At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Apostles.

Mode pl. 4. N/M (Lord, even if.)

Lord, with the beam of the Spirit you enlightened your Apostles, and set them as beacons, lighting the inhabited world with the spiritual illumination of your knowledge, Master; and so we worship your great goodness.

Lord, as with the prayers of the Apostles you wall about your flock, you preserve it undisturbed from the assault of foes; when you bought it with your precious blood, O Saviour, you freed it from the slavery of the stranger, as you are compassionate.

You appeared on the diadem of Christ''s Church as precious stones, blazing with radiant brilliance for the inhabited world: the light of the knowledge of God, blest Apostles, attendants of the Trinity and intercessors for our souls.

Additional Stichera. For St. Nicholas. Same Melody.

Lord, at the godly and all-acceptable supplications of the Hierarch, free from every danger and every evil and every assault of evil men, O Lover of mankind, your servants who worship with faith your incomparable might.

Lord, you revealed your Hierarch as a sweet fragrance in the world; for now he makes the hearts of all believers fragrant by wonders, as by your grace he drives away diseases and passions of souls; at his prayers, as you are merciful, protect those who hymn you.

Lord, you have glorified your revered Hierarch in the ends of the earth, giving him the grace of wonders, and you have revealed him to be a champion of those who in dire dangers and evils of tribulations fall down and ask for his continual help.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Look on the groans of my broken heart, O Bride of God; accept and do not despise, pure Virgin Mary, the lifting up of my hands, as you love goodness, that I may hymn and magnify him who magnified our race.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 4.

For the Apostles. N/M (Lord, even if.)

Lord, the Apostles longed for you sincerely upon earth, and considered all things to be rubbish, that they might gain you, and they handed over their bodies to tortures for your sake; and so they have been glorified and they intercede on behalf of our souls.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

Lord, you have magnified upon earth the memory of the Apostles; for all assembled together we glorify you by it; because through them you grant us healings and at their prayers peace to the world and your great mercy.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

It there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, it belongs to the Saints; for they bowed their necks to swords for your sake, who bowed the heavens and came down; they poured out their blood for your sake, who emptied yourself and took the form of a slave; they humbled themselves even to death, imitating your poverty. At their prayers, according to the multitude of your mercies, O God, have mercy on us.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. N/M (What…to call you.)

Those who were found worthy to look on God in bodily form, proclaimed you Bride and Virgin of the Father''s dignity and Godhead, Mother of the Word and God, and dwelling of the Holy Spirit; for in you, Maiden, the whole fullness of the Godhead dwelt in bodily form, when grace was full and perfect.




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Apostles.

Mode pl. 4. N/M (By conceiving.)

Let us sing hymns extolling our God''s divine * and all-honored disciples, who for the world * are luminaries guiding us, and our salvation''s first fruits. * They have shined out the light on to us who were in the dark, and they gave all the knowledge of Christ the glorious Sun. * Also they brought down the deception of the idols, * by preaching the Trinity which is one in divinity. * Let us therefore cry out to them, * "As Christ our God''s Apostles, entreat * that He grant forgiveness of offences * to those who with longing observe your holy memory."

Same Melody.

To the ends of the world into all the earth * did the sound of your wise proclamation go. * Indeed it has publicly proclaimed the knowledge of God to all. * It turned the Gentiles'' ignorance into full knowledge of the truth, * O holy and all-lauded Apostles of Christ the Lord. * Also it dispelled all the darkness of the idols, * and shined on to those who sat in the darkness the light of truth. * And we therefore now pray to you: * Intercede with Christ our God * that He grant forgiveness of offences * to those who with longing observe your holy memory.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. Same Melody.

Holy Virgin, behold how my humble soul * in the storm of temptations of life is tossed, * with no one to pilot it, * overtaken by turbulence; * you see it overweight with the baggage of all my sins, * and even now in danger of crashing to the depths of hell. * Hasten, Theotokos, with your strong intercession, * and save me by steering me * to your port of tranquility, * that with faith I may cry to you: * Pray to Christ, your Son and our God, * that He grant me forgiveness of offences. * For I, your servant, have you as my only hope.

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Apostles. N/M (When he perceived.)

Holy eye-witnesses of Christ, you have appeared as * bright luminaries guiding all the earth to true light, * and dispelling the darkness of pagan religion * with radiance from your teaching the truth of God. * Now I, who am without scruples living my life * in the darkness of pleasures, pray that by the light of your divine * entreaties you enlighten me, * O God-bearing Apostles of Christ.

Same Melody.

When the Apostles faithfully received the Master''s * commandments in their souls, as if a treasure * that makes rich, they became for all men benefactors, * by making demonic poverty disappear * and making all people rich with the wealth of God. * Let us all now cry out to them, "We who are poor now entreat * that you enrich us spiritually, * by your labors most excellent."

Glory. Both now. Theotokion. N/M (When You, the Life.)

From every threat and wickedness of bad people * deliver us, we pray you, all-holy Virgin. * For we all have you as our shelter and ardent protectress. * And in you taking courage, we ever approach and bow before the Son you bore. * Will you implore Him to deliver us * from danger and adversity.

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Apostles. N/M (By conceiving.)

With the net of your sacred and godly words, * O Apostles, you caught the rational fish. * You offered them to our God as the first-fruits, O blessed one. * You longed to emulate Christ and thus you were shown to be * imitators of His Passion and put on the marks thereof. * Therefore bound by duty we assemble to honor * the feast of your memory, O Apostles extolled by all, * and together we cry to you: * Intercede with Christ our God * that He grant forgiveness of offences * to those who with longing observe your holy memory.

For the Martyrs. Same Melody.

By your strong faith as martyrs you have become * ever radiant torches for all the world, * for you placed your every hope * in the Lord, who enabled you; * you kept your souls, like lamps, lit * with the spiritual oil * of the all-holy Spirit, * O Martyrs extolled by all. * Therefore you are also known as spiritual wine bowls * that serve up as beverages * cures and healings to all mankind, * O victorious martyr saints. * Intercede with Christ our God * that He grant forgiveness of offences * to those who with longing observe your holy memory.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

O immaculate Theotokos, as the intelligible Gate of life, rescue from peril those who run to you with faith, so that we may glorify your all-holy childbirth, for the salvation of our souls.

Canon for the Holy Apostles.

Mode pl. 4. Ode i. Heirmos.

On crossing the water as though dry land, * escaping from Egypt * and its miseries in his flight, * the Israelite raised his voice and cried aloud, * ''To our Redeemer and our God now let us sing!'' [EL]


Shine light on my woefully darkened heart, * O luminous choir of Apostles, and guide my steps * on the ways that lead to my salvation, * as you now stand near the great uncreated Light.

The many distractions of daily life * have caused me to wander in my ignorance as in night. * O genuine friends of the Redeemer, * free me from friendship with passions misguiding me.

The evil one injures us with his sword. * O holy Apostles, as the sharp arrows of the Lord, * the Mighty One, as the Psalmist said once, * heal us who run to your safe haven faithfully.


Our God, being full, has emptied himself. * Pure Mother, He came forth from your womb, having taken flesh, * in His tender-love, wishing to save us, * who had succumbed to the wickedness of the snake.

Canon for St. Nicholas.


O blessed Saint, as you stand in the presence of * our King and God in the heights, with angelic choruses, * deliver us on earth who pray to you with ardent faith; * and save us from all dangerous ordeals, * O holy father Nicholas, * and pray that our every sin and trespass be forgiven us.

We who are rich having you as our patron Saint, * cry out to you, day and night, with faith, father Nicholas. * Be there to help us face grave dangers and predicaments, * and wicked plots against us that were set * by demons and by violent men, * so that we may sing your praise for rescuing and saving us.

With mighty ropes of your prayers, O St. Nicholas, * utterly strangle the foes who hasten to strangle us. * And by your intercessions, rescue us, we pray, * from being dragged away by evil men. * And we shall ever sing your praise, * saying: "Let us sing to the Lord, * for He is greatly glorified."


Becoming man, the Law-giver and God was born * from you, O Virgin, in ways contrary to nature''s laws. * All-blameless one, entreat Him, that in His benevolence * He overlook the multitude of sins * of us who sing unceasingly, * saying: "Let us sing to the Lord, * for He is greatly glorified."

Ode iii. Heirmos.

You are the foundation, Lord, of those who have recourse to you; you are the light of those in darkness; and my spirit sings your praise. [EL]


O Apostles of the Lord, * my heart is weakened; for carelessly * I have indulged * in passions and pleasures. * I entreat you to strengthen it.

As the Lord''s Disciples preached * that God is one light in Trinity, * they drove away * all the misty darkness * of pagan polytheism.

O Apostles of the Lord, * my heart is ailing and suffers from infected sores. * As physicians, heal me * with divine surgery of grace.


Save me, O immaculate * Lady, who gave birth ineffably * to Christ our God, * Savior and Redeemer * of the world and the Lord of all.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Same Heirmos.

Lend a helping hand to us, * O holy hierarch Nicholas, * so that we may * celebrate and honor * your memorial every day.

We implore you, Nicholas, * to put to sleep the temptations that against us rise, * by your never-sleeping * intercessions on your behalf.

I am utterly beset * by sinful passions, and wicked men * on every side * lead me to temptation. * By your prayers, Father, rescue me!


O pure Virgin, pray for me * to your benevolent Son, that He forgive my sins, * and that He will save me * from disaster and tragedy.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

I have heard, Lord, the mystery * of your dispensation, I heard and was afraid, * I have meditated on your works * and exalt and glorify your Deity. [EL]


All ablaze with the rays of Him * who made you His bright stars, and decorated with * divine splendor, you are beautiful, * glorious Apostles of our Savior and God.

As the pilots of all mankind, * O divine Apostles, I pray you rescue me, * now in danger from the driving winds, * as I sail the sea of life''s adversities.

As the God-chosen cavalry, * you upset the deep seas of polytheism. * O Apostles, inundate the deep * sea of my transgressions with the zeal for God.


You, O Lady, exceed all things * that have been created, for you have given flesh * from your body to the Father''s own * Logos, who is one with Him in energies.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Same Heirmos.

As an outcome of many sins, * many woes and troubles have now befallen me. * Come and help me, O Saint Nicholas, * imitating God who is the Giver of good.

Now I grieve for myself and weep. * Living irresponsibly, I am perishing. * I entreat you, O Saint Nicholas, * lead me to repentance, by your holy prayers

As you rescued those three young men * who of old were sentenced do death, O Nicholas, * I entreat you, likewise rescue me * from the sentence of eternal punishment.


Make me able to cultivate * heavenly conceptual images, I pray, * O pure Virgin, and direct my soul''s * movements to the entrances of life on high.

Ode v. Heirmos.

Rising at dawn, O Lord, we cry out to you, ''Save us! For you are our God, we know no other but you''. [EL]


Apostles, as my pilots, I pray you now, * to steer me straight * to salvation''s open space, * for I am straitened by many sins.

I honor you, the all-honored company * of God-seers. * I pray you deliver me * from all dishonorable practices.

You imitated Christ''s pain and suffering, * O Apostles. * From my soul eliminate * the love of pleasure and luxury.


O Mother of the Healer of every ill, * I entreat you, * all-pure one, that by your prayers * you heal my ailing and sin-sick soul.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Same Heirmos.

By your intercessions, holy Hierarch, * enable us * to keep the commandments all * of Christ our Savior and only God.

As Myra, where you sojourned, means fragrant oil, * O Nicholas, * with the fragrant scent of God * fill us who reverently honor you.

Take pity on us, Nicholas blest of God, * interceding * for us and entreating Him, * our tender-loving, compassionate God.


The living waters fill you, O Lady pure. * We entreat you, * give us all to drink of them. * as we extol you with right beliefs.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

I pour out my * supplication to the Lord, * and to him I shall declare my afflictions, * for, see, my soul has been filled up with evils * and now my life has been drawn very close to Hell. * Like Jonas I appeal to you, * ''O my God, bring me up from corruption!'' [EL]


The temples of pagan idols were shaken * and destroyed when you invoked God in prayer, * Mystics of Christ. Now I faithfully pray you, * though I am guilty of many destructive sins, * to crush the idols in my soul, * and to make me a temple of God alone.

Like chosen stones, on the Rock unbreakable * were you wisely built, O holy God-seers. * I pray you, save me, for I have insanely * on a foundation of sand built the house of my heart; * and now temptations, like the winds * and the floods, beat against it relentlessly.

Deliver me from the treacherous friendship * with the flesh, O holy friends of the Logos. * My many evils have rendered me hated. * I pray you bind me instead to the love of Christ, * who in His mercy loves to give * His forgiveness to those who like me have sinned.


Selected from the world''s gorgeous valleys * like a rose and an immaculate lily * and like a fragrant bouquet, holy Maiden, * the Maker picked you and dwelt in your virgin womb; * and taking flesh from you He filled * all the world with divine fragrance from on high.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Same Heirmos.

Your heart became like the Garden of Eden, * for possessing in its midst the Redeemer, * the tree of life. Never cease to entreat Him * to make us dwellers of Paradise, by your prayers * for all of us who hold you dear * as our fervent protector, O Nicholas.

I pass the time of my life with indifference. * Without knowing it, I sin. I am wretched. * As I consider the imminent judgment, * I am afraid and am filled with anxiety. * In Your compassion, O my God, * through the prayers of St. Nicholas, pity me!

O Nicholas, when all kinds of temptations * like tornadoes hit me all of a sudden, * because my sins are so many, I cry out: * Please do not leave defenseless and vulnerable, * but pity me, O blessed Saint, * and with sympathy lend me a helping hand.


Now everything that has breath glorifies you * as the Mother of our God the Creator. * You are the fiery throne and the palace * of the superlative King, holy Virgin pure, * and higher than the Cherubim * and the Seraphim, incomprehensibly.

Ode vii. Heirmos.

Servants, descendants of the Hebrews, * bravely trampled down the flame within the furnace; * and they changed into dew * the fire, and they chanted: * Blessed are You, O Lord, the God * of our fathers to the ages. [SD]


I have been covered and enveloped * by the fog and night of sin and my indifference. * You as lights for the world shine forth, O wise Apostles. * Illuminate my darkened heart, now I earnestly entreat you.

Holy Apostles, you are likened * to the firmament, declaring God''s glory. * Now with faith we have run to your mighty protection. * Release us from inglorious sinful passions, we entreat you.

Lit by the fire of the Spirit, * O Apostles, you are burning coals of fire. * Burn up all of our sins, like fuel, we entreat you; * and save us from the fire of hell, that will never be extinguished.


Daniel foresaw you as the mountain, * from which Christ the stone was cut, but not by man''s hand. * Lady, soften my soul, and rend it with compunction, * for it was rendered hard as stone, by the bitter love of pleasure.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Same Heirmos.

Torrents of heresy were dried up * by the rivers of the doctrines that you poured out, * richly watering souls of Orthodox believers, * O holy father Nicholas. And for this we now extol you.

Father, once you had been empowered * by the Trinity''s almighty grace, you brought down * pagan idols. And now I pray you to diminish * the images the passions print in my mind, which are like idols.

Honorably you served as Myra''s * holy bishop. After death you pour out fragrant * holy oil of myrrh, repelling foul ailments * of those who come with faith to you, blessed Nicholas, and pray you.


When you gave birth to God immortal, * you restrained the force of death, O holy Virgin. * Now entreat Him to put my lowly body''s passions * to death, and to forgive my sins, and to grant me life eternal.

Ode viii. Heirmos.

The Chaldean Tyrant insanely made the furnace blaze seven times more fiercely for those who reverenced God; but when he saw they had been saved by a greater power he cried aloud to the Creator and Redeemer, ''O Youths, bless, you priests, praise, you people, highly exalt him to all the ages''. [EL]


The sinful passions shake my soul. * I entreat you to strengthen it, * you who are unbreakable foundations of the Church * and pillars unshakable, * the believers'' first line of defense, * fishermen who catch us from the sea of perdition, * the calm and quiet harbors, who are ceaselessly singing, * "You peoples, now exalt Christ, supremely to all ages."

Now I am lying in the grave * of the darkest despondency * and the deepest pit, for loving sensuality. * I beg you to pity me * and by your prayers to raise me up. * Surely you received the Teacher''s tender compassion * abundantly, O holy Disciples of the Savior, * God-seers and Apostles, unto all the ages.


The beautifying majesty * of the Maker entered your womb, * for He found the beauty of your virtues made you bright * and splendid, O Virgin pure. * Implore Him now on my behalf, * for my soul is stuck in the mud of sinful passions, * but longs to be restored to its original beauty. * Entreat Him to illumine it splendidly forever.

Canon for St. Nicholas. Those Servants, speaking.

The beaming rays of the tri-solar single Godhead * illumined you, holy Hierarch, godly-minded St. Nicholas. * Through your prayers, may the darkness of passions depart from me.

By intervening amazingly, you delivered * from execution the army officer, O Nicholas. * Likewise deliver us from mortal harm.

We have been shaken by violence from the demons * and from iniquitous people. Therefore we pray that you strengthen us, * and preserve us uninjured, all-blessed St. Nicholas.


Bring to the Lord supplications, all-holy Virgin, * that He take pity and save us, who in our need have recourse to you, * as our all-blessed Lady, the help of humanity.

Ode ix. Heirmos.

Heaven was amazed at this and the ends of the earth astounded: that God had appeared to mankind in bodily form, and that your womb had become far wider than the heavens. And so, Mother of God, the ranks of Angels and of humans magnify you. [EL]


Apostles, as the Psalm says, you broke the teeth * of the soul-eating lions, by power you received from God; * and you were appointed by Christ to be * the princes of the Church on earth, * which you made obedient to the Faith. * I pray you now to render * obedient to God''s law * unruly thoughts and movements in my heart.

All-wise Apostles, preaching the Word of God, * who, more beautiful than all the sons of men, appeared on earth, * as the Prophets said, so it came to pass: * your feet were very beautiful, * bringing the good tidings of peace and life. * Now by your intercessions, * bring peace to me, I pray you, * for sinful passions agitate my soul.

You put to death your members upon the earth, * and through personal suffering imitated that which Christ * suffered, and were clothed fully in His life. * Now I who have been shot to death * by the devil''s wickedness now entreat: * Revive me with the potion * of genuine repentance, * holy Apostles, truly blest of God.


My soul is very sick, so I now implore * you, O Mother of God who is very good: Heal me I pray, * immaculate Virgin, and rescue me * from demons and from wicked men * who assault and harm me continually. * And I will magnify you, * for saving me, O Lady, * who also magnified the human race.

Canon for St. Nicholas. We who through you, O Virgin.

You rescue those in trouble * when they but invoke you. * All-blessed Nicholas, rescue me now, I pray, * from every wicked assault by my foes, both seen and unseen.

As you are now in heaven * joining in the chorus, * implore benevolent God to be merciful * to us who honor you, all-holy father Nicholas.

Since Judgment Day is coming, * O my soul, be careful. * To God the Judge, cry aloud, praying: "Save me, Lord, * heeding the strong intercessions of blessed Nicholas."


O Virgin, as the vessel * of the Light, illumine * my sorry soul, for the passions have darkened it; * and I will ever sing praises to you with faith and love.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 4.

For the Apostles. N/M (Lord, even if.)

Lord, the Apostles longed for you sincerely upon earth, and considered all things to be rubbish, that they might gain you, and they handed over their bodies to tortures for your sake; and so they have been glorified and they intercede on behalf of our souls.

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

Same Melody.

Lord, you have magnified upon earth the memory of the Apostles; for all assembled together we glorify you by it; because through them you grant us healings and at their prayers peace to the world and your great mercy.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Clothed in the armour of faith, ⁄ armed with the sign of the cross, ⁄ you were soldiers who were worthy of God. ⁄ Manfully you opposed the torturers, ⁄ crushing the devil’s deceits. ⁄ You were victors, made worthy of crowns. ⁄⁄ Pray to Christ for us that our souls may be saved.

Glory. Both now. Theotokion.

Lady accept the supplications of your servants, and rescue us from every constraint and affliction.



The Beatitudes. Mode pl. 4.

Remember us, Christ, Saviour of the world, as you remembered the Thief on the tree, and count us all worthy, O only Merciful, of your heavenly Kingdom.

You were shown to be * the trumpets of the Savior. * You raised those who lay * in false belief and error * as if in tombs, O Apostles of Christ, and made them * to be partakers of true life divine.

Mouthpieces of God, * you sowed in the unfruitful * Gentiles hearts the word * of Christ, as seed in good earth, * and made them fruitful in knowledge of God, and therefore * you have been worthily beatified.

For the Martyrs.

When they stripped themselves * of every shred of evil, * the Athletes of Christ * went bravely to be tortured. * And they were clothed in the bright garment of salvation * from heaven, when they endured to the end.


At the earnest prayers * of Your divine Apostles, * wholly put to death * the awful sinful passions * of my sorry soul; and saved thus I shall sing glory * to You, divine all-holy Trinity.

Both now. Theotokion.

Rejoice, living tongs * of the divine and live coal! * Mother of our God, * the seal of all the Prophets, * all-pure one, you are the message of the Apostles, * for from corruption we were freed through you.