At, Lord, I have cried, Prosomoia.

Stichera for the Cross.

Mode pl. 4. N/M (O Lord, Your angel.)

The lawless people condemned you, my Jesus, the Lord and Creator of the whole world, to be crucified between lawless men; and when it saw their shameless deed the whole earth quaked, revealing you, Master, to be the Maker of all things.

We are all redeemed from the curse of the law and from accusations; for the Lord of the law was lifted up on the precious Cross, becoming a source of inexhaustible blessing, grace and mercy for us who hymn his divine sufferings.

When your hands were wounded, Lover of mankind, you healed our wounds; you directed all to ways of salvation, Lord, when your feet were gouged through on the Cross, which when the First-formed man saw them in Paradise, he hid himself.

Additional Stichera. For the Theotokos. N/M (What a paradoxal.)

Hail Lady, Mother of God; hail sceptre of David; hail heavenly gate; hail bush unburned; hail shaded mountain; hail lampstand; hail all-immaculate; hail jar; hail palace; hail all-unblemished Mother of our God; hail tongs; hail divine table; hail hope of the world.

The waves of my sins, Sovereign Lady, as on a dread ocean, lifted high above my head threaten to drown me; but stretch out your hand to me, as one was once to Peter as he was sinking, and save and guide me to a harbour of repentance, I beg, immaculate, all-praised, Mother of God, hope of all the world.

Fearfully darkened by the passions of sin, I am hastening, wretch that I am, to fall into the precipice of despair; but do you, blessed Lady, full of God''s grace, take pity on me; make the light of your compassion shine for me, and guide me to straight ways, I entreat, I fall down, I beg. Do not despise me.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (Your martyr Saints.)

When the All-pure saw you, O Christ, willingly hanged on a cross, knowing your power, she was seized with grief and in lamentation cried aloud to you: My Child, do not leave me, who gave you birth; give me a word, my Son; do not pass from your servant in silence, O Word of God.

At the Aposticha.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 4. For the Cross.

You were lifted up on a Cross, Christ our God, and you saved the human race. We glorify your sufferings.

Verse: I lift my eyes to You, who dwell in heaven. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the maidservant look to the hands of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall have compassion on us. [SAAS]

You were fixed to a cross, Christ our God, and you opened the gates of Paradise. We glorify you, our Redeemer.

Verse: Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we are greatly filled with contempt; our soul is greatly filled with it. We are a disgrace to those who prosper, and a contempt to the arrogant. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs.

Martyrs of the Lord, you hallow every place and heal every disease; and now we beg intercede that our souls may be delivered from the snares of the foe.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (Your martyr Saints.)

As she saw you crucified and put to death, the Mother of God cried: Alas! How do you endure pains, my sweetest Son? The lance strikes my heart, your passion burns my inward parts. But yet I confess you, for willing you suffer all this to save mankind.




After the first Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

Mode pl. 4.

When the Robber saw the Author of life hanging on the Cross, he said, "If He who is crucified with us were not God incarnate, the sun would not have hid its rays, nor would the earth have quaked and trembled. I pray You who endure everything, remember me, O Lord, in Your Kingdom."

Between the two robbers, Your Cross was a balance of justice. One was weighed down to hell by the weight of his blasphemy, the other floated up from his sins to the knowledge of theology. O Christ God, glory to You.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (When he perceived.)

O noble Lady, as you watched your Son, who was incarnated from your blood, and whom you bore incomprehensibly, hanging on a cross between two criminals, your heart ached, and you grieved maternally and cried out, "Alas, O my Child! What is this divine and ineffable plan of Yours, by which You brought Your creature back to life! I extol Your compassion."

After the second Psalter reading, Kathismata. For the Cross.

N/M (When You, the Life.)

A tree once blossomed death in the middle of Eden. * The tree in the middle of the earth has produced life. * Tasting from the former, * we the incorrupt became corruptible, * whereas with the latter * we have delighted in incorruptibility. * For Christ our God has saved the human race * by means of His divine Cross.

N/M (When he perceived.)

Of old the tree in the garden stripped us naked, * and by its taste did the enemy bring in death. * Now the tree of the Cross, which for all mankind is bearing * the garment of life, was planted upon the earth, * and therefore is all the world filled with every joy. * As we see it exalted now, let us, O peoples, cry aloud * together unto God in faith: * Full of glory is Your house, O Lord.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Same Melody.

You became man by the blood of my womb, ⁄ and by pouring out Your blood, You deify mankind. ⁄ In Your great goodness, You have come down, ⁄ to search for those who had tasted death beneath the forbidden tree. ⁄ So cried the pure Virgin in tears, seeing Christ hung upon the Cross. ⁄ Before His death, she poured forth streams of tears. ⁄⁄ her heart was torn, as she magnified her Son as God.

After the third Psalter reading, Kathismata.

For the Cross. N/M (When You, the Life.)

When Adam our progenitor was deceived into hoping to become a god, he became the cause of corruption to his descendants. But You, Lord most benevolent, pour out life by means of the Cross. You were willingly crucified, so as to reverse the former verdict. Therefore we extol Your voluntary Passion, O Christ.

For the Martyrs.

Today this tabernacle is illumined with heavenly light. For here the armies of Angels are exultant, and the hosts of Martyrs celebrate with them, for the memory of the medal-winning Athletes. By their supplications, send down peace and great mercy to Your world, O Christ.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. N/M (When You, the Life.)

The Theotokos, who is likened to a ewe-lamb, watched as her Son was crucified, and she cried out, "Oh novel wonder! Oh terrible mystery! What is this, O immortal Logos of God? How is it that I see you dead, and yet You make the earth to quake, as almighty God? I extol Your divine and awe-inspiring condescension."

Canon for the Cross.

Mode pl. 4. Ode i. Heirmos.

Moses prefigured the Cross. * Lifting up the rod, he stretched out his hand and split the Sea for Israel to cross on land. * Then he stretched it out again, * and the sea returned and covered Pharaoh''s chariots. * The Cross was thus portrayed as our invincible armor. * So let us sing to the Lord, * Christ our God, for He is greatly glorified. [SD]


You stretched out Your divine hands * on the Cross, O Jesus, * and thus You gathered to yourself * what You had formed with Your own hands. * And from the hand of the foe, * You emancipated all; * and by Your mighty hand * You brought all to submission, * as the King of all ages. * And we believers now sing in praise * of Your greatness, which is greatly glorified.

That hapless bite from the fruit * of the tree in Eden * became the ruin of us all, * for by it death was introduced. * But Christ, dying on the tree * of the Cross, has now poured out eternal life to all. * By His divine dominion * He killed the evil serpent. * So let us all sing in praise * to our God, for He is greatly glorified.

For the Martyrs.

O Jesus, Your martyr saints * bravely fought the passions, * empowered by Your holy Cross * and by the Passion You endured. * They praised You and called You King * of creation all, before impious enemies. * And they endured the tortures * and never-unending perils, * and thus received their reward: * life eternal with You, our almighty God.

You sprinkled the martyr saints * with Your deifying * and undefiled blood, O Christ, * and they proclaimed that You are God. * They stated that they would not * ever pour libations out to an inanimate * idol or graven image; * and thus for You they poured out * their own blood and they died for You, * as blameless sacrifices to You our God.


When she who is blameless saw * You, the Lord who sees all, * as You were nailed upon the Cross, * she mourned and wept and cried aloud, * "My Son, what is this affront! * After they received from You so many blessings and gifts, * look how they have repaid You! * I cannot bear the this torment. * Forbearing, merciful Lord, * glory to Your awesome plan to save the world!"

Canon for the Theotokos.

Moses'' wonderworking staff. (NM)

The declaration that you are immaculate and Theotokos indeed, * definitely counters all the ancient heresies. * The everlasting Word of God, * who transcends all creation, * became incarnate unchangingly, * O Mother of God, and was born from you.

Since you, O Mother of our God, have confidence addressing Him whom you bore, * the only-begotten Logos, unoriginate * with God the Father, naturally with the Spirit united, * pray Him to save us, who glorify * you as Theotokos, from dangers all.

Mother of God, since we have you protecting us, we shall not be afraid * when enemy forces fight against us who believe * correctly and who glorify God who came forth incarnate * from you, O Lady. On our behalf * implore Him, the Lord of the universe.

All-lauded Lady, your incomprehensible mystery mystifies * even minds of heaven when they seek to fathom it. * The Son, who shares His Father''s throne, * was well-pleased to become man, * dwell in your womb, and be born of you, * and be known in two natures, God and man.

Ode iii. Heirmos.

The rod of Aaron is seen as typifying the mystery; * for it budded, and thus was the priest selected. * Now in the Church, that was barren once, the Cross of Christ, like a tree, * has blossomed forth, * as power and a firm support. [SD]


O only Savior, when You were unjustly lifted on the cross, * to redeem all, the sun saw it and recoiled, * changing its brightness to darkness; all the earth was gripped with fear and quaked; * even the rocks were splitting in astonishment.

Moses extended his arms and thus prefigured the precious Cross. * Now when we make the sign of the Cross with meaning, * we drive away foreign enemies and every demonic assault, * and we remain untouched by harm or injury.

For the Martyrs.

The medaled Martyrs had overcome the passions within themselves; * and by suffering various kinds of torture, * they imitated the voluntary Passion of the Lord, who killed * passions and sin, and shined eternal life on the world.

Taking the road that led to martyrdom and never turning back, * and removing all obstacles of deception, * the holy Martyrs, like famous medaled athletes on the podium, * received their award in heaven and rejoice in the Lord.


"Without the laws of human nature, my Son, I gave birth to You, * who are crucified now by men who are lawless, * amidst the lawless. Alas, O only Lord who gave the laws of life!" * Thus in her grief the Theotokos cried aloud.

Canon for the Theotokos. O Christ, who in the beginning. (NM)

All-blameless Mother of our God, * from you did Christ who is true life * to the world appear. And now I entreat you: * By His vivifying grace, * revive my deadened intellect, * and blot out all remaining * scarred over wounds and the marks of sin.

O blessed Virgin, you confirmed * what was foretold by the Prophets * of the Lord, when you gave birth to the Logos, * who was speaking then through them * and who fulfilled their prophecies, * for they were God-inspired * and spoke of you, O all-blameless one.

Before the ages was your Son * begotten of God the Father. * You ineffably conceived Him, O Virgin, * in your womb, but without seed, * and for us you gave birth to Him, * complete in both His natures, * as God and man, indivisible.

O Theotokos, we know you * to be the gate of salvation. * For in your all-holy womb, God our Savior * dwelt, O Virgin, and became * incarnate there, as He know how. * Then, by His vivifying * and holy Passion, He saved us all.

Ode iv. Heirmos.

I have heard, Lord, the mystery * of your dispensation, I heard and was afraid, * I have meditated on your works * and exalt and glorify your Deity. [EL]


By Your Cross now is Paradise * opened, and mankind that of old had been condemned * is brought in to settle there again, * Savior, magnifying Your benevolence.

Let us carry the fear of God * as if it were cedar, and faith as cypress wood, * and as pine let us have genuine * love, and thus we honor the divine Cross of Christ.

By submitting to death yourself, * You revived humanity which had died of old, * O our Savior, and You put to death * the serpentine devil who had introduced sin.

For the Martyrs.

By conforming themselves to Christ, * to His holy Passion and to His suffering, * His divine and holy Martyr saints * also share His heavenly resplendence now.

Since you pleased the most beautiful * Lord and Word, O Martyrs, you became beautiful. * Since you loved the Sun of righteousness, * you were made to shine with Him resplendently.


You gave birth to the babe who is * before all eternity the all-perfect Lord. * On the Cross He finished everything * in His goodness, O all-blameless Virgin pure.

Canon for the Theotokos. You, Lord, are my strength. (NM)

Second to God, * we have you, Lady, protecting us. * For you truly are the Mother of our God who fashioned all and created all. * He assumed our nature and form from you, O all-blameless one. * He saved it from corruption, and from death He redeemed it; * and with His own glory He glorified it.

Descending from * the tribe of kings, you gave birth to God, * the divine Word, who is the almighty Ruler over all; * and for us from you * He became incarnate and yet remained unalterable. * Therefore we glorify you, as the true Theotokos, * holy Virgin and Mother of Christ our God.

Lady, implore * your Son and God who took flesh from you * without changing, and remaining what He was, with God the Father in nature one, * and becoming one in essence with you who gave birth to Him, * that He will grant forgiveness of their sins and salvation * of their souls to the faithful who honor you.

Lady, subdue * the vain conceit of the those who deny * veneration to your holy icon and to that of Him * who ineffably * was from you incarnate, * and who illumined the world, and that * of all His Saints, O Virgin. * As for us who correctly * venerate them, all-lauded one, brighten us.

Ode v. Heirmos.

Tree of the Cross, you are thrice-blessed, * for Jesus Christ, who is King and Lord, was crucified on you. * Through you fallen is the one who by a tree deceived us, * for he was lured by God who in the flesh indeed * was hung and nailed to you, * and who grants to our souls His peace. [SD]


O Lord, desiring to clothe us * with incorruption, for we had been stripped naked of Your grace, * You were stripped and You were crucified naked, * and You thereby stripped the foe of everything that made him strong, * Thus we glorify * what You suffered for our sakes, O Christ.

From the side of Christ the Savior * upon the Cross flowed the blood, which manifestly cleansed the world, * ended blood sacrifices on pagan altars, * and refashioned those corrupted by eating the forbidden fruit, * and poured forth to our souls * incorruption and eternal life.

For the Martyrs.

The Savior''s glorious Martyrs, * shone forth with beauty and grace from all the torments they endured. * Being sealed with the divine blood, they were granted * entrance passed the flaming sword that formerly had guarded the way, * and they dwell evermore * with holy joy in Paradise.

O Christ our God, You are wondrous * in all Your Saints, who with faith longed for You with ardent love. * For through You they were made rich with divine gifts, * and they gush forth in the world the mighty streams of healings and cures, * and they stanch the flow * of the passions that infect our souls.


We were very sick, O Virgin, * because of sin, but indeed you cured us by your giving birth * to the Savior and Physician of all mankind. * He was crucified for us and wounded, O immaculate One, * and He grants our souls * incorruption and eternal life.

Canon for the Theotokos. Why have you rejected me. (NM)

While remaining a virgin, * you conceived the Logos who became a man for us. * Maiden, He was fashioned * in your virginal blood, yet as God remained * undefined in nature, * in ways transcending human reason * and the laws of created nature as well.

You are splendid in beauty * and the most pure loveliness of your virginity. * Modestly you covered * the unsightly disgrace of our Mother Eve, * giving birth to Christ God, * who gives to those who now extol you * immortality''s vesture, O Virgin pure.

We profess it, O Lady, * that you are the very Theotokos, for we know * and declare, O pure one, * that indeed God the Logos was born of you. * He is in two natures, * each with the faculty of free will, * in a way passing reason and nature''s laws.

Having you as our fortress, * we are rich and sheltered by your mighty patronage; * and we call you blessed, * as we boast in the glory you have from God. * O all-holy Virgin, * you are the source of our rejoicing, * and our souls are exultant because of you.

Ode vi. Heirmos.

In the belly of the sea beast * the prophet Jonah prayed with his arms extended crosswise; * thus he clearly prefigured the saving Passion of Christ. * When after three days he emerged, * he was depicting the supernal resurrection from the dead * of Christ God, who was physically nailed to the Cross * and by His third-day arising illumined the universe. [SD]


The Cross was planted on Calvary in the midst of the earth. * It was the healing of the wounding * that came from the tree in the midst of Paradise of old. * For Jesus Christ was crucified, * the only righteous One, amidst the robbers who were criminals, * and with himself He lifted up everyone * and cast the one had fallen * from heaven into the abyss.

Your precious and holy Cross and the nails that pierced Your hands, * O Christ, were like a bow and arrows, * which You drew and You aimed at the murderer of man. * You plunged Your arrows that are sharp, * O mighty King, into his angry and accursed heart, O Lord, * and You put him to death monumentally, * and in Your mercy restored life * to those he had put to death.

For the Martyrs.

The Martyrs and holy Athletes were slaughtered, and their blood, * poured out like rivers from their bodies, * in the Spirit extinguished pagan sacrificial fires * and irrigated, like divine * furrows, the holy Church of Christ, and helped them to put forth the grain * of the spiritual virtues of hope and faith, * by which is every soul nourished * and saved, by the grace of God.

The all-holy medaled Martyrs further kindled the fire * of their God-inspired purpose, * when the most wicked judges pronounced their sentence on them, * that they should all be burned alive * within the fiery flames. However the Saints were preserved unharmed * by the grace of the Spirit, who crowned them, * for they competed according * to the rules of martyrdom.


As Symeon had foretold it, a sword pierced through your heart, * O all-immaculate Virgin, * when you witnessed your Son being suspended on the Cross, * and the Passion He underwent, * and how He willingly endured His side to be pierced with a spear, * by which He slew the dragon who warred with Him. * You magnified Him, but also * lamented maternally.

Canon for the Theotokos. Have mercy on me. (NM)

The omnific Spirit came * on you, O all-blameless Virgin pure, * and then the Logos of God * took up His abode in you; * and He inexplicably * there became incarnate, * while remaining what He was before.

O Virgin, we call you Ark: * in you the Law-giver was contained; * and holy Temple as well: you received the Holy One, * when in you, all-blameless one, * He became incarnate, * for the good of all humanity.

Ineffably you gave birth * to Christ who truly is God indeed, * the One who created all, * which He controls and sustains. * And therefore, all-blameless one, * we call you the Lady * and the Mistress of the universe.

The God, that we know, was born * from you, O all-blameless Bride of God. * And we now believe that you * are able to placate Him * for us who with faith cry out: * "Grant us absolution * of offences, by Your Mother''s prayers."

Ode vii. Heirmos.

The impious tyrant''s preposterous decree disturbed the populace, * breathing threats and blasphemous pronouncements hateful to God. * His brutal anger did not intimidate * the three Servants, nor did the consuming fire. * But when the dew-laden breeze whistled against the fire, they joined it and together sang, * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers." [SD]


When You were crucified and hung upon the Cross, O God the Father''s Word, * like a vine of grapes, You dripped the sweetest mystical wine, * ending the drunkenness of ancestral sin, * and gladdening all who know You to be * God the Creator, who has suffered willingly * and saves all those who sing to You: * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers."

You, my sweet Jesus Christ, accepted the disgrace of being crucified, * ending the disgrace and all the sighs of humanity. * You tasted gall, removing all bitterness * of immoral vice. O compassionate Lord, * when You were struck, Your wounds healed the wounds of our souls. * And so You have inspired us to sing: * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers."

For the Martyrs.

Valorous Martyr Saints, through labors you obtained the painless life with God. * Now you can relieve our pain and end all our suffering. * Grace from on high was given to you to heal * and cure every illness, and to drive away * the evil spirits, and to guard and save from harm * the faithful all who sing aloud: * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers."

Martyrs, you stood before tribunals and confessed your faith in Jesus Christ: * that He took on flesh without corruption to save mankind. * You bore the torment of being burned alive * and all the other tortures that you endured, * as imitators of the Savior''s suffering; * and with exultant joy you sang: * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers."


"Sorrow has filled me, as I see You, O my Son, unjustly suffering. * When Your side was pierced, the spear was wounding my soul as well." * So did our only Lady, the Mother of God, * cry out, as she wept lamenting mournfully. * Now we all call her blessed, as is right to do, and solemnly we sing to her Son: * "Blessed are You, O Lord. You are highly praised, O God, the God of our fathers."

Canon for the Theotokos. The fire in Babylon once. (NM)

Behold, now the prophecy * of divine David has been fulfilled indeed. * O all-pure Theotokos, * your faithful people who have the richness of grace * entreat your favor with gifts, and they cry aloud * and sing, "O God of our fathers, blessed are You!"

Through you now, O Virgin pure, * has all creation been filled with light divine. * For through you, as a gateway, * did God come down and associate with the world, * and He illumined the faithful who cry aloud * and sing, "O God of our fathers, blessed are You!"

Redeemed from the bonds of death * by God, your Son born of your virginity, * who has also released us * from the curse on Adam the first created man, * we rightly call you the Mother of God, and sing * to Him, "O God of our fathers, blessed are You!"

We all glorify you now, * all-blessed Lady and Virgin Mother of God, * for through you our Creator * granted salvation to human nature all; * and for this reason, we cry out in unison * and sing, "O God of our fathers, blessed are You!"

Ode viii. Heirmos.

You three pious Servants, * same in number as the Trinity, * bless God the Father, Maker of all; * sing a hymn to the Word who condescended * and who changed the fire in the furnace into dew; * as for the all-holy Spirit, who gives life to all, exalt It * beyond measure unto the ages. [SD]


Bless the Tree, O people, * for by it the entire curse, that was in Eden caused by deceit * and sinful eating from the tree, was lifted. * And highly exalted is Christ our most good God, * who had voluntarily chosen to be exalted * on it to save us all in His compassion.

When that famous Jacob * crossed his arms as he blessed the sons of Joseph, he prefigured the Tree, * the holy Cross of Christ, by which the blessing * was given to all who had come under the curse * because of illicit eating from the tree in Eden, * and who had slipped into the depths of evils.

Since You have been lifted * on the Cross, all the human race * has been restored and lifted, O Lord; * and fallen is the horde of wicked demons; * and again united are what had been disjoined. * Exalted beyond measure is the might of Your power * and Your authority, unto the ages.

For the Martyrs.

Holy martyr Athletes * of the Lord, you have now obtained * the blessed glory, and the delight * unending, and those most luminous dwellings, * and you are united with the celestial hosts. * You have now attained the fulfillment of your renowned hopes, * and you exultantly rejoice in heaven.

O luminous Athletes * who competed for Christ our God, * your valor was brighter than the sun; * by God''s grace, it indeed obliterated * every diabolical and deceptive ruse; * and throughout the ages, O Martyrs, it has illumined * and guided hearts and minds of true believers.


Ever-blessed Mother * of the One who designed and made * the universe, O Virgin all-pure, * we faithful now figuratively call you * shining cloud and tabernacle of holiness, * throne of God and East Gate, the lampstand of the divine light, * and the daybreak that brought forth God the Logos.

Canon for the Theotokos. The Chaldean Tyrant. (NM)

O pure one, you became the home * of the Light that will never set, * glowing as you are with beauty of virginity; * and you have illumined all * who have wholeheartedly confessed * that you are indeed the Theotokos, and cry out: * "You Servants, now extol Him; * O you priests and you peoples, * supremely now exalt Him, unto all the ages."

We Orthodox consider you * Theotokos, for you gave birth * in a godly manner to the Son and Word of God, * when He for the sake of man * became incarnate. He is known * with the Father, by whose will He made out of nothing * the universe. And therefore, O Virgin, we extol you, * exalting Christ supremely, unto all the ages.

O Theotokos, you appear * to be higher and holier * than celestial orders and angelic ranks on high, * as you are the Mother of * their Lord and Maker, for you gave birth * from your ever virgin and immaculate body * to Him in dual natures, without change nor confusion, * in one and the same person, our God become incarnate.

O Virgin pure, my sorry soul * has been injured by poison darts, * and it has been deadened by the sins that I commit. * Revive it, I beg of you, * who supernaturally conceived * without seed and bore the only God who can quicken * all things, and I will cry out, "O you priests and you peoples, * supremely now exalt Christ, unto all the ages."

Ode ix. Heirmos.

Eating the tree''s forbidden fruit once * in Paradise brought death to the human race. * But through the Cross, today death has no effect, * because the curse that fell on the entire human race through mother Eve * was undone by the Offspring of the all pure Mother of God, who now is by all the hosts of heaven magnified. [SD]


With sacred hymns we now exalt You, * O tender-loving Lord, and we venerate * Your saving Passion''s sanctified Instruments: * the precious Cross, the reed, the sponge, the spear, * the nails that pierced Your hands and feet; * for by means of these we have obtained complete * forgiveness and are granted * to live forever in Paradise.

Oh, how unjustly You were sentenced * to death and were condemned to be crucified, * O only King of all and most righteous Lord. * But you endured it, for You sought * to vindicate all those who with faith * unceasingly praise You and glorify * Your voluntary Passion * and Your divine plan to save the world.

For the Martyrs.

The holy Martyrs were on fire * with love for God, and thus they delivered up * their bodies to be tortured, and they endured * the mutilations, being burnt in fires, and dismemberment, * and a violent death, for which they received * awards and crowns of glory. * And now they live in the heavenly realm.

For the Apostles and the Martyrs, * You are sweetness, O compassionate Savior Christ. * By their entreaties please answer all our prayers. * Grant us remission of our every sin, * and rescue us from tragedies. * God of all who appeared as a man for us, * we pray You, make us worthy * of Your heavenly kingdom and rule.


You are the splendid bridal chamber * of Him who dwelt within your immaculate * and holy womb, O Virgin, and who endured * the blessed Passion of His own accord * and granted dispassion to all, * in His mercy, divine and ineffable. * We faithfully adore Him, * and you we piously magnify.

Canon for the Theotokos. Heaven was amazed. (NM)

O Virgin full of grace, Jesus Christ your Son, * being good, has obtained by His precious blood the holy Church. * Grant that she may vigorously prevail * against all wicked heresies, * and that they be vanquished once and for all. * And save us from all dangers; * and rescue us, O Lady, * from the ungodly who would govern us.

Evicted from that heavenly way of life, * we had wretchedly fallen from life and had succumbed to death. * Mother of the Savior, you called us back * from exile, O immaculate * Lady, and you granted us to return * to the primeval homeland. * We therefore magnify you, * O Theotokos, in unceasing song.

O Lady, make it easy for me to pass * through the turbulent waves of the present life, since you are good. * Calm the sinful passions when they erupt, * and guide on the spiritual * journey to the virtues and every good, * all-holy Theotokos; * and I will magnify you, * my benefactress, in unceasing song.

Our Savior and Redeemer was born of you, * all-pure Maiden. Through you I will gain salvation of my soul, * if you intercede that I be released * from all offenses binding me. * I know you can do whatever you wish, * since in your arms you carried * the King of all, O Lady, * who is unmatched in His benevolence.

At the Aposticha of Lauds.

Aposticha. Mode pl. 4. For the Cross.

The rod of Moses prefigured Your precious Cross, O our Savior. For by means thereof You save Your people as from the depth of the sea, O You who love humanity.

Verse: We were filled with Your mercy in the morning, and in all our days we greatly rejoiced and were glad; gladden us in return for the days You humbled us, for the years we saw evil things. And behold Your servants and Your works, and guide their sons. [SAAS]

Model Melody.

The paradise of Eden once produced the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the midst of all the plants. * Whereas the holy Church, O Christ, now has brought forth Your precious Cross, * gushing forth eternal life into the world. * But while the one brought on Adam''s death when he had taken it for food, * the other gave the Robber life * when for believing he was saved. * Make us partakers of the forgiveness he received from You, O Christ, * who by Your Passion ended the frenzy aimed against us of the foe; * and, O Lord, account us worthy of inheriting Your heavenly Rule.

Verse: And let the brightness of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the works of our hands. [SAAS]

For the Martyrs. Model Melody.

What shall we call you, holy ones? Cherubim, for Christ takes his rest on you. Seraphim, for you ceaselessly glorify him. Angels, for you abandoned the body. Powers, for you perform wonders. your names are many and your graces more. Intercede that our souls may be saved.

Glory. Both now. Stavrotheotokion. Model Melody.

What a paradoxal miracle; * Oh, awful mystery, oh! * How can He now be crucified * who by nature cannot die? * How can He now be tasting death, * or be convicted, being the guiltless One? * Therefore, O sun, hide your light and stand in awe * seeing the insolence. * Thus the Virgin uttered as she witnessed Christ, * to whom she had given birth, * suspended on the Cross.



The Beatitudes. Mode pl. 4.

Remember us, Christ, Saviour of the world, as you remembered the Thief on the tree, and count us all worthy, O only Merciful, of your heavenly Kingdom.

You spread out Your hands upon the Cross, O Savior, * and You made a spectacle of demonic powers * and principalities; and from their harm You saved us * who magnify You, Christ, with reverence.

Pierced with a spear while on the Cross, O Savior, * You poured out the streams of immortality, O Master, * to us who died when we had mindlessly disobeyed You. * We now extol You with solemnity.

For the Martyrs.

The Martyrs of Christ, those medal-winning Athletes * were strangers to the pleasures of the earth, and delivered * themselves to strange tortures, and by their wounds they wounded * Belial the devil, and defeated him.


Believers, let us bow down and worship and sing glory * to the unoriginate single rule and kingdom * of Father, Logos, and Spirit, our God, entreating * for the forgiveness of offences all.

Both now. Stavrotheotokion.

The only Virgin pure, who is likened to a ewe-lamb, * saw Emmanuel, the Lamb of God and Logos, * when He was physically crucified of His own will, * and overcome with bitter grief she wept.