your beauty, veiled by their wings unceasingly cry aloud the triple hymn as they glorify the three-personned might of your single Godhead.

O Sun who never set, grant your radiance to the hearts of your servants, enlighten their souls and ransom them from many offences, O only all-merciful and Three-personned, and count us worthy of your unsullied life.

O Godhead, who are light of equal honour and of triple sun and which gives light, illumine those who sing you with faith and deliver them from gloomy evil doing, and count them worthy of your shining tabernacles, O supremely good.


With wisdom your Son fashioned humankind of old, O Virgin, and when it had been corrupted refashioned through you, O all-praised, and filled with the brightness of the divine that knows no evening all those who ever glorify you as true Mother of God.



After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

Mode pl. 2.

With the tomb opened and Hades lamenting, Mary cried to the Apostles in hiding, ''Come out, you workers of the vineyard, proclaim the word of the Resurrection, “The Lord has risen, granting the world his great mercy!”''


Mary Magdalen stood by your tomb, Lord, and she wept and cried aloud, and taking you for the gardener, she said, ''Where have you hidden eternal Life? Where have you placed the One who rides on the Cherubim? Those who were guarding him have died through fear. Either give me my Lord, or with me cry out, “O you who were among the dead and raised the dead, glory to you!”''

Both now. Theotokion.

Gideon foretells your conceiving, and David reveals your child-bearing, O Mother of God; for the Word descended like rain upon a fleece into your womb, and you, the holy earth, without seed budded forth salvation, Christ God, O Virgin full of grace.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. Resurrectional Kathismata.

Life was laid in the tomb and a seal was laid on the stone; soldiers were guarding Christ like a sleeping King; and having invisibly struck his foes the Lord arose.


Jonas foretells your tomb, and Symeon reveals your divine Rising, immortal Lord; for you descended as a corpse into the tomb, and destroyed the gates of Hades; but you arose without corruption as Master, for the salvation of the world, Christ our God, and enlightened those in darkness.

Both now. Theotokion.

Virgin Mother of God, implore your Son, Christ our God, who was willingly nailed to a Cross and who raised the dead, Christ our God, that our souls may be saved.

After Psalm 118 and the Evlogetaria:


By your voluntary and life-giving death, O Christ, you smashed the gates of Hades, as God, and opened to us the Paradise of old; and by rising from the dead you delivered our life from corruption.

Anavathmoi. Antiphon I.

To heaven I raise my eyes, to you, O Word; have pity on me, that I may live for you.

Have mercy on us who are filled with contempt, repairing your vessels to be useful, O Word.

Glory. Both now.

In the Holy Spirit is the cause of all salvation, if he see fit to breathe on one of these, he swiftly raises him from things of earth, gives him wings, makes him grow and ranges him on high.

Antiphon II.

If the Lord had not been among us, none of us could have withstood in the contest with the foe; for those who are victorious are exalted from here.

Let not my soul be taken like a sparrow by their teeth, O Word; alas! How shall I, lover of sin, be delivered from the foe?

Glory. Both now.

In the Holy Spirit is divinisation for all, good-will, understanding, peace and blessing; for he is equal in action to the Father and the Word.

Antiphon III.

Those who trust in the Lord are fearful to their foes and wondrous to all; for they look on high.

The inheritance of the just, having you, O Saviour, as helper will not stretch out their hands in iniquities.

Glory. Both now.

In the Holy Spirit is might over all things; him the armies above worship with everything that has breath below.


O Lord, raise up Your power, and come for our salvation.

Verse: Give heed, O You who shepherd Israel.

"Let everything that breathes…" The appointed Sunday Matins Gospel. Then, "Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ…" Psalm 50, and the rest (as laid out before). Then we sing the Canons.

Canon for the Resurrection.

Mode pl. 2. Ode i. The Heirmos.

Crossing the sea as on dry land Israel watched Pharao the pursuer drowning in the deep and they cried out, ''Let us sing a song of victory''. [EL]


With your palms that had been stretched out on the Cross, good Jesus, you filled the universe with the Father''s good pleasure. Therefore let us all sing you a song of victory.

The end, like a servant girl under orders, with fear approaches you, the Master of life, who through it grant us the prize of unending life and the Resurrection.


Having received your own Creator, as he himself willed, incarnate beyond nature from your womb, pure Virgin, you were revealed as truly Sovereign Lady of all creatures.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Ode i. The One, who of old hid. (NM)

The God at whom earth and heaven tremble willingly stands at Pilate''s judgement seat on a lawless charge, and is struck in the face by an unjust hand.

You opened wide your divine hands, O Saviour, on your immaculate and life-bringing Cross, and you gathered to knowledge of you, Master, the nations who worship your glorious Crucifixion.


The All-blameless stood by your Cross, O Saviour, weeping floods of tears, as she watched the drops of blood from your side, O Christ, and glorified your immense compassion.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Crossing the sea. (NM)

When Eve partook of the food of disobedience of the tree she introduced the curse; but the Pure Virgin abolished it when she bore Christ, the first fruit of blessing.

You bore Christ, the Pearl of the divine lightning. Scatter the fog of my passions and the disorder of my faults, Pure Virgin, by the light of your radiance.

With spiritual eyes Jacob mystically foresaw the expectation of the nations, the God who was incarnate from you, and who delivered us at your mediation.

When rulers had failed from the tribe of Juda, O All-pure, your Son and God came forth from you as leader and now truly reigns over the ends of the earth.

Ode iii. The Heirmos.

None is holy as you, O Lord my God, who have exalted the horn of your faithful people, O Good one, and established me on the rock of confession of you. [EL]


Creation, when it saw God crucified in the flesh, grew weak through fear; but by the hand of the One who was crucified for us was mightily made firm.

Death, destroyed by death, lies a lifeless coward, for the strong one, unable to stand the divine assault of life, falls dead; and Resurrection is given to all.


The wonder of your divine child-bearing, Pure Virgin, surpasses every order of nature, for beyond nature you conceived God in your womb, and having given birth you remain Ever-Virgin.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

When creation saw you. (NM)

Having spent three days in a tomb, by your life-giving Rising you raised those who had earlier been condemned to death, and, freed from their sentence, they gladly rejoiced, crying out, ''See, you have come, Lord, our redemption.''

Glory to your Rising, our Saviour, for as all-powerful you have delivered us from Hades, corruption and death, singing we say, ''None is holy, but you, Lord, lover of humankind''.


When you saw the one born from you pierced by lance, you were pierced through the heart, All-holy and unblemished, in consternation you said, ''How has the lawless people repaid you?''

Canon for the Theotokos.

No one is holy.

Taking my changing and mortal flesh ineffably from your womb, God''s all-pure Mother, the Good One bound it to himself eternally and made it incorruptible.

When they saw God incarnate from you, O Virgin, the choirs of Angels, were smitten with fear, and in never silent hymns they honour you as Mother of God.

The Prophet Daniel was amazed, seeing you, a spiritual mountain from which a stone was hewn without hands, and smashed with might, Mother of God, the altars of the demons.

No mortal word or tongue has strength to praise you fittingly, O Virgin, for from you, without seed, Christ the giver of life was well-pleased to be incarnate.

Ode iv. The Heirmos.

Christ is my power, my God and Lord, the holy Church cries out from a pure mind in song befitting God, as it keeps festival in the Lord. [EL]


The tree of life has truly flowered, O Christ, for the Cross was fixed and, watered with blood and water from your most pure side, it blossomed with life for us.

No longer does the serpent lyingly suggests deification to me; for Christ, the divine fashioner of human nature, has opened wide for me the unhindered path of life.


How truly ineffable and incomprehensible to those on earth and in heaven, Mother of God, are mysteries of your divine child-bearing.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Foreseeing your divine. (NM)

We honour your precious Cross, O Christ, the nails and the holy lance, with the reed and the crown of thorns. Through them we have been delivered from the corruption of Hades.

A tomb received you, seen willingly a corpse for us, but in no way could it hold you fast, for as God you arose and saved our race.


Ever-virgin God''s conceiver, who for mortals gave birth to Christ the Saviour, deliver from dangers and punishments those who with divine faith take refuge in your protection.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Christ is my power. (NM)

All-pure, we who have been saved through you, the All-unblemished, and who devoutly sing your praise, cry out, ''Blessed are you, Ever-Virgin, who bore God!''

All-blessed Virgin, you gave birth to the inaccessible light that, appearing through flesh, shines for those in the darkness of life, and for those who sing your praise, Ever-Virgin, you are a source of joy.

Grace has flowered, the law has ceased, through you, All-holy, for you gave birth, pure Ever-Virgin, to the Lord, who grants us forgiveness.

Tasting of a plant declared me to be a corpse, but the tree of life which appeared from you, All-pure, raised me up and established me as heir to the delight of Paradise.

Ode v. The Heirmos.

With your divine radiance, O Good One, illumine, I beg, the souls of those who rise to you at dawn with love to know you, Word of God, to be truly God, calling them back from the gloom of offences. [EL]


The Cherubim withdraw for me, and now the sword of flame takes flight, Master, Word of God, on seeing you, the true God, making Paradise a road for a Thief.

I no longer fear your return to earth, Christ my Master, for through your great compassion you raised me, who was forgotten, to the height of incorruption by your Resurrection.


Good sovereign Lady of the world, save those who from the soul confess you to be Mother of God, for we have gained you, who truly gave birth to God, as an invincible protection.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Isaias, as he watched. (NM)

Deceived by the food from the tree, disobeying your command, O Lord, supremely good, our Ancestor sank down into corruption; but through the Cross you brought him up again to his former beauty, O Saviour, when you were obedient to the Father.

By your death, O Good One, death''s might disappeared, a source of life gushed up for us and we were given immortality. And so with faith we worship your Burial and your Resurrection, through which, as God, you enlightened all things.


The Lord who dwells in heaven and the maker of all things dwelt ineffably in your womb, O All-unblemished, glorifying you as higher than the heavens and holier than the Ranks of immaterial powers. Therefore we on earth now call you blessed.

Canon for the Theotokos.

With your divine radiance. (NM)

Shining radiantly with purity you became a divine dwelling for the Master, for you alone were declared to be truly Mother of God, as you carried him as an infant in your arms.

Wearing the spiritual beauty of the loveliness your soul, you bore the title Bride of God, sealed by virginity as holy, and flooding the world with the light of your purity.

Let the community of the impious who do not expressly proclaim you to be God''s pure Mother lament, for you were revealed to us as Gate of divine light that scatters the gloom of offences.

Ode vi. The Heirmos.

Watching life''s sea rising with a tempest of temptations, fleeing to your calm haven, I cry out to you, ''Bring my life up from corruption, O Most merciful. [EL]


When you were crucified with the nails, Master, you wiped the curse against us, while when pierced in the side by the lance you tore up Adam''s record of our debt and freed the world.

Adam, when tripped up by deceit, was brought down to the pit of Hades, but you, by nature God and compassionate, came down to search for him and, bearing him on your shoulders, raised him with yourself.


All-pure Lady, who gave birth for mortals to the Lord, our helmsman, calm the unstable and dread tumult of my passions and grant calm to my heart.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

You were confined. (NM)

The multitude of Hebrews killed Christ and the Prophets, for as it was not afraid of old to kill Prophets, rays of truth, so now, like those of old, overcome by envy they killed the Lord, whom the Prophets once proclaimed; but for us his death has become our life.

You were confined but not held fast by a grave, O Saviour, for though you willingly tasted death, O Word, but as immortal God you arose, raising the prisoners in Hades with you and giving the women joy in place of their former grief.


''The form of your flesh appeared dishonoured and deceased to mortals at the time of your Passion, although by the nature of your Godhead you revealed to David that you are fair in your beauty; but with the rod of your Kingship you smash the strength of your enemies'', said the Pure Virgin, ''my Son and my God, and arise''.

Canon for the Theotokos.

Watching life''s sea. (NM)

Moses, great among the Prophets, described you as Ark, Table, Lampstand and Jar, symbolically depicting the incarnation from you of the Most High, O Virgin Mother.

Death, Adam''s condemnation, becomes a corpse, corruption too is abolished, when it attacks your fruit, Sovereign Lady, for you gave to birth to Life that ransoms from corruption those who sing your praise.

The law grew weak and the shadow passed away when grace that surpasses mind and understanding shone out for me, the birth of our God and Saviour from you, Virgin highly praised.

Kontakion. N/M (When You had fulfilled.)

With his life-giving hand, Christ God, the Giver of life, raised all from the murky vaults below and gave resurrection as the prize to mortal clay; for he is the Saviour of all, resurrection and life, and the God of all that is.


Your Cross and Burial, O Giver of life, we the faithful praise and worship, for you bound Hades, O Immortal, as God all-powerful, you raised the dead with you, you smashed the gates of Hades and destroyed Death''s might as God. Therefore we born of earth with love glorify you who rose, destroyed the might of the all-destroying foe, raised all who believe in you, redeemed the world from the arrows of the serpent and as all-powerful redeemed us from the error of the foe. Therefore we devoutly sing the praise of your Resurrection, through which you saved us as the God of all that is.

Ode vii. The Heirmos.

An Angel made the furnace moist with dew for the godly Youths, while God''s command consuming the Chaldeans persuaded the tyrant to cry out, ''Βlessed are you, God of our Fathers''. [EL]


Lamenting at your Passion, the sun robed itself in darkness, Master, and in broad day quenched its light over all the earth, crying out, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''

The powers below the earth clothed themselves in light, O Christ, at your condescension; while the Forefather appeared filled with gladness, dancing he leapt with joy as he cried out, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''


Through you, Virgin Mother, a radiant light has dawned for the whole inhabited world, for you gave birth to God, the Creator of all things. Ask him for us, All-pure, that there may be sent down to all the faithful his great mercy.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Wonder past speech (NM)

O strange conduct! The one who delivered Israel from the slavery of Pharao is willingly crucified by him and looses the bands of his errors. To him we sing with faith, ''God, our Redeemer, blessed are you!''

Impious children of transgressors crucified on Calvary you, the Saviour, who smashed gates of bronze and their bolts for the salvation us who sing, ''God, our Redeemer, blessed are you!''


By bearing the first Eve''s liberation, pure Virgin, you delivered Adam from the curse, therefore with Angels we hymn you with your Son and we cry out, ''God, our Redeemer, blessed are you!''

Canon for the Theotokos.

An Angel made the furnace. (NM)

The furnace did not burn three youths, fore-imaging your giving birth, for the divine fire, without burning you, dwelt in you, and taught all to sing, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''

The ends of the earth call you blessed, all-pure Mother, as you prophesied; enlightened by your shining beams and grace they sing, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''

The most evil serpent impaled me on his deadly fangs, but your Son shattered them, Mother of God, and gave me strength to cry out, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''

You alone are nature''s mercy-seat; bearing in your arms the God who is seated on the shoulders of the Cherubim, you cry out, ''Blessed are you, the God of our fathers!''

Ode viii. The Heirmos.

From flame you made a source of dew for the Saints and with water you consumed the sacrifice of a righteous man with flame. For you do all things, O Christ, simply by willing them. We highly exalt you to all the ages. [EL]


The people of the Jews that killed the prophets of old envy now makes into one that kills God by hanging you on a Cross, O Word of God, whom we highly exalt to all the ages.

You did not abandon heaven''s vaults, and entering Hades you raised up with you all humanity that lay in decay as it highly exalted you to all the ages.


From light you conceived the Word, giver of light, and having given birth you glorified him; for the divine Spirit dwelt in you, pure Maiden, and therefore we sing your praise to all the ages.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Be astonished, O heaven. (NM)

Every ear trembled to hear that the Most High had willingly come on earth to subdue the strength of Hades through Cross and Burial, and to raise up all to cry aloud, ''Youths bless, priests praise, people highly exalt him to all the ages.''

The tyranny of Hades has ceased, and its palace been set at naught, for nailed to a Cross on earth the God who is over all destroyed its power. Youths bless, priests praise, people highly exalt him to all the ages.

How great, O Christ, is your ineffable love for humankind; how great your inexpressible blessings! For when you saw me perishing in Hades'' prison you underwent your Passion and delivered me, and we bless you, Master of all things, and highly exalt you to all the ages.

Canon for the Theotokos.

From flame you made a source. (NM)

Your Son adorned you with a shining garment woven with gold as a Queen with the radiance of the Spirit and placed you at his right hand, O All-pure. We highly exalt him to all the ages.

The One who fixed the world by his will alone borrowed his flesh from your immaculate womb, wishing to refashion it from on high. We highly exalt him to all the ages.

You became a divine dwelling of the connection of the Word to me, humanity, pure Virgin, who shine out with the radiance of virginity. Therefore we sing your praise to all the ages.

The golden lampstand prefigured you who received the unapproachable Light that illumines the universe with his knowledge. Therefore we sing your praise, pure Virgin, to the ages.

Ode ix. The Heirmos.

It is impossible for humans to see God, on whom the ranks of Angels dare not gaze. But through you, O All-pure, the incarnate Word has been seen by mortals. As we magnify him, with the heavenly armies we call you blessed. [EL]


You remained untouched by passions, Word of God, when by flesh you became acquainted with the passions; but you free humanity from the passions by your Passion taking the name Passion, our Saviour, for you alone are without passions and all-powerful.

In accepting the corruption of death, you preserved your Body without taint of destruction; but your life-giving and divine soul, Master, was not abandoned in Hades; but rising as from sleep you raised us with you.

For the Trinity.

All we mortals with pure lips glorify God, Father, Son like him without beginning, while we reverence the ineffable and supremely glorious power of the all-holy Spirit, for you alone are Trinity all-powerful and indivisible.

Canon for the Cross and Resurrection.

Do not weep for me. (NM)

Though you descended into a tomb as mortal, O Giver of life, yet you destroyed the strength of Hades, O Christ, and with you raised the dead that it had swallowed; and as God you grant resurrection to all who magnify you with faith and love.

Let creation rejoice and flower like a lily, for Christ has been raised from the dead as God. ''Where now death is your sting?'' we cry. ''Where Hades your victory?'' The One who exalts our horn as compassionate has utterly destroyed you.


You carry the One who carries all things, and you clasp in your hands as an infant the One who delivers us from the hand of the warlike foe, immaculate Sovereign Lady; and you see lifted up on the tree of the Cross the One who lifted us up from the pit of wickedness.

Canon for the Theotokos.

It is impossible. (NM)

A star, shining out with rays of divinity, has now dawned from Jacob for those held fast by deep darkness, through you, All-pure, Christ God, Word incarnate, enlightened by whom, along with the heavenly hosts, we call you blessed.

Strengthened by your power and grace, fervently I offer you from the heart this song. But accept it, pure Virgin, giving me in return grace with many lights from your undefiled treasures.

You were declared to be the womb of the Godhead, on which the Word wove the robs of his body, making my form divine, O Virgin; putting it on he saved all those who from a pure mind magnify you.

Now resurrection has been granted to the dead through your ineffable and inexpressible conceiving, all-pure Mother of God; for life clothed in flesh has shone out from you for all, and has destroyed the gloom of death.

The appointed Eothinon Exaposteilarion.

At Lauds.

Resurrectional Stichera. Mode pl. 2.

Your Cross, O Lord, is life and resurrection for your people, and trusting in it we sing your praise, our risen God; have mercy on us.

Your burial, Master, has opened Paradise to the human race, and delivered from corruption we sing your praise, our risen God; have mercy on us.

With the Father and the Spirit let us hymn Christ risen from the dead, and let us cry out him, ''You are our life and resurrection. Have mercy on us''.

On the third day you rose from the tomb, O Christ, as it is written, and you raised our Forefather with you; therefore the human race both glorifies you and hymns your Resurrection.

Additional Stichera by Anatolios.

Lord, great and fearful is the mystery of your Resurrection; for you came from the tomb like a bridegroom from his marriage chamber, having abolished death by death, that you might free Adam; therefore Angels dance in heaven and humankind on earth glorifies your compassion towards us, Lover of humankind.

Lawless Jews, where are the seals, and the money you gave the soldiers? The treasure was not stolen, but he has risen, as a mighty one; you have been put to shame, you who denied Christ, the Lord of glory, who suffered and was buried and rose from the dead; let us worship him.

While the sealed was sealed, how were you robbed, O Jews? You set guards and placed seals. While the doors were shut the King came forth. Either produce him as a corpse, or worship him as God, along with us who sing, ''Glory, Lord, to your Cross and Resurrection!''

The Myrrh-bearing Women came to your grave that received life, O Lord, and carrying spices they were seeking to anoint your immaculate Body; but they found a light-bearing Angel seated on the stone, and he addressed them and said, ''Why do you weep for the One who poured out life for the world from his side? Why do you seek the Immortal as a mortal in a grave? Rather run and tell his Disciples the universal joy of his glorious Resurrection''. With it enlighten us also, Saviour, and grant us pardon and your great mercy.

Glory. The Eothinon of the Sunday.

Both now. Theotokion.

You are highly blessed, Virgin Mother of God, for through him who was incarnate from you Hell has been taken captive, Adam recalled, the curse slain, Eve set free, death has been put to death and we have been given life; therefore with hymns we cry: Blessed are you Christ our God who have been thus well-pleased, glory to you!

The Great Doxology, followed by the Troparion:

Mode 4.

Today salvation has come to the world. * Let us sing to him who rose from the tomb, the Author of our life. * For destroying death by death, * he has given us the victory * and his great mercy.

instead of the one that used to be sung on Sunday''s of Modes pl. 1, pl. 2, Grave, and pl. 4, which goes like this:

Mode pl. 4.

By rising from the tomb * and bursting through the bonds of Hades, * you abolished the sentence of death, O Lord, * delivering all from the snares of the foe. * Having shown yourself to your Apostles, * you sent them out to preach, * and through them you gave peace * to the inhabited world, * you who alone are full of mercy.



The Typika and Beatitudes.

Mode pl. 2.

Like the robber I entreat You, O my Savior, * when You come in Your kingdom, remember me, * O Lord, and save me, O only God who loves mankind.

Through a tree was Adam tricked, but You saved him * through a tree, and You saved the robber as well * who cried to You, Lord: In Your kingdom remember me.

After smashing Hades’ bars and gates, O Savior, * as the Giver of life You raised all the dead, * who shouted: Glory to Your resurrection, O Lord.

By Your burial You plundered death, O Savior, * and by Your resurrection You filled all things * with joy and gladness. Remember me, O merciful Lord.

When the Myrrh-bearing women came in earnest * to the sepulcher, they heard the Angel say: * The Lord has risen, illumining the universe.

O believers, all together now extol Christ * who was nailed to the tree of the Cross for us * and who delivered the world from deception and death.


To the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit * we send up sacred hymns of doxology * and say: O Holy Trinity, save our souls.

Both now. Theotokion.

In the latter days, ineffably conceiving, * you gave birth to the Lord who created you. * O Virgin, save us who magnify you in song.